Necrotizing Steam




Registered Phenomena Code: 030

Containment Rating: Gamma

Lethality Rating: Red
h-biohazard.png Bio-Hazard h-contact.png Contact h-mind-regression.png Mind-Regression

Containment Protocols:

The wildlife reserve in which RPC-030-A is located is classified as a restricted area; joint operations have been arranged with the local park ranger to keep any unauthorized personnel from entering OL-Site-030. All roads leading to RPC-030-A have been unpaved and planted with the indigenous flora. Any supplies going to OL-Site-030 must be delivered biweekly by the Authority's VTOL Mk. I to avoid creating convoy trails into the reserve.

The entirety of RPC-030-A must be hermetically sealed with at least 2 buffer zones. Inspection for any possible leakages is to be undertaken at 05:00 local time every day. Maintaining personnel must wear the proper HAZMAT suits and undergo the standard decontamination protocol when exiting RPC-030-A.

Any personnel that has been exposed to RPC-030-B is to be held in a quarantine chamber for at least 2 weeks with no exposure to sunlight. If symptoms manifest before the 2 week period, exposed personnel are to be terminated and their corpse disposed of through cremation.

All instances of RPC-030-C must be sufficiently dismembered until it no longer exhibits motor functions before being taken to the crematory.


RPC-030-A is a solutional cave located in the ████████ Wildlife Reserve, ██, USA. RPC-030-A roughly burrows 300 meters underground and features several stalactites along the mouth of the cave.

RPC-030-B is a naturally occurring pure water vapor (H2O) propagating from crevices around the interior of RPC-030-A. The temperatures of RPC-030-B can reach up to 86°C. RPC-030-C is the designation for any human that is exposed to RPC-030-B and has reached Stage 3 of Scenario 2.

Through geological analysis, RPC-030-A itself does not exhibit any anomalous properties. However, RPC-030-B causes living organisms to mutate and/or deform. The anomalous properties of RPC-030-B only manifest when it makes contact with living tissue of Homo sapiens; the biohazardous nature of RPC-030-B does not affect unintelligent life.

Although prolonged exposure to RPC-030-B results in 100% lethality, the process of expiration can be divided into two scenarios., each with different stages of symptoms:

Specific wavelengths of 367 nanometers (UV light) accelerates the time needed to reach the different stages of exposure. Extensive research has concluded that direct sunlight will have roughly 38.7% of accelerated expiration offset.

Researchers are unsure on the cause of differing scenarios as the chances of an exposed subject undergoing either scenario are completely random, regardless of age, gender or health.

It is unknown whether traces of RPC-030-B that has risen to the atmosphere prior to containment had condensed and mixed with rainwater or had just simply diffused and lost its anomalous properties.


RPC-030-A was first discovered in ██/██/1999 due to reports of a deformed humanoid wandering the outskirts of the ████████ town prompted local authorities to investigate. The deformed humanoid—later identified as an instance of RPC-030-C—had been consuming farm animals in the town of █████.

The instance of RPC-030-C was later discovered as a hiker by the name of ████ ██████ that went missing 4 months prior to the first sighting. A joint investigation by MST Sierra-8 "Sundowners" and the local police department launched shortly after the sighting.

The Authority was able to find RPC-030-A by discovering man-made refuse around the mouth of RPC-030-A. 12 Authority personnel was exposed while establishing OL-Site-030. MST X-Ray-6 "Annulifiers" was later assigned to amnesticize the local population immediately after the investigation was concluded in ██/██/1999.

Incident Logs:

Below is a list of incident logs caused either directly or indirectly by RPC-030. Documents dated prior to 01/01/1990 have been digitalized from their original documents.

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