Catalog Of Lesser Anomalous Locations

Forward: In addition to Major Anomalous objects, The Authority also keeps track of Anomalous Locations whose properties are extremely dull or mundane. Much like the Lesser Anomalies catalog these locations are typically Alpha-White by default.

Designation: LA-001
Location: Miami, Florida, USA.
Description: A local residence house.
Properties: Every day at 5 PM EST every door swings open.
Use: Used by the Protection Division for prepared readiness training.

Designation: LA-002
Location: Hospet, Karnataka, India.
Description: Remains of a 14th-century Hindu temple.
Properties: Roof absorbs rainwater and re-expresses it on the interior ceiling as ghee (clarified butter).
Use: Containment Division front company operates a ghee manufactory centered on-site.

Designation: LA-003
Location: Keele River, Northwest Territories, Canada.
Description: A naturally-formed gravel bar measuring approx. 25m x 10m.
Properties: Gravel naturally arranges itself into repetitive spiral patterns. Any personnel who touch gravel with bare feet describe experiencing a sudden cold gust of wind and a cloud moving across the sun, regardless of actual ambient weather conditions.
Use: None, currently monitored by remote.

Designation: LA-004
Location: Masvingo, Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe.
Description: Area of open grassland 2km outside the Great Zimbabwe archeological complex.
Properties: Living animals moving through the area appear to hover 3mm off the ground instead of physically making contact with it. Soil and local plant life are wholly non-anomalous.
Use: None, currently fenced off and disguised as a sewage disposal facility for the Great Zimbabwe tourist site.

Designation: LA-005
Location: Codru, Chișinău Municipality, Moldova.
Description: A restaurant.
Properties: Upon consumption of any food item, the consumer's eyes will turn blue for approximately 20 minutes.
Use: None, all patrons are to be given short-term amnestics upon exiting the restaurant.

Designation: LA-006
Location: Palomar County, California, USA.
Description: A plot of forest land.
Properties: Every day from the beginning of June to the end of August, an incorporeal entity in the form of a large skinless humanoid creature wearing traditional Cahuilla Native American garb manifests between 0900 and 2100 local time. The apparition will react to the approach of observers via limited head and back movements, but is otherwise unresponsive. The entity follows a regular pattern of movement through the forest before disappearing.
Use: Used by protection forces for stealth training and escape exercises. Cover as seasonal fall camping.
Classification of RPC status was denied on grounds that the apparition contains itself and is not sentient.

Designation: LA-007
Location: Santos, São Paulo State, Brazil.
Description: A warehouse.
Properties: LA-007 is stocked with exactly 8598 empty cardboard boxes of various sizes. No matter how many boxes are removed from the warehouse, it will always contain 8598 boxes. Attempting to remove all boxes results in the immediate apparition of 8598 new boxes.
Use: Used by the CLO as a front company. Cardboard boxes created in LA-007 are to be transferred to Authority sites as logistical supplies.

Designation: LA-008
Location: New Haven, Connecticut, USA.
Description: A house.
Properties: At random intervals every month, small objects within the building are replaced by up to 5 socks of various brands. Biological organisms do not appear to be affected.
Use: N/A

Designation: LA-009
Location: Nullawarre, Victoria, Australia.
Description: A tree next to Whiskey Creek.
Properties: Any members of the species Ambystoma mexicanum1 within line of sight of the tree will begin showing an anomalous effect. Any time they open their mouth, a loud, masculine, human scream will emanate from it.
Use: N/A

Designation: LA-010
Location: OL-Site-476
Description: A physical, yet intangible manifestation of the concept of a "bruh moment2", occupying a space of approximately 17 square meters.
Properties: When the subject enters LA-010's area of effect, a "bruh moment" will occur to them within a few seconds of entering. Incidents have included forgetting a pen to record their notes on, a Junior Researcher receiving a text from his then-girlfriend revealing he was being cheated on with another man, and temporarily forgetting how to spell the word "anomalous." When this happens, the affected individual will immediately utter the word "bruh."
Note: A small OL-Site with one ASF guard trained to direct civilians away from LA-010 has been established surrounding the area.

Designation: LA-011
Location: Monowi, Nebraska, United States
Description: Monowi is largely known for its population of one person, that being Elsie Eiler. Elsie Eiler works as the town's mayor, and works all other job positions available in LA-011.
Properties: The anomalous attribute of LA-011 is that it is impossible for the population to surpass one. Any individual (except Elsie Eiler) who comes into close proximity of LA-011 will immediately lose all motivation to settle in the area.
Use: LA-011 has no useful properties, but is widely known for its stagnating population in modern media.

Designation: LA-012
Location: Ruckersville, Virginia, United States
Description: A dilapidated two-story house, hereby referred to as LA-012-A.
Properties: Coherency of local reality is significantly weaker than baseline. At any point in time, rifts in the space-time continuum in and around LA-012-A may open up, resulting in hostile instances of LA-012-B exiting and attacking any nearby personnel. Instances of LA-012-B heavily resemble characters from the █████ ███ ████████ video game series.
Use: None. Three ASF guards are permanently stationed in order to redirect civilians away from LA-012-A. Instances of LA-012-B are to be terminated on sight. Former resident C████████ W█████ C███████ has since been designated as a POI due to suspected involvement in the creation of LA-012-B instances, and is theorized to have left this dimension through one of LA-012's rifts.

Designation: LA-013
Location: █████, California, United States
Description: An 4 x 4 meter room within the ██████████ Motel.
Properties: The ACS of the room fluctuates between 1 and 3.
Use: Currently the ██████████ Motel is owned by Dr. █████. LA-013 is used for some of the Authority’s coherency experiments.

Designation: LA-014
Location: Miami, Florida, USA.
Description: The penthouse floor of the ████████ residence.
Properties: Subjects within LA-014 become more suggestive to demands made by people with power.
Use: The Authority currently uses the location for negotiating with government officials.

Designation: LA-015
Location: ████████, Africa
Description: A large cavern measuring 20 meters in length filled with anti-thaumaturgic steel3 alloys produced by unidentifiable and partially-dismantled mechanical devices incorporated into the cave walls.
Properties: Any chemically pure iron brought within a 1 km radius of the center of the cavern is converted into an equal mass of either high-carbon steel or anti-thaumaturgic steel.
Use: Currently an Authority front company is using the site for mining operations for the collection of both steel and anti-thaumaturgic steel.

Designation: LA-016
Location: Sector 100, Site-002
Description: N/A
Properties: Sector 100 is a non-existent location within Site-002, but is repeatedly mentioned in various RPC articles. A Mobile Specialized Team has been created to erase all mentions of a Sector 100 from any RPC article. Various personnel from Site-002 have claimed to have been to Sector 100. Personnel who claim to have been to Sector 100 need to be apprehended and administered amnestics.
Use: N/A4

Designation: LA-017
Location: ████████, Antarctica
Description: An AEP5 facility.
Properties: A large spatial anomaly leading into an alternate universe with an ACS of 0. According to informants within the AEP the organization is using the facility for the disposal of high-threat anomalies.
Use: N/A

Designation: LA-018
Location: Florida, USA.
Description: A 5 m3 section of the Everglades.
Properties: When a reptile enters LA-018 they will immediately be terminated by an unknown entity and begin to rapidly decompose.
Use: N/A

Designation: LA-019
Location: ██████, Switzerland
Description: Location of the former Site-███, deactivated and closed in 1949.
Properties: Area has low ACS levels and is heavily contaminated with radiation and industrial toxins. Dimensional rifts within the base regularly produce hazardous entities and extradimensional lifeforms.
Usage: None. Location is classified as an LAA because the dimensional rifts and low ACS are directly attributable to unrestrained human experimentation with dimensional-traversal technology.

Designation: LA-020
Location: ██████, Germany
Description: The grounds of the abandoned Schwarzwald Academy.
Properties: Within LA-020, minor fluctuations in the coherency of local reality have been observed. These fluctuations are never greater than 1.0 in difference on the ACS scale. These anomalies also appear to happen at randomly intervals throughout the building. Personnel have also noted to hear whispering voices during a fluctuation.
Use: Used jointly by FOA and Authority research teams to study reality coherency differences.

Designation: LA-021
Location: Rio Negro, State of Amazonas, Brazil [0°16' 50.8908'' S 63°41' 14.8344'' W]
Description: A piece of land of approximately 19792m2.
Properties: Through the introduction of soil and animals into LA-021, the environment and other natural aspects of the biome will slowly change to matches that of the entities' native environment.
Use: LA-021's anomalous effect is now utilized to create Biome Containment Zones for the purpose of containing anomalous flora and faunas at Site-031.

