About the RPC Authority

You have seen beyond the scope of the serried masses, and into the depths of the strange and uncanny truth that lies beyond. Welcome to the Authority.

All humans fear things, but among the most universal of the concepts that fills us with dread and terror is the unknown. We exist in a constant quest to know, so that whatever lies beyond our comprehension cannot harm us. The Authority, by contrast, dives into that darkness, and takes it to pieces, to see what makes it work. We are the explorers who plumb the depths of the bizarre, the guards who protect against the unnatural, and the builders who construct the barriers that hold back the impossible.

For centuries the Authority has protected the great masses of Humanity from the anomalies and entities that would, consciously or otherwise, seek to do it harm. Our mandate is international and extends to the stars above. Agents of the Authority are active in every nation and land of this Earth, working in cooperation with their peers, and with our various sister organizations, to maintain normalcy or the semblance thereof whenever possible. Our powers are not infinite. Our reach is not omnipresent. Our will to research, and protect, and contain, however, is as boundless as the human spirit.

Mankind must remain ignorant of our existence. Though we act within a community of peers of different cultural and political alignments, our unifying goal has always been, and will always remain, to act as mankind's bulwark against the strange, the impossible, and the corrupting. We stand firm, so that chaos and madness cannot triumph.

- The Directorate

Mission Statement

The Authority operates in secrecy as an international extragovernmental agency which protects Humanity from threats to normalcy. The Authority works to suppress, destroy or understand anomalies in reality which can have harmful effects on human society, culture, thought and existence. Through constant and unwavering covert work, the Authority seeks to preserve the Terrestrial sovereignty of the human species and prevent civilization from descending into chaos.

The Authority's noble work is three-fold:


The Authority can learn much from the anomalies it encounters. The study of anomalies grants valuable scientific insight which can be applied or repurposed to improve the lives of humanity as a whole. Authority research has led to countless breakthroughs in all fields which currently benefit all of humankind.


Within its areas of operation, the Authority uses whatever force of arms is necessary to destroy or suppress anomalous threats to human lives and livelihood. The Authority cooperates with the governments of the world to distribute its military resources wherever they are needed.


The Authority constructs and maintains secure facilities in which anomalies are stored, for the purposes of preventing danger to the general public, maintaining informational security, and conducting research. Authority infrastructure is in place both on and off-world, and its personnel work constantly to relocate, dismantle or disguise anomalies.


The Authority employs many personnel to increase the effectiveness of the primary three divisions. Tasks irrelevant to the divisions are offloaded and given to specialists who work in a variety of fields to keep the organization alive. Whether it involves accounting for resources, brokering new diplomatic agreements, or finding and maintaining personnel, they are all critical to the continued operations of the Authority.

Authority Operations

The Authority maintains an operational capability to deploy rapidly across the entire planet on very short notice. Embedded Authority informational assets can relay vital data about the presence of an anomalous threat near-instantaneously, allowing for the preparation of an appropriate and proportionate response. Many other organizations exist which seek to violate normalcy for their own purposes, making the Authority's policing and security duties all the more vital.

Registered Phenomena Codes

The Authority maintains an extensive database of all contained and known anomalies, categorized by Registered Phenomena Code numbers. These anomalies are colloquially known as "RPCs". The Authority database provides containment protocols and succinct summaries of the characteristics and dangers posed by anomalies in order to facilitate research, containment, and protection measures.

Operational Security

The Authority chooses to maintain a rigid system of informational security, to protect the safety and, in some cases, sanity of its employees and the general public. Authority staff are assigned a security clearance which regulates the depths and variety of information they require access to to perform their functions within the larger organization. Information security is strictly enforced, and violators of these measures risk detainment, interrogation and other discretionary punishments.

Our History

The Authority has a long and storied history of anomalous containment, scientific research and societal protection, and has grown in both structure and purpose to fit the needs of modern society. For further information on the Authority's history, contact the Office of Analysis and Science, Directorate for Historical and Pseudohistorical Studies.

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