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Such is life in the Soviet Union

Proof of purchase by pixelatedharmonypixelatedharmony, 02 Aug 2021 01:07


Yes, all caps and no spaces.
Just how the code works.

PASSWORD by Mr MakorMr Makor, 02 Aug 2021 00:22
by 5150wned5150wned, 01 Aug 2021 22:55

five for five from five one five owned,
i've done the rhyme please leave me alone!

by 5150wned5150wned, 01 Aug 2021 22:49
Re: Mind blockers by AlmardukAlmarduk, 01 Aug 2021 22:32

I’ve made edits based on the feedback recommendations and would love to know what folks think.

Such is life in the Soviet Union

Re: Mind blockers by pixelatedharmonypixelatedharmony, 01 Aug 2021 20:10

this does feel like "it's a doorknob that gives you the plagg", but that's not interesting. it feels like you've started with the idea and then fit the details around it and it all feels awkward and forced. I suggest you rethink this article from the angle of "this doorknob inexplicably sustains a disease that's been wiped off the earth". what are the results of having a doorknob covered in plagg in the middle of a city? that, I think, would lend itself to a more interesting article than what you have now.
5150wned5150wned 01 Aug 2021 15:52
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » RPC-458

2/5 overall

2/5 premise. Seems like it comes out of a monster manual.
1/5 delivery. It can melt stone faster than the heat can be dissipated? There is no way this can stay in a box longer than a few seconds. It is uncontainable.
3/5 grammar. Structurally acceptable.

by 5150wned5150wned, 01 Aug 2021 15:52
5150wned5150wned 01 Aug 2021 15:22
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » RPC-961

4/5 overall

5/5 premise.
5/5 delivery.
3/5 grammar. Structurally, what 961 is becomes ambiguous at points. It is described as the organization, and later as the document that is signed.

by 5150wned5150wned, 01 Aug 2021 15:22
House OperaHouse Opera 01 Aug 2021 06:53
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » A Gift

This is a significant jump in quality, characterization, worldbuilding, mystery, and feels since part 2.

You had me grow emotionally attached to a faceless multi-armed weird thing only to rip it away from me.

Admittedly, some of the setting is a tad more difficult to visualize, whether it be my own fault or the fault of the prose. It's very likely my own fault.

Regardless, when the imagery sticks, it sticks beautifully.

I'm envious.


by House OperaHouse Opera, 01 Aug 2021 06:53

This page was basically created to cut down on load time for readers and contributors by moving the bulk of the animated hovers within the GRPC theme onto another page that is opt-in. The full GRPC Theme is here.

by televisionisttelevisionist, 01 Aug 2021 01:53

"Rebirth, Reforms, and Conquest" (1565 - 1621)

I am EXTREMELY mad this doesn't say "Rebirth, Protestantism, and Conquest."

the Auctoritas would then have its most defining change that would go on to characterize its image for the coming decades would change both the history of the world and the Auctoritas Impertus

Old sentence that you didn't remove…?

Overall, I have to congratulate the immense effort that went into writing this, but I can't but feel uncomfortable regarding its influence in lore. This is basically going to be the article to link to people that want to write about the Auctoritas, and I don't really feel comfortable forcing people to read all of this just to get started writing.

by AlmardukAlmarduk, 01 Aug 2021 00:11
High GammaHigh Gamma 31 Jul 2021 23:57
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » RPC-070

This is the article. Thanks to this article, I was inspired to participate in this community.

The title, "Burger King Battle Royale", it grabs your attention inmediatly upon reading it in the Main List. The anomaly description, setting up a horror story and then completely twisting the theme!

There are some issues here and then, but I can disregard them. Every new user should read this article, well done Vizlox, you earned one of the few 5 stars I've ever given on site! And thank you for writting this!

by High GammaHigh Gamma, 31 Jul 2021 23:57
MandranMandran 31 Jul 2021 20:06
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » RPC-298

Who doesn't love an amazing co product causing emotional ditress, 5+ would eat again

by MandranMandran, 31 Jul 2021 20:06
Re: Theikos of Arkhangelsk by AlmardukAlmarduk, 31 Jul 2021 16:39

I asked for Gismo's help in reviewing this article, and am attaching his critique here as well. Please credit him for critique too if you are to post this article.

Re: Theikos of Arkhangelsk by AlmardukAlmarduk, 31 Jul 2021 16:39

I know I have very incompatible experiences with the RPC universe, should've signed up for the military instead.

I can help with music and acoustics, audio equipment related questions in relation to:
Bachelor's of Music in Music Business/Management and another(double major) Bachelor's of Music in Composition.

I got accept into a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature course after passing the correct exams, but take this with a grain of salt as I didn't start the course yet and my proficiency is mostly social, not academic.

I can help with IT questions as well, because I'm a Cloud Partner of Microsoft and have certificates in various areas related to general system administration and programming/development for my old job from major leaders in the industry.

Hit me up with a Direct Message from the Office server, I'm available most of the time. But your question should generally relate to the RPC universe or RPC writing efforts.

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