GRP-144 — "Planet at War"

Planet At War





Topographic map of Cif.


Galactic Registered Phenomena: 144

Object Class: Gamma-Purple

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-aggression.png Aggression h-ballistic.png Ballistic h-sentient.png Sentient h-explosive.png Explosive h-toxic.png Toxic
Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-extra-terrestrial.png Extra-Terrestrial h-organic.png Organic h-tychokinetic.png Tychokinetic

Containment Protocols: As the phenomenon is isolated to a singular planet and its atmosphere, the containment efforts are to see GRPC forces enacting a quarantine of Cif, ARES VII planetary system. The quarantine is to be overseen by MST Hotel-8 combat, expeditionary, and diplomatic forces.

Foreign life is not to be introduced to and allowed to reproduce on the surface of Cif and its atmosphere. All vessels entering or exiting the atmosphere of Cif are to be sterilized thoroughly.

Description: GRP-144 refers to the regional anomaly affecting the evolutionary pathways of organic life localized on the planet of Cif. GRP-144 was noted in all branches of life, presumed to have naturally developed on Cif, and is expressed by:

  1. The promotion and introduction of genes resulting in the phenotypical development of organic ballistic and chemical weapons.
  2. The repression of the genes not responsible for the phenotypes outlined above.

The majority of the life cycle of organisms affected by GRP-144 (hereby referred to as GRP-144-1) consists of engaging in semi-organized warfare with other species. Combat between subspecies has been noted prior but is considered an outlier.

It must be noted that the said combat rarely possesses survival advantage and is performed more as a form of social requirements necessary for the organism's mental health.

In single-cellular organisms, organelles capable of the rapid excretion of Chlorine gas as a form of chemical warfare and shooting pieces of condensed fibrous proteins at high velocity developed. Both are commonly used for ongoing combat between the species.

Multicellular life affected by GRP-144 with advanced nervous systems can enact actions most comparable to military drills and combat formations as a form of instinctive behavior. This is often accompanied by a brain capable of performing advanced calculations through the star's location to angle their shots in an artillery-like fashion.

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