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This page attempts to document all information regarding Cair Aisling that should pose useful to have on-hand within the island. To that end, this document may be transcribed onto vellum or papyrus for use within the island.

Editor's Note: Normally we would wait a bit longer before releasing one of these, but expeditions are happening right now and you need the info. Excuse our notes and the incomplete sections. This page will be updated as we gather more information about the anomaly. We're working on this as fast as we can.

This section documents miscellaneous magic artefacts recovered from or discovered within the Cair Aisling anomaly. Artefacts and information not useful to operations within Cair Aisling should be limited or excluded.

As noteworthy artefacts are recovered from Cair Aisling, this list should be extended accordingly.


Designation: MA-001 - "Rune of Agility"

Description: A purple, crystal-like rune stone. An 'X'-like symbol is inscribed onto its front face.

Current Location: OL-Site-CA

Found Locations: MA-001 instances are generally in the possession of tinkerer Dwarves and must be bartered for.

Properties: Improves its holder's sense of direction and agility; maintains its effects when carried within a satchel or backpack. MA-001's properties diminish significantly if removed from Cair Aisling.


Designation: MA-002 - "Raging Blade"

Description: A two-handed sword decorated with depictions of various scenes from the Cair Aisling's Human religion, branded in gold. The sword is constantly engulfed in flames and launches streaks of fire when lunged.

Current Location: OL-Site-CA

Found Locations: MA-002 was gifted to ASF personnel by a nomad Human tribe as gratitude for defending them against an aggressive pack of Spire Elves. The Humans disappeared into the forest before proper interview could take place. More MA-002 instances may exist within the possession of other Human tribes.

Properties: MA-002's anomalous effects manifest when the wielder encounters non-Human entities. The subject will lose control over their body and start aggressively arguing with its now defined "adversary" over the validity of their religions, often including a flurry of insults and slurs. The subject will be unable to cease, and the debate will only conclude once the other entity exits the location.

Incident MA-002-1: While Captain Hammerton was testing the combat capabilities of MA-002 outside of camp, a group of merchant Dwarfs approached the camp to offer various goods in exchange for gold. Upon spotting the merchants, Hammerton began shouting, belittling their "False god of dirt and mud" and insulting the Dwarves with slurs such as "Coal Skins", "Greedy Moles", "Earthworms" and "Little Feet." The Dwarfs became enraged and attacked Captain Hammerton, fracturing his jaw and both of his ankles. Hammerton was forced to take a medical leave from the island for two weeks.


Designation: MA-003 - "Astrae's Pendant"

Description: A ceremonial pendant made of gold, painted with a representation of the Saint of Life, Astrae, in white robes and with a similar pendant in her hands; the pendant relates to the Cult of Saints religious belief.

Current Location: OL-Site-CA

Found Location: Temple of Astrae, Frostbreath Mountains

Properties: Wearing, holding or carrying the pendant will grant the subject "Astrae's blessing", which will instantly cure the subject of all illnesses and provide immunity to disease until the pendant is removed. The blessing must be activated by praying at the Temple's Altar. The Monks of the temple describe the blessing as "a reward for those brave enough to travel to the Temple and pray to the purest of saints". All monks have been observed wearing MA-003 pendants, and allege to know how to create more, but they refuse to share the creation process.


Designation: MA-004 - "Deathly Obelisk"

Description: An eight-metre-tall obsidian obelisk in the shape of a rectangular prism. MA-004 has a torch mounted two metres above the ground on each of its sides. Text is inscribed across the obelisk's entire surface, documenting an ancient civilization of four-armed humanoid beings who worshiped the God of Death. This god is depicted as sparing its worshipers, effectively granting immortality, but at a great unspoken cost.

Current Location: Eight kilometres north of OL-Site-CA. Sightings of similar objects have been reported at various places within the Desert.

Properties: Magical items and effects within 100 metres of MA-004 are nullified, with the strange exception of enchanted, metal objects, as well as any magic relating to death, including necromancy.

Designation: MA-005 - "Phantasmal Shell"

Description: A curved, iron plate extending five metres out of the ground; parts of the plate have rib-like skeletal segments visibly fused with the iron. A blue, glowing substance covers large areas of these skeletal segments.

Current Location: Northeast of RPC-448; exact location is variable

Properties: Within 500 metres of MA-005, a number of white, incorporeal, slender entities appear at random intervals. These entities are silent, and appear most vividly when immediately beside MA-005. A particular entity which bears as iron crown appears for longer durations and remains still, intensely watching individuals within the perimeter. The crown hovers above the entity's head and four sets of wings are sprouted from its back.

Designation: MA-006 - "Floating Bucket"

Description: A tin bucket perpetually suspended 6 metres off of the ground.

Current Location: Displayed at "Grugga's Weird Things Circus," within a glass tank. Currently owned by a swine man named Grugga Bogo living in Eldestwald.

Properties: The bucket isn't affected by gravity, according to Grugga. He allowed an Authority agent to move the object around with a stick to demonstrate. MA-006 hovers as if it were suspended in a vacuum completely absent of gravity.

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