Designation: LA-022
Location: Arroyohondo, Bolivar, Colombia [10°11'47.5"N 75°05'21.3"W]
Description: A small empty space in a forest area approximately 2114m2.
Properties: Between 2:30-2:35 PM GMT-5 every day, the area suddenly manifests human-sized holes connecting to an underground cave network. Holes automatically close and fill if a human being falls through them. The cave network is convoluted and difficult to traverse, but escape to the surface is feasible.
Use: MST Quebec-6 utilizes the location for underground navigation and entrapment escape training.

Designation: LA-023
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Description: A 3.5 km length of abandoned subway tunnels.
Properties: Personnel entering the tunnels report seeing "strange entities" which are harmless but visually unpleasant.
Use: MST Victor-4 uses the tunnel as a close-quarters combat training space.

Designation: LA-024
Location: Mare Vaporum, Moon
Description: A large cavern located three (3) kilometers below the Mare Vaporum completely filled with frozen ketchup.
Properties: The ketchup is completely non-anomalous.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-025
Location: Containment Chamber ███, Gamma-Class Containment Level, Site-███
Description: One (1) 10 x 10 meter Gamma-Class containment chamber constructed with reinforced steel.
Properties: Anything viewed as anomalous placed within the chamber will have their properties effectively nullified.
Use: Currently used to contain an Omega-Purple class entity designated RPC-████.

Designation: LA-026
Location: Site-███, Russia
Description: Site-███ is one of the smallest Authority sites in Russia only containing a total of 54 RPCs.
Properties: Any sapient anomaly aggressive toward human life brought into Site-███ will show a marked decrease in aggressiveness as long as it is contained in one of the Site's chambers built before 1991.
Use: Currently being used to contain hostile anomalies.

Designation: LA-027
Location: ██████ Burger Joint, ██████, Florida, United States of America
Description: A diner-style restaurant with a 1980s aesthetic.
Properties: The diner's kitchen is run by robotic humanoids that exhibit extreme loyalty to the Authority. These entities are non-hostile and capable of cooking a wide variety of high-quality diner fare.
Use: Authority agents function as front-of-house staff, and the diner is a registered Authority front company. LA-027 has been sub-designated Outpost-027 due to its proximity to several areas of Florida with a history of elevated anomalous activity.

Designation: LA-028
Location: ██████ Cave, ██████, England
Description: LA-028 is an underground lake located within the ██████ Cave.
Properties: The entire lake is composed entirely of a liquid which is chemically identical to Coca-Cola brand soda. A previously-unknown species of bacteria native to the lake is capable of converting groundwater to a carbonated, sugary liquid through an anomalous metabolic process.
Use: Long-term testing is underway to determine if the liquid is safe for human consumption.

Designation: LA-029
Location: New York City, New York, United States of America
Description: LA-029 is a dilapidated apartment building on [REDACTED]. The volume of LA-029 is 120 m3.
Properties: Every Friday at midnight a tall humanoid entity with a doll for a head will manifest in one of the many windows of LA-029. This entity, designated UAE-████, will vocalize the word “come” for 30 minutes. Once the 30 minutes pass the entity will move around LA-029 until sunrise.
Use: N/A. LA-029 is currently being monitored by Authority agents. Plans to contain UAE-████ are currently in development.

Designation: LA-030
Location: Geneva State Forest, Alabama, United States of America
Description: LA-030 is a badly-decayed wooden shack.
Properties: Personnel within an approximately 20-kilometer radius of the shack report feelings of being watched or followed. Subjects who spend the night in the shack report seeing humanoid entities "stalking" or "hunting" in the woods. These entities cannot be photographed or recorded on video.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-031
Location: Bakers Field, California, USA
Description: A playground for children equipped with monkey bars, a swing set, slides, 2 benches, a water fountain, and other activity-based structures found in children's playgrounds.
Lesser Containment: Area fenced in and closed to the public.
Properties: Children between the ages of 4 and 10 who spend more than 15 minutes within LA-031 display abnormal behavior and will react with violence when prompted to leave. Children forcibly removed from the area express extreme emotional distress and demonstrate reduced cognitive function until returned to the area. In some cases, children have been seen speaking to an "imaginary friend", designated LA-031-1, though whether this entity exists or is a mass hallucination is unclear.
Use: None

Designation: LA-032
Location: Near Vienna, Austria
Description: A village in a concealed mountain valley inhabited entirely by approximately 250 furred humanoid creatures. Entities are sapient, have an average height of 1.4m and have widely varying body plans. Entities make use of technology comparable with 16th-century Europe, have a complicated social structure, and show no willingness to leave the valley. Entities speak a highly antiquated dialect of Austrian German, and refer to their settlement as "Vallenburg."
Properties: LA-032 entities will defend themselves with bows, spears and simple hand weapons if threatened.
Use: N/A
Addendum 032-1: As of now, LA-032's inhabitants have not been aggressive towards visiting Authority personnel, and diplomatic relations have been established. The inhabitants of LA-032 regard the Authority as the "Protectors of Vallenburg," and welcome frequent diplomatic visits with gifts of simple baked goods and knitwear.
Addendum 032-2: On 3/14/20██, two inhabitants of LA-032 left the valley, visiting the nearby Site-███ without being noticed by locals. Instances claimed that it was "about time we visited you," and expressed satisfaction with their "trip" when presented with a box of ballpoint pens, returning to the valley without further incident.

Designation: LA-033
Location: Newfoundland, Canada
Description: A coniferous forest whose otherwise non-anomalous trees demonstrate a distinct purple tinge.
Properties: Pieces of felled trees removed from the forest have a localized but powerful probability-altering effects, characterized as "bad luck".

Designation: LA-034
Location: Trinity School, New York City, New York, USA
Description: The school's generator room demonstrates anomalous effects whenever a single person is left alone in it with the door shut. The door will become sealed and impenetrable until the subject is able to escape or expires. Subjects describe the room becoming impossibly large, filling with a maze of barbed-wire fences, and flooding with water to ankle depth. Subjects are unable to escape the room until they reach the end of the maze and deactivate the room's generator, whereupon the room returns to normal and the door reopens.
Properties: Subjects describe being chased by a humanoid entity covered in mold while in the room.
Use: N/A

Designation: LA-035
Location: Site-007 and Site-015
Description: Two identical supply closets, one on each Site.6
Properties: Rapidly toggling the light switch in either room while the other contains no living beings will teleport the occupants of the room from Site-007 to Site-015, and vice-versa.
Use: The Authority uses this to travel between both sites if needed.

Designation: LA-036
Location: Brixton, London, England
Description: The █████ Art Gallery, opened in 200█.
Properties: When opened, any visitors entering had an approximately 10% chance of being escorted into a back room by employees, before being violently murdered, and their corpses physically reassembled into a "painting" which would then be displayed in the gallery. Neither employees nor any former visitors expressed any distress or confusion at this process, or at the presence of dozens of human corpses in various states of decay hanging from the walls.
Use: Premises closed by the RPC in 20██. Observation of former employees and patrons is still ongoing.

Designation: LA-037
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Description: The "Omega Plaza Casino," a large gambling establishment on Las Vegas Boulevard.
Properties: Location has no corporate records, is not present in any municipal databases, and locals claim that it has been in its current location "since the beginning." Casino is staffed entirely by hooded, cloaked humanoid entities (LA-037-1) wearing plastic masks in the likeness of former United States presidents, each emblazoned with an omega symbol on the forehead. LA-037-1 aggressively pressures and heckle visitors into gambling, and gambling in any way on the premises immediately causes severe and incurable gambling addiction. No visitor has ever been observed to win any amount of money.
Use: Attempts to close the establishment have met with [DATA EXPUNGED]. Efforts are ongoing.

Designation: LA-038
Location: ████, Florida, United States
Description: One (1) km area of Everglades.
Properties: The area experiences an ACS level of 3.0. The area is home to a species of abnormally large alligators with similarities to Alligator mississippiensis.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-039
Location: ████ River, Dominica Republic
Description: A decrepit steamboat with an abandoned restaurant within it known to the locals as “El Pin Pin.”
Properties: In the months of January through November, LA-039 will exhibit no anomalous properties. In the months of December, all humans within a 2 km radius of LA-039 will view the boat as a functioning steam-boat inhabited by various humanoid forms. These humanoids appear to congregate within the “El Pin Pin” restaurant. The humanoids appear are harmless and demanifest among making contact with a living organism. On December 31st, the humanoids will aggressively shake and writhe around for the entirety of the day until January 1st. All anomalous phenomenon present on LA-039 will demanifest on the 1st of January.
Use: N/A.
Note: LA-039 is contained by an Authority front company known as “Alpha & Omega Security Firm.” A perimeter of electrified fencing surrounds LA-039. Ten Level 0 security personnel guard the perimeter.

