Cosmic Embers Writer's Guide

HARK! Spoilers Ahead:

"It was endless possibilities on an infinite canvas… [Originally,] I saw how constrictive one-canon was, for better or worse. So, one Armageddon later, we realized how we could make the most of no worlds."

Mr MakorMr Makor, Director of CE Lore and Management.

Do you enjoy golden age science-fiction and fantastical settings? Do you want to see through the glimmer of a species snuffed out before its prime? COSMIC EMBERS is a space opera canon that centers on Cold-War-era humanity forced to traverse an uncaring universe. Rebranded to the GRPC, this Neo-Authority must learn to adapt science, the anomalous, and humanitarian wit to unite an embittered masses of the cosmos against a slew of existential threats.

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