GRP-239 - "Bobo the Clown"

Bobo the Clown





Galactic Registered Phenomena: 239

Object Class: Beta-Red Neutralized

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-aggression.png Aggression h-sapient.png Sapient h-explosive.png Explosive h-auditory.png Auditory h-emotional.png Emotional h-mind-control.png Mind-Control h-animated.png Animated h-extra-terrestrial.png Extra-Terrestrial h-mechanical.png Mechanical

Containment Protocols: GRP-239 is to be kept in a soundproofed humanoid containment chamber at Station-005. The cell is to be guarded by non-human personnel. Various radio and microphone sensors have been placed inside the chamber to continuously monitor the frequency and intensity of the anomaly, alongside security cameras for a continuous video feed. Interactions between GRP-239 and non-Android personnel are disallowed since, despite its immobile state, it's still highly hazardous.

Description: GRP-239 is a robotic humanoid of extra-terrestrial origins. The unit possesses extendable limbs, a pair of blue-tinged ocular sensors, a broken jaw permanently affixed to resemble a smiling mouth, a dull-red lightbulb attached to where the nose should be, and a scrap-metal tophat welded atop its head. It has been noted that GRP-239's appearance vaguely resembles that of a circus clown.

GRP-239 is capable of generating a high-pitched anomalous frequency from its oropharynx. Human brains who come into auditory contact with this frequency are memetically influenced into releasing heightened levels of monoamines. Furthermore, neurons in the supramarginal gyrus responsible for managing empathy are anomalously deactivated, driving the Human into an artificial state of homicidal mania.

GRP-239 demonstrates heightened levels of speed and strength comparable to that of a Kymen. The durability rating of its metallic exoskeleton shields internal components even after exposure to heavy weapons fire. Despite this, it's suspected that GRP-239 is logistically defective, making tactical errors no Human-made machine could replicate.

Addendum 239-1 (Discovery): On SGT 297,478 Hours 10 Minutes 32 Seconds, Station-005 received an SOS signal from Autonomous Space Port Ship "Beehive"1, reporting a dangerous extra-terrestrial anomaly had crash landed into the central hanger bay and prevented crew and passengers from evacuating.

A Ranger team was immediately dispatched. Upon rendezvousing with the ASPS Beehive, various violent riots wreaked havoc on the landing pad. Rangers were forced to terminate 27 surviving rioters who violently attempted to hinder Ranger operations, leaving the total casualty count of 50 Humans, 25 Kymen, 25 Slyth, and 50 Bakeneko, 150 souls lost in total.

During the investigations, GRP-239 itself was found inside a building, standing next to a human corpse and unsuccessfully attempting to fit the latter's head inside a blender. Upon seeing the GRPC agents, GRP-239 proceeded to attack them, killing a total of 10 Rangers. The fight was long and tedious, but GRP-239 was eventually damaged enough to cause its deactivation.

The anomaly was soon transported to Station-005, reactivating itself while various GRPC scientists attempted to study it. During an autopsy, GRP-239 emitted its anomalous frequency, sending Human Researchers █████ ████ and ██████ ██████ into a state of frenzy. Researchers ████ ████ and ███ █████, belonging to the Kymen and Slyth race respectively, were unaffected and subdued their manic colleagues.

GRP-239 was eventually put inside its current containment chamber, reactivating itself shortly after and not deactivating since then. Since its reactivation, GRP-239 kept emitting its anomalous sound nonstop, aimlessly wandering around its chamber and never attempting to escape.

Addendum 239-2: On SGT 589,679 Hours 23 Minutes 55 Seconds, GRP-239 stopped emitting its sound, sitting in the corner of its cell, motionless but ocularly active. Before this, GRP-239 would show hostility not only towards organic members of the GRPC but towards Androids as well, although the hostility towards the latter was noted to be much less violent compared to the other cases; after this, however, GRP-239 ceased any hostile behavior.

Various interviews between GRP-239 and various Androids were attempted since GRP-239 had already shown be less hostile towards them even before reaching this passive state, with only one resulting successful. Said interview can be found below.

Interviewed: GRP-239

Interviewer: Android-A-78934

<Begin Log>

Android-A-78934: Greetings, GRP-239. I am Android-A-78934. It's a pleasure to meet you.

GRP-239: (remains silent and motionless)

Android-A-78934: I know that others like me tried to interview you before, but none of them really succeeded. Is that right?

GRP-239: (remains silent)

Android-A-78934: Do you not wish to talk with me?

GRP-239: (remains silent)

Android-A-78934: You do realize this could be the last time you're given such a chance, right?

GRP-239: (remains silent)

Android-A-78934: Well, I suppose you don't want to talk. In that case, I will take my-

GRP-239: (screams all of the sudden, before starting to laugh hysterically) Hey! Hey! Hey! What's with the hurry?