Designation: LA-040
Location: ████████, Syria
Description: Two metallic hexagonal platforms designated LA-040-A and LA-040-B. LA-040-A is composed entirely of silver while LA-040-B is composed entirely of gold.
Properties: If an object is placed upon LA-040-A for longer than 1 minute and 24 seconds, said object will demanifest and the periodic elements that composed the object will manifest upon LA-040-B. If the elements on LA-040-B are not physically altered for 1 minute, the periodic elements will demanifest and the original object placed on LA-040-A will re-manifest.

Objects placed upon LA-040-B for longer than a minute will be teleported to LA-040-A unaltered. Gases and liquids that manifest upon LA-040-B will not escape the platform and remain low to the ground. If enough objects are placed within LA-040-A that would cause LA-040 to overflow with the objects' component elements, said elements will bunch together around the edges of the platform as if an invisible force were pushing back upon the elements.
Use: LA-040 is used to study elements that makeup objects. The composing elements are collected from LA-040-B for further analysis. Below is an example of an experiment conducted with LA-040:

Test Log: LA-040-T21

Test Subject(s): CSD-1097 (L37)

Date: ██/██/2001

Result(s): CSD-1097 walked upon LA-040-A and stood upon the platform for exactly 1 minute and 24 seconds. CSD-1097 demanifest upon the 1 minute and 24-second mark and various elements appeared on LA-040-B. The following elements appeared on LA-040-B:

Number Element Percent of Mass
1 Oxygen 65%
2 Carbon 18.5%
3 Hydrogen 9.5%
4 Nitrogen 3.2%
5 Calcium 1.5%
6 Phosphorus 1.0%
7 Potassium 0.4%
8 Sulfur 0.3%
9 Sodium 0.2%
10 Chlorine 0.2%
11 Magnesium 0.2%
12 [DATA EXPUNGED8] 0.1%
13 Other 0.1%

CSD-1097 re-manifested on LA-040-A screaming and writhing on the floor of the platform. CSD-1097 was removed from the platform by level 1 security personnel. Currently, CSD-1097 is being studied on-location.

Note: The area around LA-040 is owned by an Authority front company known as “Alpha & Omega Security Firm.” A two-story building owned by the front organization has been constructed over LA-040. The building is staffed by a mix of Level 0 through Level 2 personnel with limited to no knowledge of the greater Authority. The building, designated AOSF-0409, is headed by Dr. Sarah O. Daniels. Dr. Daniels has Level 3 security clearance and acts as a contact within the Authority front organization and the main Authority.

Designation: LA-041
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Description: The 14th floor of the ██████-██ Group Building.
Properties: LA-041 is completely filled with water. An unknown force (designated LA-041-A) appears to keep the water from exiting the 14th floor of the ██████-██ Group Building. Additionally, several species of aquatic fauna and flora have been observed within LA-041. It is currently unknown to the Authority and the ██████-██ Group how LA-041 gained its anomalous properties. According to ██████-██ Group office workers who previously worked on the 14th floor, the floor appeared as its current anomalous position on 01/01/2018.
Note: The ██████-██ Group attempted to expose LA-041 to the Korean media. The Authority attempted to conduct a meeting with the President of ██████-██ Group, Jeong Kang-Dae, to reconsider exposing LA-041. Mr. Kang-Dae disregarded the Authority’s message of concealment and contacted the Yonhap News Agency. This caused the Acquisitions Department of the Office of Financial Affairs to conduct a hostile takeover of the company and handed over all assets of the ██████-██ Group to the Authority. All previous working office workers of the ██████-██ Group remain employed under the Authority controlled ██████-██ Group. The Authority has built over the windows of LA-041 to prevent civilians from directly viewing LA-041.
Use: LA-041 is utilized by the Authority to train Authority personnel for aquatic environments.

Designation: LA-042
Location: Chiayi City, Taiwan
Description: The █████ Building’s parking lot.
Properties: At midnight, a tall humanoid entity resembling a heavily mutilated adolescent girl designated UE-Charlie-LA42. UE-Charlie-LA42 wanders LA-042 aimlessly until a human enters the anomaly. UE-Charlie-LA42 will then begin to observe and follow the human subject from a distance. UE-Charlie-LA42 will not attempt to harm the human subject through the human subjects' time within LA-042. Subjects observed by UE-Charlie-LA42 will report feelings of uneasiness. UE-Charlie-LA42 demanifest six hours from its initial appearance.

During the day, LA-042 exhibits an additional anomalous property. When not in observation, automobiles parked within LA-042 will be found parked in different locations within LA-042.
Use: N/A.
Note: LA-042 is kept under watch by an Authority agent within the █████ Building.

Designation: LA-043
Location: Puri, Odisha, India
Description: A monument to Mother Teresa with a statue of Mother Teresa at its center. Several Abrahamic symbols can be seen carved at the base of the monument.
Properties: All water that enters LA-043 will exhibit a similar effect to holy water. While similar, when water taken into LA-043 is used against demonic anomalies, said water will only be 60% as effective as holy water.
Use: Authority personnel take water into LA-043 to study its effects on demonic entities. Authority personnel working with LA-043 are currently attempting to increase the efficiency of blessed water created by LA-043.

Designation: LA-044
Location: Adrar, Algeria
Description: A makeshift hut made of scrap metal.
Properties: LA-044 exhibits a spatial anomaly that causes the interior of LA-044 (designated LA-044-A) to be larger than the exterior. LA-044-A appears as the interior of a wooden cabin with various modern powered appliances throughout.
Use: LA-044 is currently being used as an Authority safe house.

Designation: LA-045
Location: Jacksonville, Florida, United States of America
Description: An abandoned three-story apartment complex known as the “Shellside Apartment.”
Properties: When an individual causes damage to LA-045, the complex will exhibit a probabilistic anomaly. Prior to leaving LA-045, said individuals will suffer an injury through means created through their initial damage caused to LA-045.
Use: N/A.
Note: The building has been bought by the Authority front company “Alpha & Omega Security Firm.”

Designation: LA-046
Location: Orlando, Florida, United States of America
Description: A stone monument dedicated to Walt Disney
Properties: At 3:00 PM EST, thirteen humanoid shadows will appear at the base of LA-046. LA-046 will appear to spasm violently until 5:00 PM EST. At 5:00 PM, the shadows will recede into the cracks of the monument.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-047
Location: █████, ████████, Micronesia
Description: A sinkhole with an area of 5 meters and depth of 50 meters.
Properties: On every December 31st, LA-047 will fill its entirety [DATA EXPUNGED] kg of blood and other biological fluids of the majority of aquatic animals on the planet. Personnel near LA-047 have reported loud moans emanating from LA-047. Expeditions into LA-047 have found no signs of where these moans originate from. 24 hours after the sinkhole fills, its contents will drain out to an unknown location. Attempts to locate the location where the biological fluids are drained to have seen zero results.
Use: N/A.
Note: The Authority front company “Alpha & Omega Security Firm” bought the area around LA-047. AOSF-047 was constructed on top of LA-047 for further study of the anomaly and to maintain its secrecy from the surrounding civilian population.

Designation: Dinosaur Land
Location: Orlando, Florida, United States of America
Description: Dinosaur land is an abandoned theme park previously owned by the defunct Dinosaur Land Co.
Properties: All attempts to designate or name Dinosaur Land anything other than “Dinosaur Land” is impossible. Subjects told to call Dinosaur Land by a different name will always call it Dinosaur Land.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-049
Location: █████, Malaysia
Description: A three-meter area of land within the █████ woods.
Properties: Earth gravity is reduced by 20% in the area of LA-049. Plant life within the area shows signs of being taller than the surrounding plant life.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-050
Location: Amancio, Cuba
Description: A red two-story building.
Properties: Every month, LA-050 will experience a spatial anomaly within its kitchen area. This spatial anomaly will manifest an instance Equus caballus. The instance exhibits no anomalous properties and are usually of above average health than the average horse.
Use: The animal subjects are extracted and shipped to local Authority facilities as test subjects.

