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… At the end of time, once our final star has faded, all that will remain are Cosmic Embers.


By 1969, the old dreams of Humanity had died. Robbed of any golden years in its quiet half of the galaxy, Humanity faced continual attacks from alien threats that irreversibly scarred our perception of the world around us. Driven out of both fear and spite, we drew upon our knowledge of the anomalous to retaliate with a gamble more catastrophic than anything prior. It cost us everything.

A precarious species looking for a new home, by 1990, a new, bi-partisan organization would be "founded" to the public. Sworn to preserve humanity, this group propelled itself to be a bastion of human integrity, ingenuity, and its ceaseless spirit: The Galactic Ranger's Protection Corp.

This is a story of hope, of average people traversing fantastical worlds caught in the machination of the universe. This is a story of peril, of overcoming impossible odds to reach unattainable goals. Most importantly, this is a story about humanity.

Let us begin._


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"Do you enjoy golden age science-fiction and fantastical settings? Wanna see through the glimmer of a species snuffed out before its prime?"

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