PT-100 instances captured in the wild are to be sent to Base-001. PT-100 instances that show extreme hostility to human life are to be destroyed. VOSK05 is to deal with the capture and termination of PT-100.





This document was provided to the Authority by the Federal Occult Agency during the RPC-███-A trade agreement of 2008. Currently no instance of PT-100 is under Authority containment.

Item #: PT-100

Code Name: Autonomous Cars

Anomaly Status: Active

Concealment: PT-100 instances captured in the wild are to be sent to Base-001. PT-100 instances that show extreme hostility to human life are to be destroyed. VOSK05 is to deal with the capture and termination of PT-100. VOSK05 personnel are to use explosive weaponry when dealing with termination procedures. During the capture of an instance of PT-100, personnel are to use a Crane Cars to transport PT-100 instances in order to not rouse suspicion.

The substance PT-100-A is to be dealt with care. Any sign of PT-100-A in a civilian area should be dealt with by VOSK06. VOSK06 is to be armed with fire retardants to deal with PT-100-A. PT-100-A samples are to be studied in the field as recovering samples is too risky.

Anomaly Description: PT-100 is the designation for a species of organisms that have merged with several different types of automobiles. The inside of an automobile inhabited by PT-100 contains various ligaments attached to the steering wheel and gas pedal of the automobile. PT-100 instances always seem to replace the headlights of inhabited vehicles with a type of sensory organ that allows PT-100 instances sight.

The entities diet seems to be entirely based off gasolene. PT-100 instances will travel to the nearest gas station to access the gas station’s gas pump. The entities will park near the gas pump, once this happens several tentacles will appear from the gas tank of the automobile and begin to operate the gas pump. PT-100 will begin to shove one of its tentacles into the gas pump until gas starts flowing out of the gas pump. This causes minor amounts of damage to the gas pump. PT-100 will begin to consume the gasolene with a proboscis like appendage that comes out of the gas tank. Once PT-100 finishes consuming all the gasolene from the gas pump it will leave the gas station. The Federal Occult Agency is unsure on the number of wild PT-100 instances.

Occasionally, PT-100 will excrete a highly volatile substance known as PT-100-A from the automobile’s exhaust pipe. PT-100-A is highly flammable and reactive to any chemical compound it comes in contact with. The substance is extremely sensitive and will combust due to a rise in temperature, or change in pressure. PT-100-A is believed to be the byproduct of PT-100 consuming gasolene. Test on PT-100-A reveal that it consists of a combination of Manganese Heptoxide, █████████████, and traces of gasolene.

Aggressive PT-100 instances will occasionally park next to other cars and begin to use their proboscises to extract gasolene from the neighboring automobile. If the automobile is moving, the entities will attempt to ram into the car until it is immobile. Once the car is immobile, it will begin to extract the gasolene.

The first observed sighting by PT-100 was when a group of 10 aggressive PT-100 instances broke into a military installation and began to extract gasolene from various military vehicles. The on-site personnel noticed how the PT-100 instances were not being driven by human drivers and contacted the Federal Occult Agency to contain the situation. VOSK05 was sent to the installation and destroyed 8 of the 10 PT-100 instances. The remaining 2 instances were captured and sent to Base-001 for study.

Update: PT-100 File Update
VOSK05 tracked down a group of five (5) PT-100 instances into an abandoned automobile factory building. There it was found that there were multiple instances of PT-100 both alive and deceased. VOSK05 contacted VOSK06 for backup and all PT-100 instances were destroyed and taken to Base-001 for autopsy. Exploration of the factory by VOSK05 revealed that the factory was previously owned by the group of interest known as “Amazing Co!”. Various anomalous objects with Amazing Co! branding were found within the factory. The factory contained a basement level. When explored by VOSK05, a large octopus like entity was found surrounded by several automobiles with a liquid made of organic material leaking from the automobiles. Next to the octopus like entity was a file with the Amazing Co! logo with the following words written within:

When we told you to create autonomous self driving cars Mr. Litus Manect Tú, we did not ask you to make them like this. We hereby burn the contract that bonds your form to this reality. Mr. Litus Manect Tú, your fired. You should expect your last paycheck in you're native currency at this location:


With regards, Señor Amazing

With the assistance of the RPC Authority, all low threat anomalous objects within the factory were recovered. All PT-100 instances both alive and deceased were transported to Base-001.

Update: Supernatural Termination Confederacy (STC) Involvement
Ten (10) agents from the Supernatural Termination Confederacy were sighted within Germany hunting down PT-100 instances. The agents were able to destroy thirty (30) instances of PT-100. It was observed that the agents were using an anomalous device to extract PT-100-A via the exhaust pipe. The anomalous device used for the extracting of PT-100-A somehow manage to contain PT-100-A within it without combusting. The agents were confronted by VOSK05, but managed to overwhelm the team and managed to escape across Germany’s border.

Update: Observation of PT-100 Behavior
PT-100 instances do not seem to travel outside of Germany’s borders. When at the edge of Germany’s border, PT-100 instances will turn away from the border. It is unknown what causes this behavior within PT-100 instances.

Update: PT-100 Population Observation
The PT-100 population has been decreasing ever since the discovery of the automobile factory with confirmed ties to the group known as “Amazing Co!”. A new phenomena observed between PT-100 instances that causes them to fight over gasoline. PT-100 instance’s have been observed ramming into each other over gasoline resulting in the termination or severe damage among PT-100 instances. The PT-100 population has been hypothesized to be 10,000 during the year of 2000, but the increased of infighting between instances has caused the population to decrease to a recorded 200 instances.

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