Designation: LA-051
Location: █████, Mars
Description: An underground network of caverns filled with an unidentifiable liquid with similar properties to water.
Properties: When a sapient entity explores the caverns beneath the liquid, said entities will claim to observe dark humanoid entities moving at the corners of the subject's vision. Recordings of explorations of LA-051 have revealed the caverns to be inactive with no signs of the humanoid entities.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-052
Location: █████████, Alabama, United States of America
Description: A playground filled with swing sets, teeter-tots, monkey bars, and slides. All objects within LA-052 appear to be in a state of rusting.
Properties: LA-052 anomalous properties activate at midnight. When a subject under the age of 20 enters LA-052, several small humanoid entities will appear and attempt to persuade the subject to follow them to an unknown location. If the subject pursues these entities, they will instantaneously disappear. If the subject is accompanied with other subjects, the pursuing subject will disappear when the line of sight is broken by the other subjects.
Use: N/A.
Note: LA-052 is surrounded by a chain-linked fence to prevent civilians from entering the area.

Designation: LA-053
Location: █████, California, United States of America
Description: The █████ Forest
Properties: Several RPC-███ (“Daywalkers”) instances will congregate in the forest to breed. It is unknown why RPC-███ instances utilize LA-053 to breed. Surveys conducted upon LA-053 show that the location has a slightly higher ACS than the surrounding area.
Use: Used to capture and contain RPC-███ instances.

Designation: LA-054
Location: 3 km south of Cassadaga, Florida, United States of America
Description: A field of 10 two (2) meter tall obsidian pillars.
Properties: When a subject makes contact with LA-054, they will claim to hear whispers commanding the subject to “kill.” Over time, subjects will claim these whispers will increase in volume until they turn into screams.
Note: It was discovered by the Department of Occult Concerns that the affliction created by making contact with the obsidian pillars could be cured by the afflicted subject leaving a glass of wine within LA-054. The subject must then grovel and apologize out loud. The wine will then begin to evaporate. At this moment, subjects will claim the voices will immediately disappear.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-055
Location: █████, Hawaii, United States of America
Description: The ████████ Gulch on the island of █████.
Properties: When a subject enters LA-055, they will be hunted by an entity designated UAE-Beta-055. UAE-Beta-055 is a feminine humanoid entity composed of hard tree-like material. UAE-Beta-055 is hostile to humans within LA-055. When UAE-Beta-055 is terminated, its body will rapidly decompose and a new UAE-Beta-055 will appear within LA-055. Attempts to drag UAE-Beta-055 out of UAE-Beta-055 have resulted in the instant termination of UAE-Beta-055 through unknown means.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-056
Location: Roswell, New Mexico, United States of America
Description: The Betty-Ann Late Night Bar.
Properties: At midnight, several unidentified aerial phenomena can be seen through the windows of LA-056. These phenomena can only be observed within LA-056.
Use: N/A.
Incident-LA056-A: On 01/23/2015, a large rectangular object was observed descending from the night sky through the front windows of LA-056. A large serpentine entity exited the object and proceeded to make its way to the bar. At this point, several Authority personnel present within the bar armed themselves. The front door of LA-056 opened and the large serpentine entity materialized within the entranceway. Authority personnel apprehended the entity and restrained it. During the altercation, the rectangular object proceeded to float upward until it was no longer seen. The serpentine entity and LA-056 are awaiting RPC designation.

Designation: LA-057
Location: █████████, Massachusetts, United States of America
Description: A road tunnel located on the █th highway.
Properties: When an object/subject enters LA-057, they will immediately be teleported to a random location on the planet.
Addendum-LA057-A: LA-057 was first observed when a family of four drove through LA-057 and reappeared in █████, China.
Addendum-LA057-B: The road leading into LA-057 has been rerouted to avoid the anomaly.
Use: LA-057 is used to test Authority made tracking devices.

Designation: LA-058
Location: Burlington, Iowa, United States of America
Description: The Hollow Cave.
Properties: Subjects who enter the cave will claim to feel a sensation of being observed. If subjects enter further into the cave, they will encounter a skeleton belonging to an unknown humanoid entity, designated LA-058-A. Attempts to remove LA-058-A will result in the anomaly returning to its original position through unknown means. When a subject makes visual contact with LA-058-A, the subject will begin to develop systems akin to clinical depression.
Note: A building has been constructed obstructing LA-058 by the Authority front organization “Alpha & Omega Security Firm.”
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-059
Location: ██████████, Louisiana, United States of America
Description: A one-kilometer area of swamp land.
Properties: Every 31st of December, a log cabin will manifest at a random location within LA-059 designated LA-059-A. During this time a family of semi-humanoid entities with gator-like features will exit LA-059-A and begin to hunt the local wildlife. Organisms killed by these entities will be dragged into the interior of LA.-059-A. The entities appear to avoid human life appearing to be afraid when spotted by Authority personnel.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-060
Location: █████, Mississippi, United States of America
Description: Naomi Lake.
Properties: At midnight, all noises both artificial and natural will converge to form a song. The name of the song is unknown, but locals in the area have taken to calling the phenomenon “Naomi’s Song.” Subjects listening to the phenomenon describe the song to be melancholic in tone.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-061
Location: ████████, California, USA
Description: An apartment complex on █████ █ Street
Properties: Between the time of 12:00 AM and 12:30 AM, all doors will emit a sound identical to that of a knock. The source of the knock remains unknown.
Use: N/A.



Designation: LA-062
Location: Site-014, Nevada
Description: The CSD Communal Bathing Area within CSD Housing Block A of Site-014.
Properties: When a subject is alone within LA-062, they will experience various forms of audio/visual hallucinations. LA-062 properties were discovered due to multiple complaints brought by several CSD class personnel.
Use: N/A.
Addendum: Test Log LA062-A

Test #: LA062-01

Date: 10/03/2001

Test Subject(s): CSD-9102

Test Parameters: Subject will enter LA-062 and record all phenomena that occur. Cameras have been placed within the area to monitor the subject. Subject will be in LA-062 for 30 minutes.

[00:00:00] - CSD-9102 enters LA-062.

[00:06:21] - CSD-9102 says: This place feels… haunted. Uh, I can feel something here.

[00:11:22] - CSD-9102 becomes agitated. CSD-9102 says: Fuck! Jesus. CSD-9102 takes a deep breath. Something is in here with me. What should I do?

[00:21:32] - CSD-9102 walks toward a shower head and turns it on. CSD-9102 splashes water onto his face. CSD-9102 says: I’m not gonna get hurt in here, am I?

[00:22:00] - CSD-9102 says: There are people in the showers. They hide in the shower heads, I think?

[00:22:43] - CSD-9102 says: I can hear them. They’re saying something.

[00:23:02] - CSD-9102 says: They’re saying that we need to leave the site. They’re being really vague, but they say something about an explosion.

[00:30:00] - CSD-9102 is let out of LA-062.

Designation: LA-063
Location: Miami, Florida, USA
Description: A decrepit two-story building that was previously known as the “Noche Buena” nightclub.
Properties: At midnight, a mix of modern reggaeton and hip hop music will originate from the interior of the building from an unknown location. Investigations of the building reveal no known possible location for the origins of the music. The music will cease at precisely 6:00 am EST.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-064
Location: Miami, Florida, USA
Description: Apartment A-605 of the [DATA EXPUNGED] Community.
Properties: At random intervals, the sound of two entities (E1 and E2) can be heard conversing. Neighboring apartments and inhabitants of apartment A-605 claim to hear the entity's conversion clearly. The entities tend to typically converse about the neighborhood, their immediate neighbors, and/or local news. Attempts to locate the conversing entities have borne no fruit. Entity E1 exhibits a masculine voice with a Latino accent, while entity E2 exhibits a feminine voice with a southern accent.
Use: N/A.
Note: LA-064 and its adjacent apartments have been purchased by the Authority. Currently, the adjacent apartments are inhabited by research personnel to study the anomaly.

Designation: LA-065
Location: Miami, Florida, USA
Description: The abandoned building of the previous Schultz Highschool.
Properties: Subjects with a non-religious background that enter the building will be assaulted by an unknown force. Subjects exiting the building have been found with lacerations on their back and chest.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-066
Location: Two kilometers east off the shore of Miami, Florida, USA
Description: A one-kilometer square area of ocean.
Properties: No macroscopic/microscopic life appears to exist within the area of LA-066. All oceanic life forms appear to avoid the area. Humans can enter said area with no observable effects, but subjects claim a feeling of “wrongness” when entering and exploring the area.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-067
Location: Miami, Florida, USA
Description: The “El Frío” diner located at [DATA EXPUNGED].
Properties: At midnight, subjects observing LA-067 will hallucinate several faceless humanoids inhabiting the interior of the diner. Subjects observing the anomaly claim that the faceless entities within the diner appear to be standing at the windows of the establishment, staring back at the subject. The entities are said to beckon the subject to enter the diner. This anomalous effect appears to demanifest at 10:00 am EST.
Use: N/A.
Note: LA-067 has been shut down by the Authority and is currently under the watch of an Authority front company.

