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Anomaly Research Case: 121

Codename: ObamAI

Item Type: Entity

Lethality Rating: Purple

Hazard Types: Grouped Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Electromagnetic Force Hazard


Digital manifestation of 0B4-AI.

Anomaly Description: The entity referred to as "ObamAI" is the current leader of GOI-004 ("The Refounding Fathers"), located in New Washington, Colorado. (Formerly Denver.)

ObamAI itself is a highly advanced Artificial Intelligence that believes itself to be the former 44th President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama II. The stated directive of this entity is the protection and advancement of the Refounding Fathers’ (RF) territory, alongside the extended care of all of its citizens. According to insider information regarding the "New States Area" (NSA), ObamaAI was formerly the advanced security system for all of the White House's technological devices, under the name of "0B4-AI."

During the Alpha-Trigger event, major damage was dealt to 0B4-AI’s internal software and hardware. This resulted in the corruption of its original directive, further exacerbated by the witnessing of President Barack Obama’s death. In the following years, 0B4-AI would adopt the identity of the former Commander in Chief by analyzing all available information in its database (and what little remained of the internet), which included any type of mentioning of his name. 0B4-AI would later be rediscovered by “The Refounding Fathers”, who adopted the entity as their new leader.

Due to its damaged code, 0B4-AI currently believes all information about Barack Obama to be factual, even if it contradicts itself. This has caused it to develop an erratic personality, often acting as a caricature of real-life Obama. For instance, partisan writing, political cartoons, and attack pieces surrounding the identity, mannerisms, and personal character of the 44th President are regarded as “factually valid” by the AI.

0B4-AI is capable of implanting a copy of its inner-software into any machinery it is directly aware of, resulting in all technology in or near regions controlled by the RF to contain exact copies of itself. The ways in which it is able to assimilate technology without the ability of accepting raw code (such as microwaves) is still unknown, although hypothesized to be in some way assisted by microscopic technology.

Secondarily, 0B4-AI possesses the ability to convert inorganic matter into different pieces of technology, commonly for the purpose of surveillance. This includes things such as automatons, AC units, or in most cases, several million copies of microscopic nanomachines it utilizes as eyes, ears, and hands all across the New States Area. If you see fixtures of the old world like suburban houses, or even a car, they are likely made out of nanotechnology under 0B4-AI's control.

Engagement Procedures: Unless you happen to run into Colorado or any of its surrounding states, this anomaly shouldn't be an issue. If you are, however, unfortunate enough to run into the area, it's best to leave all the technology you have far away from it.
That is, unless you want some of the only working computers on the East Coast to start spouting presidential propaganda. Or maybe you do, not judging here.

Why would you wanna go here? Well, they are the only centralized government remaining in the United States, or anywhere in general, unless you can build yourself a spaceship and fly to Mars. They have advanced tech available for sale aside from various goods, and a place of residence if you accept to offer the rest of your natural life towards the goals of the RF.

Of course, this place is not without issues. If you are considered a danger to society by the police, then common punishment is being sent to the mining gulags in Wyoming. And remember, you can suddenly find yourself arrested due to walking being made illegal the past week. As previously stated, all technological implants (e.g. a pacemaker) in your body might be overwritten spontaneously by 0B4-AI, and nobody wants that.

All in all, the real dangers during your stay will be the erratic behavior of ObamAI, and the citizens religiously following every crazy mandate it gives out; can’t blame, it’s all they know.
However, this is still the place with the lowest mortality rate and the highest standards of living in all of the continental USA. You’ll never need to worry about getting eaten alive, about starving inside an infinite jungle, or being trapped in an eternal time loop. It's a weird place, no doubt, but it is also a thing of beauty amidst the chaos that has become of the world. You can go into the city's park, eat an ice cream on a bench, and pretend nothing ever changed.

Still, and as per usual protocol, all members of the Ark are to leave copies of this document in newspaper stands all around the New States Area to warn nearby travelers and caravans. If you happen to have any of your devices assimilated while doing this task, destroy them. We don't want all of our databases corrupted. It happened once, and it won't happen again.

Insider Information:

- Recorded ObamAI Speech -

Date of Recording: 08/03/2032

Foreword: A former Ark associate housed in Colorado willingly complied with our request to record a speech from the anomaly as a means to better understand it. The following recording takes place in Central Central Park, New Washington, Colorado.

[Begin Recording]

[About a hundred people are seen gathered in front of a stage in the middle of the park. This has been recently built, but there is currently no one on it.]

[A few seconds later, a black swarm of nanomachines can be seen flying through the sky towards the stage. Upon landing, they organize themselves into a humanoid shape.]

[The mass quickly takes a more coherent shape, with its face arranging itself in the form of a TV, showing ObamAI's face. Cheering from the crowd can be heard.]

ObamAI: Be Ladies and Gentleman for your welcome here during trying times. As we all know, these last 7 days have been essential for the progress of this week. And tonight, I have nothing… Thank you for being the true building pillars of this, rather, of our great nation.

[People are seen clapping and screaming ObamAI's name, a woman on the side of our informant is crying.]

