Guide For Newbies


Welcome to the RPC Authority Wiki! We are happy to have you aboard our creative writing project and hope you enjoy your stay.

All works posted on this wiki, unless otherwise stated, are works of fiction. This is not a roleplay site. The Authority does not exist. RPC objects do not exist.

You are reading the Guide for Newbies, your introduction to site etiquette and standards. However you may have found your way here, we welcome you as a member and a potential author of RPCs and RPC-related stories and documents.

Let's start from the beginning; how to move from a casual reader to a site member.

  • 1. You need to make an account with Wikidot. Go here to do so. Notice: Due to a bug on Wikidot's end, you may not be able to register with an email address that contains numbers, or a address. If this is the case, try using a different email.
  • 2. Even with a Wikidot account, you still aren't a member of the RPC Authority site itself. To join the site itself, you have to go to this page and write your application. To get your application approved, you have to follow all the instructions on the Join The Site page. That includes reading this guide, so you're off to a good start. You are required to read all of the tabs on this page before joining the site.
  • 3. Once you finish all the steps above, simply wait a few days for your application to be processed. When it is approved, you will now be able to rate pages, view authors, view changes over time, edit pages, and even publish an article.

If you're interested in joining the chat or writing for the site, you'll find additional pages linked to from this guide which will help you out.

You are expected to know the Site Rules before posting any comments, and you are expected to have read our Formatting Guide before writing any articles.

IF YOU'RE ON THIS PAGE TO APPLY FOR THE SITE, PLEASE READ ALL THE TAB SECTIONS ON THIS PAGE. To navigate this page, scroll to the top and click on another tab. (The next one is "Site Behavior," if that helps.)

If you are reading this page to find out how to become a site member, finishing this first tab is not enough. Your application will be denied if you only read this section.

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