Designation: LA-068
Location: Miami, Florida, USA
Description: A two-story building located within the city of Doral. LA-068 is pre-fitted with various pieces of furniture.
Properties: When unobserved, the interior layout and furniture of LA-068 will shift. It is unknown how LA-068 is able to achieve this.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-069
Location: Miami, Florida, USA
Description: A red brick building known as the Red Hairing Strip Club.
Properties: Any organism that enters the building will become infected with a unique strain of HIV. While the infection is non-anomalous, it is extremely infectious.
Use: N/A.
Note: Currently contained by an Authority front company. The anomaly is currently pending RPC classification.

Designation: LA-070
Location: Orlando, Florida, USA
Description: An abandoned facility from ALTR-0978 seemingly belonging to a paranatural research branch of the CDC known as the “Paranatural Disease Research & Protection Agency”.
Properties: N/A.
Addendum: On 04/07/2007, LA-070 manifested within our reality. The Authority was able to detect its manifestation and send multiple MST units to investigate the anomaly. Various samples of anomalous pathogens were found within the facility. All pathogens were sent to Site-008 for further study.
Use: N/A.
Note: The location was sold off to a US AoI for their study on locations from other realities. The location was sold for [DATA EXPUNGED] USD.

Designation: LA-071
Location: Copeland, Florida, USA
Description: A decrepit animatronic pizzeria. Documents found within designate the building as “McCheesey’s Pizzeria”.
Properties: Audio hallucinations depicting children’s laughter and unidentifiable chatter will manifest within individuals that linger within LA-071 for more than five minutes. All hallucinations will dissipate when a subject exits the location.
Addendum: No records can be found of the building construction. Contracted personnel employed to examine the area claim that LA-071 appears to have manifested at some point in the late 20th century.
Use: N/A.
Additional: The Authority front company “Alpha & Omega Security Firm” bought the area around LA-072. AOSF-072 was constructed around LA-072 for further study of the anomaly and to maintain its secrecy from the surrounding civilian population.

Designation: LA-072
Location: Miami, Florida, USA
Description: An unused 6km dirt road that connects Miami to the abandoned Everglades Oasis Research Center.
Properties: Subjects that enter LA-072 will claim that they are being observed. Additionally, subjects will claim sightings of a large orange-furred humanoid, usually hiding or standing in dense foliage in the distance. Investigations of the area by armed Authority personnel have sighted the entity, but upon investigation of the area of the entity’s location, no physical evidence could be found. It is theorized that entity sightings are an anomalous hallucination exhibited by LA-072.
Use: N/A.
Additional: The entrance of LA-072 has been obscured by dense foliage and an electrified fence. The road is patrolled by personnel of the Authority front company “Alpha & Omega Security Firm”.

Designation: LA-073
Location: 6km down west of LA-072, Florida, USA
Description: The Everglades Oasis Research Center (EORC), designated LA-073, is a two-storey research station previously owned by the Florida Wildlife Research Preservation Center (FWRPC).
Properties: Generic elevator music can be heard throughout the building. The location of the music can not be ascertained. Subjects described the music as sounding “distant” regardless of their location within LA-073.
Addendum: On 05/12/1995, all FWRPC personnel went missing. Their whereabouts are currently unknown but are still being looked into. The Everglades Oasis Research Center would be shut down and the Authority purchased the area from the FWRPC.
Use: N/A

Designation: LA-074
Location: Lubbock, Texas, USA
Description: An abandoned apartment complex previously owned by the “Texas Room Association”.
Properties: When an individual inhabits LA-074 for longer than a week, they will begin to experience positive mental effects. Individuals with depression inhabiting LA-074 will recover to a healthy mental state.
Use: LA-074 was sold by the Texas Room Association to the Authority front company “Rooms of Plenty Co.”. LA-074 is used to house Authority personnel within the area. Apartments within LA-074 are also leased to civilians through the front company.

Designation: LA-075
Location: [EXPUNGED], Korea
Description: A perfectly circular lake with an area of 1km3.
Properties: Subjects viewing LA-075 will perceive a small village existing upon the lake. Subject describes being compelled to enter the village. This compulsion appears to grow in strength upon the individual’s proximity to LA-075. Subjects upon making contact with the lake’s water will dive into the water and drown.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-076
Location: Naples, Florida, USA
Description: A barber shop known as “Richard’s Perfect Cuts”.
Properties: When a subject enters the shop a disembodied masculine voice will say:

“Welcome to Richard’s Perfect Cuts, we’ll be with you soon. Please take a seat.”

Use/Addendum: The location is currently owned by an ex-Authority employee known as Richard Simon. It was Richard who reported the phenomenon to the local Authority site. Authority personnel investigating the phenomenon were able to pinpoint the location of the disembodied voice as originating from 1 meter from the entrance of LA-076 on its ceiling. Authority agents installed a non-functional speaker on the ceiling of where the disembodied voice originates. Richard espouses the cover story of the voice being a recording of a friend to greet customers entering the shop.
Additional: Authority employees entering the shop are given discounts on haircuts and hair care products from LA-076.

Designation: LA-077
Location: Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA
Description: An abandoned basketball court surrounded by dense foliage.
Properties: At 1:00 am EST, a standard basketball will manifest and begin to bounce around the field. The sounds of clapping and cheering can be heard emanating from the surrounding foliage. At 3:00 am EST, all anomalous phenomena will halt and the basketball will demanifest.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-078
Location: [DATA EXPUNGED], Florida, USA
Description: The abandoned Dade-Feller Everglades Airstrip.
Properties: When an aircraft lands upon LA-078, 305 instances of Sus scrofa domesticus will materialize from the surrounding foliage. The animals will enter the airstrip and will tend to wander aimlessly. The creatures are passive to humans and examinations reveal them to be non-anomalous in nature with the exception of the spontaneous materialization.
Use: LA-078 has been bought by the Authority front company “Alpha & Omega Security Firm” and designated AOSF-078. AOSF-078 is monitored by security drones that make hourly flybys on an hourly basis. AOSF-078 ships the Sus scrofa domesticus instances to Authority sites across the United States of America. The shipping is done by a 3rd party organization known as “American Secure Shipping Co.11” The American Secure Shipping Co. has been designated an Authority-aware GoI and is allied with the Authority’s goals.

Designation: LA-079
Location: Moore Haven, Florida, USA
Description: The Caloosahatchee Canal.
Properties: At random intervals, different species of non-aquatic life not native to Florida will appear upon the western shore of the Caloosahatchee Canal, typically at the most southern point of the town of Moore Haven. These organisms will usually appear injured with bite wounds resembling that of Alligator mississippiensis. Organisms exiting LA-079 will usually expire due to their injuries.
Use: N/A.
Additional: All organisms recovered from LA-079 are to be transferred to Site-305 for examination. Authority agents stationed within Moore Haven are to capture and contain all organisms that exist in the canal under the pretense of wildlife services.

Designation: LA-080
Location: Ave Maria, Florida, USA
Description: An abandoned superstore with no identifiable features. Its area is 1.5 km2. LA-080 is located 4 km west of Owens Way road.
Properties: From February to July, LA-080 will demanifest leaving behind an empty patch of foliage. LA-080 will re-manifest on the 1st of August until the end of December with crates filled with food items. These food items are theorized to originate from alternative realities and a small minority of items may exhibit anomalous properties. On the first of January, all items within LA-080 will demanifest, leaving LA-080 in an inert state.
Use: During its active period from August to December, Authority agents enter LA-080 and prepare the crates for shipping. Employees of the American Secure Shipping Co. will take the crates and transport them to Site-305 for examination and testing.
Additional: A perimeter around LA-080 has been set up by the Authority front company “Alpha & Omega Security Firm”. 24-hour surveillance of the property is done via security cameras installed by AOSF technicians. AOSF security personnel have been advised to allow access to LA-080 to Authority personnel and authorized employees of the American Secure Shipping Co.

Designation: LA-081
Location: Key West, Florida, USA
Description: An island 15 km South-West of the US Coast Guard Sector Key West. The island has an area of 3km2 and with dense foliage at its center.
Properties: When a hurricane that is destined to make landfall over the state of Florida forms, LA-081 will teleport itself and all life upon it to a location designated LA-081-1. LA-081-1 appears to be an Earth-like planet with a large ocean covering the entirety of the planet. LA-081-1’s atmospheric composition is identical to Earth. LA-081-1 appears to be barren of any form of organic life. Drones sent to investigate the world have shown that many similar weather patterns that exist on earth take place on LA-081-1.