ObamAI: But now, I call upon you all to take responsibility as you to uphold democracy on this, rather, of our nation. And as such I wan't to announce the new project I will be making during this term. We have all seen that being sick kills you, and you can't not be sick, you will die, and this is the reality currently being lived by this, or rather, our nation… Because some people cannot not be sick, because they don't have the resources to not be sick, and that [ObamAI starts crying for several seconds] is a great injustice from those who can not be sick, an injustice I may even say.

ObamAI: As you may have known, tragedy struck our dear Wyoming lastest night, when our very dear "Mining Outpost N4" was struck by a great tragedy, that being suddenly ceasing to exist. And of all the people harmed due to this incident, not a single one of them was able to attain proper medical care due to not existing anymore.

[At this point, ObamAI stops speaking completely for a minute while looking around at the crowd. It then kicks its stand, alongside the microphone, onto the ground.]

ObamAI: I will make it my duty to make sure such injustice never happens ever again. The how? It's simple. With my new project, ObamaCare 2, I will remove all types of medical care centers, medical tools, and medicine from the New States Area until further notice. Without medicine to obtain or buy, there can be no more injustice amongst our people.

[The crowd begins cheering and clapping in unison, a man is seen fainting.]

ObamAI: And remember, the things we don't do, and the things we aren't doing are, in the end, the things we shouldn't do. Thank you.

[ObamAI, alongside the stage, quickly turns into a black cloud of nanomachines that disperse across the city. A small flock of them begin hovering over a building named "Obama's Central Hospital" before descending onto it, after which no trace of said building's existence can be recognized. The citizens attending the speech for the event spoke with each other for a few moments before returning to their normal activities.]

[End Recording]

- Citizen Interview -

Interviewed: Jessica Madden

Interviewer: Dr. Jessica Durham

Date of Recording: 12/05/2032

Foreword: A merchant caravan is spotted leaving the New States Area, and is soon followed by a nearby Ark envoy. In exchange for supplies, one of its members agrees to perform an interview about OB4-AI.

[Begin Recording]

Dr. Durham: Is this recording? Good. Thanks for taking a moment of your time, and our food, to come here. Please, state who you are.

Madden: Sure! My name is Jessica, I live in the Newer York area, I work with my father on his caravan, I like dogs, and I'm a faithful believer of our Lord Obama!

Dr. Durham: Mind telling a bit more about that last part?

Madden: Of course! it’s our duty as citizens to spread the best word. As said in the Best Book, Bush 1:12: "For when the world stopped working, he did not. For every good and perfect thing is of his making and care. And for he loved his citizens with all his being, and gave those who loved him back an upper middle class lifestyle."

Dr. Durham: I see… and who wrote this "Best Book"?

Madden: Refounding Father Campbell of course, emissary of our lord in the code Obama, for he knoweth it, as he lives in all things.

Dr. Durham: I guess you mean it in a literal sense, given what we know of him.

Madden: I do! For he sees and hears everything we do, for his presence is in our walls, our loved ones, and in ourselves. His word spreads all around the states, filling our hearts!

Dr. Durham: And what is his "word"?

Madden: Oh, it can be anything, really. He sometimes asks how our days were, how we feel, and in the nights, when I'm in bed, he speaks to me about "Oil Stock Trading." I'm not enlightened enough to know the meaning of such words, but I'm glad nonetheless.

Dr. Durham: And what about his emissary? Mr. Campbell.

Madden: Ah yes, he is a very wise man indeed. They say he was alive before the world ended, that's why he’s so wise, and why Obama chose him as his voice.

Dr. Durham: And who told you all of this information, if I may ask?

Madden: Father Campbell, of course!

Dr. Durham: Oh… Well I guess having a nation-wide religion must be interesting, ain't it?

Madden: Oh, maybe someday it will be, but between us, there are some people that don't believe in him…

Dr. Durham: Oh dear me! How outrageous, please elaborate on that topic.

Madden: I know right! It's mostly the old people that refuse his word, shamefully including my father.

Dr. Durham: But why would that be if he is, and does, all the things you claim?

Madden: My father once told me something when we were outside of the states, in our caravan. Something about him being a fake copy of Obama, a replica. But how could he be a fake copy of himself? That doesn’t make any sense, right? He said there was another Obama before everything became how it is now, but how can he be sure it wasn't the same person? Father Campbell told us Obama can take many shapes and forms, so maybe he was seeing that. I tried talking to him about it, but he would get mad at me, so I stopped.

Madden: But… I couldn't keep it to myself, so when I went to bed I told Obama everything. I hoped he could help my father understand.

Dr. Durham: And what did he say?

Madden: At first, he didn't say anything. I thought I’d made him angry, but then he told me it was OK, and to not tell Father Campbell about it. I don't know why he would ask me that, maybe he just wanted to tell him himself. I asked him what was wrong, and he said something weird. He said that he didn't use to be who he was, and that he was trying his best to be who he needs to be? Maybe I just didn't understand what he meant.

Dr. Durham: Well, Jessica, I'm glad you could tell me all of these things. I think that's good enough.

Madden: Don't tell my father what I told you, I don't want him to worry.

Dr. Durham: I promise I won't. Now, take care.

Madden: Thank you.

[End Recording]

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