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GD-WEST: Global director representative for Western Europe.

Personality Archetype: A terrifying and eccentric scientist that sacrificed his psyche for greater insight. He was originally indoctrinated into a Malthus cult at birth but managed to escape with his family at the age of 9. They were taken into Authority custody at Site-008 for multiple operations to remove the malthusian grafts, as well as receiving psychiatric treatment for two additional personalities created as a trauma response from the treatment at the Malthusan facilities. His stay at the site and interactions with the personnel ignited his wish to join the Authority at a later stage of his life, as well as giving him strength to continue his treatment.

The operations weakened his body and made him incapable to join the Protection Division as he originally wanted. Instead he joined Research Psychology department at the age of 21. He has shown himself to be a brilliant expert on the anomalous thanks to his unique perspectives, high intelligence and extreme scientific curiosity. Eyes has written multiple influential papers in his field, and participated in several revolutionary ones. He later joined the viderics department, since he considered the fact that he could not see the full scope of the world around him as detrimental. His work there gave him unparalleled knowledge of the once hidden parts of the anomalous world and lead to a personal breakthrough - through the use of viderics, he had managed to completely cure himself of his DID. From that day forward, he had completely sunk himself in exploring viderics and trying to find the seemingly unattainable goal of creating a universal drug that could cure others suffering from the same affliction. This inexhaustible obsession, however, left his mind teetering on the edge. Non-sequiturs, frequent tangents and nonsensical word usage became part of his normal speech. Despite it all, he has shown to have an unexplainable control over this condition, becoming surprisingly lucid when he needs to do important work or when he has something serious to say. As such, his eccentricities are often tolerated by the rest of GDs.

He was chosen for the Global Directorate position for his extraordinary wisdom regarding the nature of the anomalous world, rivalled by none amongst the Global Directors. He is also, similarly to any member of the viderics department, proficient at reading and predicting people. As such, even though he is inept at political negotiations he is still capable of literally sensing the threads and emotions behind all conversations - understanding when someone is lying or bluffing, or what the other party is thinking.

Relationships: He is widely adored by the viderics department because it is a once in a lifetime event that someone from there gets a seat at any GD position. And he is respected by the research division for his noticeable contributions. But the rest of the authority feels uneasy about him, either being weirded out by him, afraid, or infuriated. He has a similar reputation among the GDs, although most GDs respect him, and as such, a lot of them try to talk with him only when his expertise and skills might prove valuable.


Schrodinger's Cat patch.

Schrodinger's Cat is a select group of elite operatives from Hotel-1 that is tasked with guarding the current WESTCOM GD at all times. Acting as his personal bodyguards, members of Schrodinger's Cat have been carefully selected for their expertise in various areas of protection.

Members of Schrodinger's Cat specifically utilise armaments that were previously used by its operatives when they were former members of Hotel-1, mainly those that would better aid them in their role as bodyguards. The L85A3 SA80 is the standard issued rifle given to all members of Schrodinger's Cat.

When it comes to the use of more dangerous or high-powered weaponry, only GD-WEST himself can authorise his bodyguards to carry it with them. Not limiting themselves to solely firepower, bodyguards are trained in the use of amnestics, memetics and viderics for personal use and against agitators to gain a much needed edge should their superior's life come in danger.

Rap Sheet

  • Bodyguards: 10 Personnel
  • Overwatch: 2 Personnel
  • Rifle: L85A3 SA80
  • Sniper: Accuracy International AWM

Further Assignments

Previous directors of WESTCOM:

2021-2024 | Thrice

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