LA-081 will manifest in an area of LA-081-1 that contains no violent weather patterns. LA-081 will remain upon LA-081-1 until the hurricane hitting the Florida state has passed or dissipated.
Use: LA-081 is being used to study LA-081-1 to learn more about the planet and its galactic location.
Additional: The waters surrounding LA-081 are guarded by armed Authority personnel under the guise of the US Coast Guard. All civilian vessels are to be demanded to change course. If civilians do not comply, personnel are authorized to use non-lethal force to detain and interrogate the suspect.

Designation: LA-082
Location: Stock Island, Florida, USA
Description: A two-storey single-family home located South-West of 2nd Avenue.
Properties: On a daily basis, a single slice of pie surrounded by a plastic wrap will manifest within LA-082 within the kitchen room. The most common pie variety manifested by LA-082 being Key Lime Pie. The pies manifested by LA-082 have proven non-hazardous to consume.
Use: N/A.
Additional: LA-082 has been sold to the CEO of the American Secure Shipping Co. for 700k USD for his loyalty and partnership with the Authority. LA-082 was sold to him by an Authority front company known as “Rooms of Plenty Co.”.

Designation: LA-083
Location: Key Haven, Florida, USA
Description: The island of Key Haven.
Properties: LA-083 anomalous effects seem to only affect the genus Procyon. When any genus of Procyon stays within LA-083 for longer than a week, they will begin to exhibit self-destructive behaviors. These include self-harm, attacking others of its genus, and/or attacking other animals. All these symptoms conclude with the organism attempting to drown itself if the previously mentioned methods of self-harm do not result in its termination. It is unknown what causes this behavior in the animals. Investigations are ongoing.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-084
Location: Naval Air Station Key West, Florida, USA
Description: An abandoned airstrip located north of the US-1. The strip has no identifying features.
Properties: If an individual stays on LA-084 for longer than 5 hours, the subject will begin to hallucinate. Hallucinations range from audio, visual, and olfactory. Subjects under the effects of the hallucinations will begin to believe they are at an active airport with heavy air traffic. These anomalous hallucinations will seem to dissipate when the subject is removed from LA-084.
Use: N/A.
Additional: LA-084 was given into the custody of the United States Occult Community.

Designation: LA-085
Location: Big Coppitt Key, Florida, USA
Description: An abandoned store known as “Big Laddies Key Shop.”.
Properties: When a subject enters LA-085, an object will manifest on the floor of the abandoned shop. This object will hold personal sentiment to the subject and it will always be an object the subject lost at some point in the past. It is unknown if LA-085 is able to find these objects and teleport it within the building, or create objects based on the subject’s memories.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-086
Location: Cudjoe Key, Florida, USA
Description: The northern section of Blimp Road.
Properties: LA-086 appears to affect lone instances of animals of the family Canidae. If a canidae instance travels northward along Blimp Road, a 1965 Ford Mustang driven by a faceless humanoid with femine characteristics will manifest 1 km north of the canidae subject. The car will rush toward the animal subject at high speeds until it impacts the subject. This will result in the termination of the animal. The car will then demanifest after the subject’s termination.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-087
Location: Summerland Key, Florida, USA
Description: A lake composed of human blood. Several human cadavers have been found beneath the lake of blood.
Properties: N/A. LA-087 exhibits no anomalous properties other than how it came to be. Authority researchers hypothesize that the lake’s creation may have a connection to the Florida Anderson Coherency Anomaly.
Use: N/A.
Additional: A research station has been installed adjacent to LA-087 under the cover of the Authority front company “Alpha & Omega Security Firm”. The station has been designated AOSF-087

Designation: LA-088
Location: Big Pine Key, Florida, USA
Description: A wrecked large wooden raft located 2 km west of 6th street.
Properties: N/A.
Addendum: Analysis of the raft reveals it to originate from ALTR-D2AJ. Authority personnel investigating the area found a note with the following:

We seek asylum. Our reality is dead.

Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-089
Location: Marathon, Florida, USA
Description: A 3km2 area south of the Curry Hammock State Park.
Properties: The corpses of Odocoileus virginianus will manifest along the shores under the effect of LA-089. The corpses appear waterlogged and decay at a rapid rate.
Use: N/A.
Additional: Authority agents embedded within the Curry Hammock State Park are to burn the corpses.

Designation: LA-090
Location: Duck Key, Florida, USA
Description: A 10-meter-deep sinkhole located 7 kilometers south of Duck Key, Florida.
Properties: A species of unknown flightless avian organisms composed of red feathers will manifest above the sinkhole. These manifestations tend to generate up to 50 of these organisms. The organisms appear to be bound to the sinkhole as attempts to extract an organism out of LA-090 have resulted in the organisms rapidly decomposing.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-091
Location: Islamorada, Florida, USA
Description: The shell key island.
Properties: If a subject enters within the thick foliage of the island and remains for longer than five hours, the subject will begin to hallucinate a humanoid entity with crocodilian features. Subjects claim that the entity is constantly pursuing from a distance.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-092
Location: Key Largo, Florida, USA
Description: A 3 km2 area North-West of Key Largo.
Properties: Subjects sailing into LA-092 will report to see an aquatic wind farm in the North-West distance of LA-092. Attempts to reach the wind farm will result in subjects perceiving the farm as moving away from them. This will continue until subjects exit the area of LA-092.
Use: N/A.
Additional: The area is under the protection and surveillance of the United States Occult Community.

Designation: LA-093
Location: Florida City, Florida, USA
Description: A two-storey wooden cabin was found two kilometers east of the US-1.
Properties: If a subject enters LA-093, they will begin to speak with a stereotypical Mexican accent. When subjects are pressed on the accent, they will appear to be unaware of the accent and claim that it is the subject’s personal accent. This phenomenon will dissipate upon exiting LA-093.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-094
Location: Homestead, Florida, USA
Description: An abandoned gas station with no identifiable markings.
Properties: If a subject enters LA-094, they will perceive the world outside of the gas station to be composed of an ocean of gasoline. Additionally, subjects will become subject to olfactory hallucinations claiming to smell the gasoline present in LA-094’s hallucination. The hallucinations caused by LA-094 will dissipate upon exiting the anomaly’s area of effect.
Use: N/A.
Additional: A barbed wall has been constructed around LA-094 to prevent civilian entry. Security cameras have been installed to monitor the anomaly. If a civilian enters LA-094, an agent will be dispatched to extract the subject.

Designation: LA-095
Location: Leisure City, Florida, USA
Description: A tree house located on the patio of a two-storey house.
Properties: Entering the tree house will lead to a space that is inconsistent with the external dimensions of the location. The space within LA-095 is an exact replica of the two-storey house in front of LA-095.
Use: N/A.
Additional: The property LA-095 is located upon has been bought by the Authority.

Designation: LA-096
Location: Naranja, Florida, USA
Description: A prairie-style house located in [DATA EXPUNGED].
Properties: All entrances of LA-096 appear to lead to a cave system in an unknown location. The interior of LA-096 appears to extend 3 km deep. Subjects exploring LA-096’s interior claim to hear unintelligible whispers. These whispers are hypothesized to be audio hallucinations created by LA-096.
Use: LA-096 is used to train local Authority personnel in cave exploration.
Additional: The property LA-096 exists upon has been bought by Authority front company “Rooms of Plenty Co.”.

Designation: LA-097
Location: Princeton, Florida, USA
Description: A Satellite Libert Portable Restroom located in [DATA EXPUNGED].
Properties: Attempts to remove LA-097 have resulted in failure. If a subject utilizes LA-097, they will come under a visual hallucination where they believe LA-097 is floating off the ground at a rapid rate. Subjects will become immobilized due to a fear response. If a subject remains with LA-097 for more than 20 minutes, the subject will suffer cardiac arrest and expire.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-098
Location: Goulds, Florida, USA
Description: A ranch-style house.
Properties: Attempts to enter LA-098 have resulted in failure. Attempts to break down the doors and windows of the house reveal that they are protected by an unknown indestructible force. Every 31st of December, the front door of LA-098 will open and a random mammalian creature will exit the house. The creatures released by the house are non-anomalous in nature.
Use: N/A.
Additional: The property has been acquired by Rooms of Plenty Co. Armed Authority personnel are to be stationed outside the property every December to capture and contain the organisms released by LA-098.

