Celliut Alien Report




Designation: RA-115 (Celliut)
Psychological Human Likeness: 0.2
Affiliation: Independent


Photo taken of a Celliut light-years away.

The Celliuts are a species of bacterial aliens of unknown origins.


The Celliuts are reddish, translucent, extraterrestrial bacterial molds ranging in size from 2 in/5 cm to 15 mi/24 km.

Having seemingly no planet of their own, the Celliuts continuously migrate through space, aided by their innate durability to cosmic radiation and vacuum conditions.

They possess the unique anomalous ability to detect all living organisms in a one lightyear radius1. Upon detection, they will compress the space between themselves and their target to assimilate all lifeforms they find. After a Celliut concludes feeding, it will reproduce through a process analogous to binary fission.

The fluid-like Celliut morphology permits adapt mobility with microscopic precision. The Celliuts can hijack mechanical electrical systems through the implementation and manipulation of electrical currents. Given enough time, the Celliut cell structure will release steam cell analog copies of itself into the object it controls, fully integrating the foreign mass into its body.2


As stated before, Celliuts are able to take control of any technological device they come in contact with. As such, it is suspected that every form of technology possessed by the Celliuts was seized from other species. Whether the Celliuts have ever developed any native technology is unknown.


The exact origins of the Celliuts, as of now, remain completely unknown, although there are many theories and legends surrounding them, with the most common one being that they aren't natural creatures but rather bioweapons created by some unknown civilization.

The Celliuts were discovered by humankind on GST 166,848 hours 38 minutes 27 seconds. During the Sol Wars, a single amoeba of 28 ft/8.5 m in size folded space into our solar system. It engaged Soviet forces in orbit around Mars before being zapped with high amounts of radiation. Many species in the GT have reported sightings and encounters with the Celliuts going back multiple millennia. Even historical records from long-extinct species report sightings of massive amebas flying through space and various planets taken over by the Celliuts have been found.

Culture and Psychology

The Celliuts are hostile towards any other life form, and will attack on sight.

They have no social structure, and although sometimes they might collaborate, it's more likely that they'll attempt to absorb each other.

The ability to take over and utilize alien technology demonstrates a higher level of intelligence and problem solving unseen in most large space-born aliens. Beyond this, it's doubtful the Celliuts have any recognizable emotions or thoughts.

Conduct and Behavior

Should an encounter with one or multiple Celliuts be impossible to avoid, the best solution to keep them away is to use longe range nuclear and thermal weapons. Kinetic weapons are ineffective against Celliuts.

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