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Registered Phenomena Code: 019

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Mechanical Hazard, Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-019 is to be stored in a standard holding locker at Site-024 which may be accessed with at least Level 2 Clearance. Due to the non-threatening nature of the anomaly, no extra security measures are needed.

Any differentiation in conversation topics recorded from an individual on the receiving end of a call of RPC-019 during testing is to be notified and reported to the Site Director immediately.

Description: RPC-019 is an antique rotary phone of American make, approximately of design from the 1940s. The item consists of a rotary dial as well as a microphone, transmitter and base. To date, no anomalous behavior has been noted in most parts of RPC-019.

The anomalous properties of RPC-019 manifest when the rotary dial is spun in a manner as if one was to make a phone call using RPC-019 without picking up the receiver (standard phone calls made by using RPC-019 will never connect). After stopping on a number ten times, RPC-019 will begin to ring. If the receiver of RPC-019 is picked up, a voice will be heard on the opposite end, designated RPC-019-1. This voice will often identify itself as a deceased individual of historic importance, and upon cross-referencing any archived writings, the speech pattern of the individual will match that of the voice. Previous identities of the voice include former American president Abraham Lincoln, French monarch Louis XIV, and African warlord Shaka Zulu.

Regardless of the identity of the voice, the individual communicating through RPC-019 will attempt to begin conversation with the subject picking up the receiver. Although subjects using RPC-019 may attempt to converse with the voice about any topic, RPC-019-1 instances will often attempt to sway the conversation towards its primary topic of discussion. Authority testing has shown no abnormal effects from listening to speech emanating from RPC-019.

The primary topic that RPC-019-1 voices attempt to discuss has been constantly shown to be American Professional Football, particularly football teams involved with the National Football League. When questioned about any other topics, these voices will often tend to ignore the question or quickly attempt to revert the conversation's subject to their preferred topic. RPC-019-1 voices will display accurate knowledge of the current state of various football teams, including the names and positions of players and win/loss records, regardless of their country and language of origin.

RPC-019-1 instances are not able to predict the winners of football games, but may make assumptions based on past statistics. If attempting to access an instance of RPC-019-1 during a scheduled professional football game, RPC-019 will not ring.

RPC-019 was first discovered in an antique shop in Daytona Beach, Florida, after the object's owner reported hearing the voices of deceased individuals from RPC-019, which spoke to him whenever RPC-019 would ring. After other individuals using the object reported similar experiences, local news coverage of a 'Ghost Phone' reached nearby Authority inserts. The citizens who had experiences with RPC-019 were given Class-B Amnestics and RPC-019 was safely recovered.

Memo to all Site-024 personnel:

As of now, we're putting more protection on that stupid phone. It was funny for a while, sure, but we can't have a staff member cheating the rest of us out of our hard-earned wages. I swear, if I lose another hundred bucks because someone says that Julius Caesar told him to put down a lucky bet on the Seahawks, I'm gonna neutralize the damn thing myself.

-Head Researcher Dogas

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