The Wolf





The following document was given to the Authority on 09/18/2020 by an STC defector. The following document is currently stored in Authority archives under the supervision of the Cryptology Department of the Bureau of Acquisition.

ACT Designation: T-777 (The Wolf)
Threat Level: Basilisk
Priority Level: Gamma
Assigned Extermination Unit: XU-Alpha-7
Description: T-777 was a large quadrupedal creature that resembled an arctic wolf. T-777 measured 3 meters in height and 4 meters in length. T-777 had 7 large torus rings composed of gold which floated above T-777, surrounding it. Once the anomaly was terminated, the rings began to liquefy into molten gold, which caused the creature to combust upon contact with the liquid. Currently, the only remaining evidence of T-777's existence is the pile of ash that was left after its combustion, that has been designated C-777 due to its effect on theistic entities when infused with silver bullets. According to XU-Alpha-7 and members of the Union, T-777 was able to manipulate the properties within water and fire such as the phase of the matter, the matters shape, the matters attraction to gravity, and the temperature of water and fire. Union member Thomas Gonzalez claimed the entity was able to purify a small lake near the Union settlement known as Prayer Point Lake.

Additional: T-777, previously known as A-777, manifested within the Union settlement in Prayer Point Lake, California. The entity manifested in the middle of the settlement and began to purify the lake in the center of the settlement. The Union members within the settlement were divided on deciding on whether the entity was a sign from God or a pagan entity. The division lead to a conflict which saw the exile of 29 members from the settlement. Thomas Gonzalez was able to contact an STC site and a meeting was planned between Thomas and a STC representative (See Meeting Log.).

Meeting Log: A meeting between an STC representatives and Thomas Gonzalez at a 24-hour diner near Prayer Point Lake.

Tasked Extermination Unit: On 01/09/1975, XU-Alpha-7 was formed due to the individuals within the team experience in combating theistic and thaumaturgical entities. XU-Alpha-7 have a record of successful terminations of anomalous threats including T-1000, T-666, and T-092. On 12/12/2018, XU-Alpha-7 was tasked with terminating T-777. The following is a list of members of XU-Alpha-7 who partook in the termination of T-777:

Reconnaissance Report: The following is a reconnaissance report drafted by XU-Alpha-7 members Hitman, Godfather, and Deadman who observed the Prayer Point Lake area from 3,000 meters away over the course of two weeks.

Location Name: Prayer Point Lake

Area: 1,000 m2

Area of Lake: 250 m2

Number of Buildings: 12

Number of Observed Residents: 98

Number of Observed Anomalies: 1

Report: The townsfolk seem to have a daily routine of collecting water from the lake everyday at 7 am and 7 pm. At 8 pm, Monday through Saturday, the townsfolk gather at the church to have a communal dinner that lasts an hour in total. At 9 pm they gather at the lake and pray to a massive wolf-like entity. They do not deviate from this routine and conduct it from Monday to Saturday. The entity spends its time walking around the lake aimlessly, but at 9 pm it always faces the crowed of residents. On Sunday, the town conducts a 12-hour event where they pray in front of the entity without eating or drinking. During this event an individual in white robes will reveal two golden cups and pose himself in front of the entity. Water from the lake will begin to flow from the lake in a tubular form and enter into the man’s mouth and flow out of his fingernails into the cups. The cups are then passed around for the whole community to drink. There are 24 children in the location and they attend school at a wooden building at the edge of the settlement. The children appear to be highly anti-social and are believed to show signs of depression. This may be due to the adults in the settlement only spending two hours into total a day with there parents.

Recommendation: We suggest to enter the settlement at midnight. Deadman suggest the entity may be an entity of Native American mythology. We suggest using explosives to take down the entity as an inexpensive way to take out the entity.

Incident Log-777-A: XU-Alpha-7 attempted to conduct an incursion into Prayer Point Lake to terminate T-777 on 07/09/2018, but halted their operations due to observing a group of armed Association personnel entering the settlement. A total of four armored vehicles and one large semi-truck entered the facility. Gunshots were heard over the course of ten minutes. After a period of 30 minutes a single armed Association personnel was seen running out of the woods surrounding the settlement. The armed personnel was apprehended and interrogated on the spot. A body camera was confiscated from the individual and the footage uploaded to the STC Database. Below a transcript of the footage can be found:

Interrogation Log: The following is the interrogation of the captured Association soldier. The interrogation was handled by XU-Alpha-7 members Gamma and Witch Doctor. The interrogation can be found below:

Termination Plan: XU-Alpha-7 designated Hitman and Watcher to terminate T-777 using a 23x152mm Baher sniper rifle with explosive rounds. Explosives are to be placed in the area of Hitman and Watcher. The rest of the XU-Alpha-7 team will remain nearby in an extraction vehicle on standby. Hitman will take the shot from 200 meters away from the settlement. In the scenario of the first shot missing its target and T-777 becomes aggravated and heads toward the location of Hitman and Watcher, Hitman and Watcher are to retreat to the extraction vehicle. The team are to wait for T-777 to enter the rigged area. Once T-777 enters the area the team are allowed to exit the area and detonate the explosives. If the explosives do not terminate T-777, XU-Alpha-7 have been granted the ability to contact outside assistance.

Termination Log: Below is the termination log of T-777:

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