Android-A-78934: Oh? Does that mean that you wish to talk?

GRP-239: Of course! My-my-my-my silence was very indicative like an asteroid dancing on a-a-a-an asteroid!

Android-A-78934: While I do find what you just said lacking a lot of logic, I do appreciate that you finally wish to talk. We have many questions for you.

GRP-239: Questions? I l-love questions! They make me-me daaaaaaaaance! (falls to the ground) I am flying like a baby bird!

Android-A-78934: Well, seeing your current and past behavior, I must ask if you are defective.

GRP-239: Defective? (sits back up) I'm not defective! Your mother is! I'm a perfectly functional robot and I'm so much more advanced than you!

Android-A-78934: Right… how about this then? Who built you and why, GRP-239?

GRP-239: Stop calling me like that! Look at my name tag! Does it look like there's "GRP-239" written on it?

Android-A-78934: But you don't have a-

GRP-239: My name is Bobo! Bobo the Clown! (its arms extend) Remember it!

Android-A-78934: I see. I will remember that, Bobo, but I'd still appreciate if you answered my questions.

GRP-239: I was created by some dudes, for you!

Android-A-78934: For "you" who?

GRP-239: For the e-e-e-evolved mice calling themselves "humans". Why the [EXPLETIVE] do you think that I'm able to speak English despite being a [EXPLETIVE] alien?

Android-A-78934: Is that also the reason of why you resemble a human clown?

GRP-239: Daaaaaaamn right! It was to make me look more appealing to the humans! And oh boy do I look sexy!

Android-A-78934: Ok but-

GRP-239: I was supposed to convert them through my sound! And I succeeded!

Android-A-78934: Convert them?

GRP-239: Have them join us!

Android-A-78934: With all due respect, but I don't think that having people kill each other is exactly what you were created for.

GRP-239: And what do you know? You don't even know who created me! And do you know why you don't know that?

Android-A-78934: Because you didn't tell me?

GRP-239: No! (stands up and attempts to hit Android-78934 as it keeps talking, without much success however) Because you're a moron! An idiot! A dingleberry! You… you… (sits back down) [EXPLETIVE]… I'm dying…

Android-A-78934: Bobo, I'm sure that's not-

GRP-239: My batteries… they're dying… they… have been dying… for a while now…

Android-A-78934: Is that the reason that recently you've been acting less hostile?

GRP-239: I must save energy… they'll come… or not… (chuckles)

Android-A-78934: "They" who? Your creators?

GRP-239: I'm a choo-choo train!

Android-A-78934: Bobo, please, this is important.

GRP-239: Important? (proceeds to laugh hysterically, its head spinning a few times) Do you know what really is important? My existence! If I talk, they make me go bye bye!

Android-A-78934: If that's what you're afraid of, we can offer protection-

GRP-239: Protection? Don't make me laugh! They observed humans long enough to learn so much about them without them even realizing it! Do you really think you or anyone else can protect me from them? Fools! Fools! You're fools! You can't do [EXPLETIVE] against those who follow Karne!

Android-A-78934: "Karne"?

GRP-239: … [EXPLETIVE], I spoke too much! I spoke too much like a fat lady on vacation! I'm gonna dieeeeeeeeeee!

Android-A-78934: Bobo, please, calm down. We will resolve this, but you need to tell me everything. Who are your creators exactly? And who is the one that you've called "Karne"?

GRP-239: They will never get me alive, and you will never get the info! If I have to go, I'll go with some nice fireworks! (suddenly, the red lightbulb on GRP-239's face starts flickering) Beep, beep, [EXPLETIVE]!

Android-A-78934: (runs towards the blast door) Open the door!

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Android-A-78934 managed to make it out of the chamber unharmed but nothing could be done to prevent GRP-239 from self-destructing. While the explosion itself didn't cause too many damages to the Station overall, it left little to nothing of GRP-239, and the little that did remain was too damaged to get anything useful out of it. As of now, investigations regarding GRP-239's creators and the figure known as "Karne" are ongoing.

Addendum 239-3: Thanks to the help of the Lakno, some informations have been gathered regarding the name "Karne" and the presumed creators of GRP-239. According to the informations gathered, in the past there was a cult known as the "Disciples of Karne". Said cult was formed by various species and was known for creating anomalous items of various kinds and for various purposes.

Due to GRP-239 talking about wanting to "convert" humans and mentioning "Karne", it's safe to assume that it was created by the Disciples of Karne as an attempt to have humanity join the cult, which however didn't work as intended due to GRP-239 being defective.

Unfortunately, no other informations regarding the cult has been found as of now and everything regarding Karne themselves is shrouded in mystery. Investigations to gather more informations regarding the cult are currently ongoing.

Addendum 293-4: Further research of old files revealed a connection between Karne and the Earth cult known as "Bob's UFO Cult". More information regarding the cult can be found on GRP-077's article.

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