Doorway to Nowhere






This document was provided to the Authority during a trade negotiation with GEAR. The anomaly was never traded and is still owned by GEAR.


Object Number: A-054

Maintenance Level: Medium

Risk Assessment: High

Utilization Status: Pending Destruction

Maintenance Requirements: Alpha-054 is to be kept locked at all times. The front face of Alpha-054 is to be monitored continuously with infrared lasers in order to ensure that it does not move. No personnel is to look at Alpha-054. In the event that Alpha-054 enters an active state, an unmanned robot will be sent in to close it. In the event that this does not work, a D-class employee will be sent in. In the event that a D-Class employee is used, they are to terminated via gunshot to the head upon exiting the chamber.

In the event that Alpha-054 begins to open, music from the Baroque Period will automatically be played through speakers mounted throughout the chamber at 176 decibels until it has closed.

In the event that Contingency 001 does not activate, a second D-Class (054-B)will be sent into the chamber to converse with the previous D-Class (054-A). 054-B will be briefed with a script in order to prepare them to properly dissuade 054-A from exiting the room.

In the event that 054-B or 054-A exit the room after initiating Contingency 002, or Alpha-054 fully opens, the chamber is to be flooded with a slurry of molten thermite, saltpeter, and sulfur. In the event that any emergence is confirmed post Contingency 002, the on-site nuclear warhead is to be detonated.

Description: Alpha-054 visually appears to be both a plain, red wooden door and a small amulet in the shape of a closed eye.

Alpha-054 will periodically open at approximately 3 degrees per minute, both as a door and an eye. When the angle between the door and the eyelids reaches approximately 15 degrees, it will begin to exhibit a compulsion on nearby individuals in an exponentially expanding area to approach it. Upon approaching Alpha-054, individuals will then attempt to enter the door, before exiting almost immediately after. At this point, the individual is an instance of Alpha-054-1 and is to be terminated with extreme prejudice.

Upon the creation of an instance of Alpha-054-1, the opening of Alpha-054 will slow or stop. In the event that it does not stop, the second instance of Alpha-054-1 is required to cause a closure.

Instances of Alpha-054-1 exhibit several anomalous properties, including but not limited to:

  • Extreme physical disfigurement
  • Psionic abilities
  • Extremely potent suggestive abilities, to the point of being able to override other’s survival instincts.
  • An obsessive desire to create duplicates of both forms of Alpha-054

The longer that an instance of Alpha-054-1 is allowed to live, the more both the entity and the area surrounding it will begin to deviate from baseline reality, presumably to the point of complete dissolution.

It is presumed that upon reaching an angle of 90 degrees, Alpha-054 will act as a two-way portal allowing the entity behind it to fully exit without requiring a proxy. Due to the effects of partial entry, it can be presumed that such an event would simply result in the extinction of all life at best, and at worst permanently corrupting reality to the point of unrecognizability in order to make it more habitable for the entity.

Utilization Potential: A-054 is to be destroyed as soon as possible.

Addendum: The furthest recorded opening of Alpha-054 was 74.5 degrees. Upon initiating Contingency 002, during the brief period in which the soundproofed doors were opened, audio contact was made, resulting in the deaths of between 3 and 5 guards. The number cannot be properly ascertained due to the fact that all records of the guards retroactively changed due to the extreme reality-warping effect of the entity behind the eye.”

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