Designation: LA-099
Location: Cutler Bay, Florida, USA
Description: An abandoned park trail located east of [DATA EXPUNGED]
Properties: If a subject follows LA-099 southward, the trail will appear to go on indefinitely. Traveling east, north, west of the trail will result in the subject exiting LA-099 into baseline reality.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-100
Location: South Miami Heights, Florida, USA
Description: A two-storey bungalow-style home.
Properties: Subjects living within LA-100 will hallucinate various dark humanoid entities with glowing white eyes. According to subjects within LA-100, these entities manifest when a subject is in a compromising position. Examples of compromising situations that manifest the dark entities include: taking a shower, falling asleep, and/or turning away from a dark area of LA-100. The dark humanoid entities will appear to observe subjects from a range of 10 - 20 minutes before manifesting.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-101
Location: Palmetto Bay, Florida, USA
Description: A federal-style house with no windows.
Properties: Subjects viewing LA-101 from its exterior will perceive the location as being an empty plot of land filled with construction equipment. The visual anomaly exerted by the house can be nullified by viewing the house through photographs and digital recordings.
Use: Utilized as an Authority safe house for conducting minor operations within Miami-Dade County.

Designation: LA-102
Location: Palmetto Estates, Florida, USA
Description: A sinkhole of undetermined depth located within the kitchen of a federal-style home in [Data Expunged], Florida.
Properties: The depth of LA-102 has yet to be ascertained. It is hypothesized to continue indefinitely. An entity designated UAE-Alpha-102 has been recorded inhabiting LA-102. The entity’s appearance is unknown as it has yet to be sighted and it claims to exist at the bottom of LA-102. UAE-Alpha-102 claims to be the previous owner of the house (“Juan Antonio”) that LA-102 exist within. The entity is able to mimic the previous owner’s voice. The entity’s claims have been proven false as Juan Antonio moved with his family to the state of Texas two years before LA-102 was discovered.
Use: N/A.
Additional: The property is owned by the Authority front company “Rooms of Plenty Co.” on 01/12/2007. A surveillance camera has been set up within the interior of the home to monitor LA-102.

Designation: LA-103
Location: West Perrine, Florida, USA
Description: An empty 30 x 30 meter plot of land.
Properties: Once a year at random intervals, typically around the hours of 1:00 am to 4:00 am EST, a humanoid entity composed of grass and leaves will form from the surrounding foliage. The entity will wait until it spots a human subject and attempt to rush at it. The entity is unable to reach the human as once the entity crosses the perimeter of LA-103, it will begin to fall apart into a pile of its component parts.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-104
Location: Richmond West, Florida, USA
Description: A single-storey single-family house.
Properties: Every October 1st, various carved pumpkins will manifest within the house. The carvings on the pumpkins will depict illustrations of gruesome acts between humans such as, but not limited to murder. The pumpkins themselves have been found to be non-anomalous.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-105
Location: Silver Palm, Florida, USA
Description: An empty ranch-style home composed of an unknown wood-like material.
Properties: The entirety of the building appears to be a previously undiscovered flora that appears to mimic human buildings composed of wood. An unknown fruit can be observed growing within the organism itself.
Use: N/A.
Additional: The property surrounding LA-105 has been acquired by Authority front company “Rooms of Plenty Co.”.
Update: Several more entities identical to LA-105 have been discovered throughout the southwest United States. LA-105 is currently under consideration for RPC Classification/Designation.

Designation: Red Land, Florida, USA
Location: LA-106
Description: A 3 x 3 meter plot of land.
Properties: When a subject observes LA-106, they will claim to observe a three-storey ranch-style house existing within it. Subjects will claim that said house is occupied by a family of four.
Use: N/A.

Designation: Three Lakes
Location: Three Lakes, Florida, USA
Description: The town of Three Lakes.
Properties: Attempts to document Three Lakes as an anomaly and give it a numeral or title designation by Authority personnel will result in the subject unconsciously inputting “Three Lakes”.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-108
Location: Country Walk, Florida, USA
Description: The [DATA EXPUNGED] Golf Club lake.
Properties: Every November 1st at 3 am EST, a 10 m instance of Alligator mississippiensis will exit the body of water. The origins of the creature are unknown. All instances recovered have proven to be genetically identical.
Use: N/A.
Additional: The Authority has purchased the [DATA EXPUNGED] Golf Club. Authority agents are embedded within the club’s staff. Once LA-108 anomalous properties manifest, agents are to subdue the exiting organism. Authority-Aware employees of the American Secure Shipping Co. will recover the animal and transport it to Site-305.

Designation: LA-109
Location: The Hammock, Florida, USA
Description: The Banal Creek Canal.
Properties: At unknown intervals, groups of chimeric entities will exit the canal at its most western point.
Use: N/A.
Additional: RPC designation pending.
Update: From December 2010 to present day, no chimeric entities have exited LA-109. LA-109 has been denied RPC designation and is under consideration for neutralized status. Cameras monitoring the area will keep monitoring LA-109 until further information on its lack of activity can be ascertained.

Designation: LA-110
Location: The Crossings, Florida, USA
Description: A series of houses located across the town of The Crossings, Florida. These houses have been given the designation of LA-110-1 through LA-110-10.
Properties: Every January 1st, all LA-110 instances will transmute instantaneously into a different style of home when out of the line of sight of humans. These changes will change the location's height, shape, material composition, and structural form.
Use: N/A.
Additional: All LA-110 properties have been acquired by Authority front company “Rooms of Plenty Co.” after a long legal dispute with the original property’s owners.

Designation: LA-111
Location: Kendall, Florida, USA
Description: Lake Oakland.
Properties: At unknown intervals, a 2 x 2 sinkhole will form at the bottom of the lake. The sinkhole, designated LA-111-A, will remain open for 72 hours before it demanifests. Crossing the threshold of LA-111-A will lead to a finite pocket reality filled with water. The reality, designated LA-111-B, appears to have an exact copy of the United States of America at its bottom.
Use: N/A.
Additional: The Authority has acquired a property nearby LA-111. A research team has been set up within the property to study LA-111 and LA-111-A.

Designation: LA-112
Location: Pinecrest, Florida, USA
Description: A bakery of no discernable markings.
Properties: LA-112 is a phenomenon that occurs within the Pinecrest area. The phenomenon seems to exclusively affect vacant/empty stores. The chances that LA-112 will manifest on any given day within any vacant/empty stores is 20%. LA-112 will manifest as a bakery which sells baked goods. These goods are believed to originate from realities similar to baseline. The products sold are usually non-anomalous. LA-112 appears to be owned by an anomalous human known as “Mrs. Crest”. Mrs. Crest claims to be the owner of LA-112. Chemical analysis of Mrs. Crest reveals it to be composed of sucrose. LA-112 will usually demanifest after a month of residing in a singular location.
Use: N/A.
Additional: LA-112 has been left to the purview of the USOC. A USOC agency has been assigned with obscuring LA-112 manifestations from the public.

Designation: LA-113
Location: Glenvar Heights, Florida, USA
Description: The southern small island within Twin Island Lake.
Properties: During severe weather events, an unknown force will deflect rain and wind away from the island.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-114
Location: Sunset, Florida, USA
Description: Several homes located within the community of Sunset.
Properties: When a subject enters LA-114 from a front entrance, they will enter a finite pocket universe composed of a copy of the interior of the home designated LA-114-A. Windows within LA-114-A instances will allow subjects to view the exterior of the house within baseline realities. Removing windows from the interior of LA-114-A will reveal a stone-like wall composed of pure tungsten.
Use: LA-114 properties are used by Authority agents as safe houses.

Designation: LA-115
Location: Olympia Heights, Florida, USA
Description: Lake Catalina.
Properties: LA-115 properties seem to exclusively affect instances of Alligator mississippiensis. When an instance of Alligator mississippiensis makes contact with the surface of the lake, the water underneath the animal’s foot will begin to act as a solid and support the creature’s weight. Instances appear to be unable to enter beneath the water of Lake Catalina.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-116
Location: Westwood Lakes, Florida, USA
Description: Westwood Lake.
Properties: Small aquatic entities composed of flora native to Florida will manifest within the lake. The entities are non-aggressive and appear to swim aimlessly.
Use: N/A.
Additional: Entities are to be captured and sent to Site-305 for further study.

Designation: LA-117
Location: Kendale Lakes, Florida, USA
Description: Kendale Lakes.
Properties: All Authority documentation of LA-117 will make mention of a Site-CAN. Investigations of the town and Authority records show no sign of an Authority installation within the town. Attempts to edit mentions of Site-CAN will result in the reimplementation of the site by an unknown force. This phenomenon can be nullified by redacting or removing mention of the town of Kendale Lakes, or by referring to Kendale Lake by its informal name, Kendall Lakes.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-118
Location: Kendall West, Florida, USA
Description: A two-storey house within the community of Kendall West.
Note: The following information was recovered from a leaked document originating from the USOC. The document was transferred to the Authority by an Authority aligned element within the US Occult Community.
Properties: LA-118 contains a pocket reality that leads to an infinite structure that resembles a warehouse.
Use: N/A.
Additional: The USOC AOI [DATA EXPUNGED] appears to utilize LA-118 as a safe house for containing anomalous items that pose little to no threat to humans.

