I was young when I joined the Paos.1 They made such grandiose proclamations. "To take back what has been lost" is what they always said. Oh, PLA were not here yet, and you know, "we live in a small world" as the saying goes. (Laughs) But then we figured out just how big the world is, might have been too big in fact. But we grew, we sure did grow and well… I suppose they grew just too big for me.

— [REDACTED], GD-ASIA, 1978-1982

People's Committee for the Acquisition of Anomalous Objects


  • Authority-Aware
  • Unveiled
  • Seeker
  • Sculptor (?)2
  • Regional

From the 伏魔班 to the Special Directorate, the People's Committee for the Acquisition of Anomalous Objects is the latest group in line to represent the interest of China in the veiled world.

Tracing its roots back to the Communist victory over Nationalist forces. The Committee began on humble grounds as a predominantly research-oriented group propped up by Soviet interest, dedicated to the study and reclamation of anomalies with Chinese heritage. Yet the climate of the Cold War is ever-changing and unpredictable: From the fall of the Special Directorate to the various conflicts waged across their borders, the PCAAO rapidly evolves with the People's Republic. Since their collapse, the PCAAO has replaced the Iron Initiative3 as a major anomalous power of the Asian continent. To date, the Committee stands as a major partner in the preservation of normalcy. Now seeking to grow its influence beyond East Asia in its completion with the Authority and so many other organizations that they deem a threat to the sovereignty of China.

The 2000s saw easing of tensions between PCAAO and the Authority with openness never-before-seen. And yet the Committee is just as likely to cooperate with MSTs and ASFs in Hong Kong as it is to assault the dig teams in Mongolia, having carried out friendly and hostile acts in the same hour. The PCAAO of the 21st century is seemingly torn between opposite impulses; the international agency that works for the good of mankind versus the ruthless paramilitaries that protect China and her people from the anomalous at any cost, often at others' expense. Authority personnel are to approach the PCAAO with significant caution. It is often difficult to predict whether it will act in cooperation or violent self-interest.

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Note from Hub Author:

Over my early years in the community, I refrained myself from participating in discussion regarding PCAAO; I myself can’t claim to hold knowledge about PCAAO so great that I can dictate its direction, and it was handled pretty nicely by talented authors. Over the years, Ascriber retreated into RCPA, Biggest took to admin duties, and Ezekiel just went poof — there stops being anyone that would be willing to do literally anything with the AoI.

My work on PCAAO started after discussion with a fellow user that talks about their plans with writing PCAAO. Over time I gathered a bunch of lore, canon or vapor, pages or drafts, sometimes from CN too, and that became the PCAAO as described in this hub.


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