Engineering Component

Welcome to Engineering. I won't waste words - we're not the labcoats - and I can't tell you where this job will take you. Engineers of the Component are disguising urban Sites in plain sight, working miracles in the harshest and loneliest corners of the globe, and everywhere in between. We've got materials NASA doesn't work with and we build sites in the damnedest of places.

You're the absolute best. You're the pinnacle of the craft, the summit of thousands of years of architectural progress. No one will know of the miracles of your work, and that's no loss. This is the finest pride any engineer can feel. Savor it, and get back to work.

- Chief Engineer Keales


Site-211, a self-sufficient building and underground housing component as well as a Beta-Containment Site building built in 1940.

The Engineering Component, the backbone and foundation of the Authority, an enormous department with wide-ranging responsibilities both in Sites and in the field. Personnel from this department are tasked with expanding the global (and sometimes spatial) infrastructure of the Authority, planning and constructing Sites as well as following the containment cell plans provided by Prolab with absolute precision. The greatest marvels of human engineering are daily routines for the professionals of the Component, hidden from the world, ignoring fame or recognition in their labor.

Born in the early days of the Autorictas by the likes of Filippo Brunelleschi and Miguel Ángel, the Component, while often overlooked, has been the building basis for most of the Authority’s endeavors since then, the unseen heroes working behind the scene, holding everything together when even space itself seems to fail the basic laws of reality. Time and time again they have shown to be the best that human ingenuity has to offer with works such as Site-001 and Site-031, both marvels of engineering that have yet to be matched by any organization or government in the world.

Of course, the Engineering Component is not alone in their efforts to maintain the primal integrity of the Authority, housing various Sub-Departments for more specific and diverse tasks that the Component cannot take by themselves.

Unusual & Interstellar Infrastructure Bureau

This briefing is somewhat superfluous; none of you are newcomers to the Authority. Engineers from the Component, astronauts of the AEDF, the most elite janitors the Maintenance Union can muster, even experts transferring over from the Research Division. You know the absolute standards this work requires, and I trust you will meet the standards.

Our web of outposts across the stars and beyond the veil is entirely classified, of course, but it represents the very finest of the Containment Division's work. Take pride in this; take heart in humanity's true progress into the greatest unknowns.

- Department Head Chelomey

Experts in the construction and maintenance of off-world Authority sites such as Site-019 (formerly Fort Columbiad), the Sauron Laser Installation, and Site-099. The Department also frequently works with the AIA in order to suppress accidental detection of spatial Authority assets by civilian enthusiasts or private research institutions. Additionally, the U&IIB often has responsibility over cross-dimensional sites and operations, particularly in non-euclidian locations such as OL-Site-035.


The entrance for Site-111, constructed within a temporally-unstable location in ALTR-55Z.

While the construction of buildings within hard terrain, or simply the Earth itself, has been a nuisance for architects for thousands of years, the U&IIB has had to adapt to locations where normal equations and basic laws of construction stop making sense, needing to become evermore progressive in regards to building materials and structural plans. Terms such as “Temporally Stable Material Tension”, used for locations where common erosion of materials or coherency may take sudden shifts and the need for materials that can hold together within 2-Dimensional spaces have become commonplace within the department.

The works from U&IIB architects have even taken hold within the public populace such as the works of Claude-Nicolas Ledoux, who popularized surreal architecture basing it on his previous works within Low-ACS spaces during his time with the Auctorictas. While not as common in modern days, the works from personnel within the Department keep taking the breath out of all who lay eyes upon them, as well as those who work within them.

Contractor Liaison Office

The Authority can make people disappear, bend nations to its will, and safeguard humanity from unimaginable dangers on the daily; and yet, contrary to the brilliant scientists and deadly operatives, the Authority is not all-powerful. You're all bureaucratic professionals, recruited for your expertise and efficiency, and paper-pushers know the limits of logistics better than anyone. The Engineering Component can’t create huge containment Sites, motor pools, airstrips, and other infrastructure out of thin air. Or, rather, it can, but flying in concrete, rations, and work crews anywhere in the world gets prohibitively expensive, and wasteful.

There are perfectly competent construction companies and foodstuff suppliers in most corners of the globe, and they tend to be far more economical to use. As much as the Component jokes about bureaucracy and substandard local crews, they need us; they can focus on building a top-secret base under Antarctica all the better when they're not toiling at an airstrip in Mali.

Linguistics experts and field agents work in the wider world, leveraging your experience in NGOs and government services; the boys and girls back home crunch the numbers and work with the other Divisions to satisfy their more mundane needs. The food on the plate, diesel in the generators, and concrete in the walls; this job isn't flashy, but we'd be royally screwing up if it was.

- Head Supervisor Kui-Xing.


CLO’s NORTHCOM team meeting up with locan Texan politicians to arrange the building of Site-122 as a military complex.

Of course, money doesn’t grow on trees, and neither does super conductive building materials that can withstand coherency levels of -3. The Office handles the spending, building commissions, and general work plans for the entirety of the Engineering Component. Because while the Authority may be powerful, everything has a cost, and there are no anomalies capable of bypassing inflation.

The Office also manages the cover-up operations and documents essential with the construction of each Site, as well as all legal jargon that comes with the acquisition of government land, even if said land isn’t from a government belonging to baseline-reality.

Even if reality falls apart, the economy does not, even if time gets accelerated or becomes encased with a stasis, the gears of bureaucracy never stop moving, and the Office makes sure of it.

Be it hiring construction firms such as McDermott International to build menial Sites or operational complexes, or meeting yearly quotas from Regional Commands, the Office works as a miniature Presidium for Containment, making sure money is spent when needed and that it is spent correctly. Because for every Extra-Dimensional kilometer-long Site, there is a brutalist rectangle in the middle of the Arizona desert.

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