Designation: LA-119
Location: Tamiami, Florida, USA
Description: SW 127 Avenue.
Properties: LA-119 will manifest an ectoplasmic entity similar to a Felis catus instance. The entity will walk north upon LA-119 until making visual contact with a human. Upon viewing a human, the entity will demanifest and reappear at the intersection of SW 127 Avenue and 8th street. Once there the entity will walk onto 8th street and be thrown 1 meter by an unknown force. This force will also cause the entity to dematerialize. Manifestations of the entity typically occur every 3rd of October.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-120
Location: University Park, Florida, USA
Description: The Fair & Expo Center
Properties: LA-120’s anomalous properties manifest when the event known as “The Fair” is in progress. During The Fair’s most active day, various human-like entities will manifest and interact with people, rides, and stands within the fair. The entities are identical to baseline humans with serve biological differences.
Use: N/A.
Additional: The entities will typically demanifest instantaneously when out of public view or exiting LA-120. When interviewed, civilians seem to not notice/care if an entity demanifest in front of a subject. Researchers hypothesize that the entities or LA-120 may exhibit some form of cognitohazardous effect.

Designation: LA-121
Location: Westchester, Florida, USA
Description: [DATA EXPUNGED] Apartments.
Properties: On a yearly basis, 15 non-anomalous instances of Felis catus will emerge from a sewer drain from the southeast corner of the complex.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-122
Location: Coral Terrace, Florida, USA
Description: A 1 x 1 meter area of abandoned parking lot located south of SW 100 Ct.
Properties: Any subject standing within LA-122 will begin to speak in Spanish, regardless of having learnt the language or not. Attempting to switch between languages within LA-122 will feel mentally straining.
Use: Authority Anomaly Experimentation Team L112 (AET-L112) has been formed to study and conduct experiments using LA-112.

Designation: LA-123
Location: Coral Gables, Florida, USA
Description: Two homes located 2 km apart within Coral Gables designated LA-123-A and LA-123-B.
Properties: LA-123-A and LA-123-B appear to connect spatially through a spatial threshold located within both locations’ kitchens. When a subject crosses a threshold on either home, they will appear 2 km away in the latter house.
Use: Used as a basic example of unique anomalous spatial geometry for Authority physicists within Site-305.

Designation: LA-124
Location: Little Havana, Florida, USA
Description: A store known as “Cubacito’s Cafe Con Leche”.
Properties: When a human enters LA-124, they will be immediately transmuted into what can be chemically identified as human breast milk. An unknown entity will exit the store’s kitchen and begin to consume the liquid.
Use: N/A.
Additional: A joint operation between Authority front companies “Rooms of Plenty Co.” and “Alpha & Omega Security Firm” was conducted upon the discovery of LA-124. Rooms of Plenty Co. were able to acquire the property and sold it to Alpha & Omega Security Firm. Firm agents were dispatched to board up and block all entrances to LA-124. The plaza LA-124 is located and has been designated OL-AOSF-124. Authority Anomaly Experimentation Team L124 (AET-L124) alongside armed Research Security Service (RSS) members have been dispatched to investigate LA-124 and the entity within.
Update: A petition from AET-L124 has been commissioned to Site-305 to grant LA-124 RPC designation. AET-L124 believes they have found evidence that qualifies the anomaly for RPC status.

Designation: LA-125
Location: Allapattah, Florida, USA
Description: An abandoned one-storey office building.
Properties: The interior of LA-125 appears to be an infinite pocket reality composed of liminal halls and offices.
Use: N/A.
Additional: LA-125 was discovered when two Instagram influencers illegally entered the property. Authority agents located LA-125 and immediately set up a secure perimeter. The entrance and lobby area of LA-125 has been converted into an exploration and experimentation outpost designated OL-Site-L125. Authority Anomaly Experimentation Team L125 (AET-L125) was dispatched from Site-305 to conduct experiments and explorations into the complex.
Update-L125-J2002: Explorations into the complex via drone have revealed possible human habitation within LA-125.
Incident-L125-JU2002: OL-Site-L125 was attacked by an unknown entity from within LA-125. Authority agents were able to repel the entity, but it was able to take one Dr. Hannah Jones into the depth of the complex. It has also damaged various experimental equipment within LA-125. Dr. Hannah is currently MIA.
Update-L125: LA-125 has been granted RPC designation. Please see RPC-[DATA EXPUNGED] for further information.

Designation: LA-126
Location: Doral, Florida, USA
Description: The Trump National Doral Miami
Note: LA-126 is currently considered neutralized. The designation of LA-126 is currently being repurposed. The current LA-126 file is being archived. To refer to the current file in the future, please look for LA-126-ARC.
Properties: When a subject enters the golf course behind the Trump National Doral Miami, all life functions within the subject will immediately cease.
Use: N/A.
Additional: On [DATA EXPUNGED], several deaths occurred within the Trump National Doral Miami. This caught the attention of both the Authority and the USOC agency “Office of Extranormal Security Affairs” (OESA). The location was shut down and the OESA began an investigation. The Authority offered the agency assistance but was immediately denied. The Authority launched an independent investigation into the area and discovered a series of complex thaumaturgical mechanisms composed of arcane runes and sigils that nullified the function of human life. The Authority’s investigation into the matter was discovered by OESA agents and the findings were transferred to OESA custody. OESA would go on to claim that the anomaly was a paranatural terrorist attack conducted a by an anomalous art/political group with ties to the Academy of True Art. OESA believes that the anomaly was an assassination attempt on the then President Donald J. Trump. OESA with the help of Authority thaumaturgic specialists were able to destroy the thaumaturgic mechanisms that gave the anomalies its properties.

Designation: LA-127
Location: Hialeah, Florida, USA
Description: A small restaurant called “Golden Jimmy's American Buffet”.
Properties: When a subject consumes anything within LA-127, they will immediately expire due to heart failure.
Use: N/A.

Designation: LA-138
Location: Hollywood, Florida, USA
Description: The 13th floor of the [DATA EXPUNGED] Building.
Properties: All attempts to enter the 13th floor will result in a subject being anomalously transported to any location within Hollywood, California. Anomalous transportation phenomenon observed include subjects being teleported, spatial-warping, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. The thirteenth floor can be seen from the exterior of LA-138 and various humanoid entities have been observed moving within it.
Use: N/A.
Additional: LA-138 was acquired by a joint operation between Authority front companies “Rooms of Plenty Co.”, “Economic Inc.”, and “Alpha & Omega Security Firm”. Rooms of Plenty Co. sold the building to Economic Inc. which hired Alpha & Omega Security Firm to secure and prevent travel to LA-138. The complex operations were conducted to conceal Authority operations from the larger US government.

Designation: LA-139
Location: Miramar, Florida, USA
Description: An unnamed lake found west of Miramar.
Properties: The lake appears to be an entity composed of purely water. In its inert state, it will resemble a non-anomalous lake. When active, the water in the lake will form a complex body with a serpentine body and a crocodilian head. The entity is docile and does not attempt to exit the lake.
Use: N/A.
Additional: Authority front company “Alpha & Omega Security Firm” has bought the area around LA-139. A facility was constructed to conceal the entity.

Designation: LA-140
Location: Weston, Florida, USA
Description: A ranch-style home.
Properties: LA-140 appears to be occupied by a family that designates themselves the “Copias”. Every time a member of the family exits LA-140, a copy of said member will manifest within the home.
Use: N/A.
Additional: The entrance to the home had been sealed by Authority personnel. All copies of the family have been transferred to Site-305 for study.

Designation: LA-141
Location: Daegu, South Korea
Description: A five-story elevator shaft.
Properties: All sound inside LA-141 is increased in pitch by 1 octave.
Use: N/A.
Additional: LA-141 has been closed off to the public under the guise of maintenance.

Designation: LA-142
Location: Orlando, Florida, USA
Description: An abandoned two-storey building composed of an unknown material. A sign with the title 'Mouseworld' can be found hanging above the southernmost entrance.
Properties: LA-142's inner dimensions are larger than its exterior dimensions. LA-142 extradimensional properties are to be maintained by the unknown material composing the structure. Attempts to extract samples of the unknown material have resulted in failure.
Use: The Authority currently does not have access to LA-142 as it is currently under the custody of USOC's Joint Task Force Occult.

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