GRP-020 - "Septeds"





Galactic Registered Phenomena: 020-A

Object Class: Gamma-Orange

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-grouped.png Grouped h-sapient.png Sapient h-transmutation.png Transmutation h-extra-terrestrial.png Extra-Terrestrial h-organic.png Organic h-regenerative.png Regenerative

The GRP-020-A individual Snee on GRP-020-B-305.

Containment Protocols: GRP-020-A is a peaceful species unconcerned with interstellar or interspecies conflicts. Most GRP-020-A instances do not require containment protocols.

Any individual GRP-020-A found violating the Galactic Treaty will be unceremoniously transferred into the GRPC's custody. A GRP-020-A containment chamber must have a soil mat carpet no less than 10 cm deep and rich in phosphorus. Every 5 hours, the soil must be enriched. The 9 ceiling-mounted LED lights installed behind bulletproof glass can be activated for up to 10 hours in a 24 hours cycle. Light controls can be handed to them if the GRP-020-A instance demonstrates good behavior.

Description: GRP-020-A is the collective designation given to the "Septeds", a species of sapient, interstellar, plant-analog life forms.

A GRP-020-A individual is an anatomically straightforward carbon-water-based organism. The Septeds can grow, constrict, and extend partly due to the highly mitotic and stem cell-like vine analogs that comprise their whole body. This unique and adaptable physiology allows them to take any shape, within reason, they may desire. An organ resembling a bouquet allows Septeds to communicate via chemical dispersion and reception. These flower-like protrusions can sprout anywhere on the Septed's body. However, some Septeds occasionally shape their flower sprouts into a decorative pattern, such as "crowns of love".

With a highly regenerative and decentralized body plan, GRP-020-A instances are functionally immortal, with the oldest member recorded being millions of Earth years old.

Currently, it is still being determined how the Septeds' reproduction occurs. The commonly accepted theory states that GRP-020-B instances play some role in the process.

The GRP-020-A species lacks any tangible form of government, but covens usually composed of 4 to 12 like-minded members have occasionally formed. As such, they have no capital world or home planet, preferring to wander the stars as nomads.

While fragmented politically, Septeds are unified by a philosophy that preaches peace. One teaching mandates that one should respect all life that was, is, and could be. This tenet is the primary motivation behind their desire to seed life across the Galaxy.

Galactic Registered Phenomena: 020-B

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-climatological.png Climatological h-geological.png Geological h-grouped.png Grouped h-transmutation.png Transmutation h-corrosive.png Corrosive h-electromagnetic-force.png Electromagnetic Force h-extreme-temperature.png Extreme Temperature h-toxic.png Toxic h-mind-control.png Mind-Control h-aquatic.png Aquatic h-ecological.png Ecological h-extra-terrestrial.png Extra-Terrestrial h-organic.png Organic h-titanic.png Titanic

Containment Protocols: GRP-020-B instances require routine checkups to ensure they do not threaten the GT.

In the event that a GRP-020-B instance is labeled hazardous, as in the case of Addendum 020-1, a 238,900 miles radius no-fly zone will be erected above the planet's Karmen line. If the conducting Septed refuses to vacate this zone, the GRPC is authorized to use deadly force. Once the GRP-020-B instance and its zone of influence are secure, advanced telescopic arrays and a Highland Observation Post must be installed. Every 24 hours, a status report will be sent to Entropy regarding the condition of the GRP-020-B instance and its inhabitants. The Council of GT Administrators has the final say in the world's fate, and will be destroyed if necessary.

Description: GRP-020-B is the collective designation given to the GRP-020-A species' bioformed worlds. These astral bodies vary in size, gravity, atmospheric conditions, mineral composition and biological life. Every GRP-020-B is tailored to the desires of the GRP-020-A who created it. While these worlds are mostly odd, many are not intrinsically anomalous. As such, many GRP-020-B instances are difficult to tell apart from normal worlds. However, some GRP-020-B instances possess anomalous effects, whether hazardous, physical, trans-Newtonian, or memetic. The Septeds often consider these worlds their Magnum Opus and always protect them via anomalous means.


A Summative Seed on GRP-020-B-157.

While non-anomalous terraforming is feasible, the Septeds rely on a device classified as the "Summative Seed"1. Visually and biologically, these devices will vary in the early designing phase, but DNA and mineral composition will imply the general outcome of the modified planet. A Septed will personally plant the device when the Summative Seed is completed. Following this, the Seed will begin creating multiple copies of itself, which in turn will do the same, spreading across a planet's surface in a matter of 500-1000 Earth Years. Once the planet is encased, two different things can happen: the original Summative Seed will be removed, causing its copies to wither and die, setting the planet on its independent evolutionary course, or both the original and its copies will be kept to allow for more direct control over the planet, and its life forms' development.

Addendum 020-1: On 0011 Orbits, 112 Days and 06 Hours, the FSM news station "Endeavor News" transmitted a recorded message sent by a GRP-020-A individual named Snee. The transcription of the message can be found below.

The message was spread extensively, leading to many humans wishing to see this "New Earth"2 that they were promised.

A GRPC fleet of 1000 Humans, 800 aliens, and 300 Droids followed coordinates in the Monoceros constellation to ensure the planet's colonization and safety. Following this, a crew of 255 Humans and 57 Droids (Captain Gregory Krueger and the Gynoid news reporter Jane Crocker) landed on the planet.

Contact with Captain Krueger's crew was lost for about 1 hour until a recording done by Ms. Crocker was broadcasted via a nearby satellite just before the latter's death.

Following this event, GRP-020-B-305's current containment protocols were applied. While a possible rescue mission was discussed, it was ultimately decided against not only due to the planet's magnetic field's effects on technology but also on other aliens3.

Various observations were conducted on the planet, revealing that Captain Krueger and his crew are continuously underground through genetic manipulations in Snee's attempt to recreate the Humanoid species. It also appears that each of them has undergone heavy brainwashing.

Snee and the other members of the Brothers and Sisters of the Soil never left GRP-020-B-305 since then would eventually leave GRP-020-B-305 due to the events of Experiment 112-1, which would lead to Snee's arrest.

Addendum 020-2: Following Addendum 020-1, a wide scale investigation was conducted to research the Brothers and Sisters of the Soil.

Alongside the discovery that the group had already terraformed other planets to create a personal army, it was eventually also discovered that Snee had been the apprentice of Khalar4.

Khalar was eventually tracked down and interviewed.

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