Devils Tower (circa 2018)

Registered Phenomenon Code: 036

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Grouped Hazard, Mind-Regression Hazard, Organic Hazard, Sensory Hazard, Sentient Hazard

Containment Protocols: As RPC-036 pose no threat to normalcy by residing within Devils Tower, containment of RPC-036 is not currently necessary. However, 2-5 Authority agents are to be on-site at all times to monitor for RPC-036 outside of Devils Tower. If spotted, MST Romeo-7 "Suited Gentlemen" is to be immediately summoned to contain present instances, and witnesses are to be summarily amnesticized.

Tunneled entrances into Devils Tower are to be protected by sealed hatches and disguised. Any civilians found to have entered Devils Tower are to be immediately placed in Authority custody, questioned and summarily amnesticized.

Description: RPC-036 designates a series of anomalous organisms residing within the Devils Tower national monument in Crook County, Wyoming, USA. RPC-036 currently consists of 66 male specimens.


male Latrodectus hesperus

RPC-036 are arachnids genetically identical to that of the Latrodectus hesperus (Western Black Widow) species, and only differ from said species in terms of weight, height, density, and overall size. RPC-036 cephalothorax1 and abdomens always have a combined length of 0.51 meters and a width of 0.62 meters. RPC-036 legs extend between 2.8 to 3.1 meters from the cephalothorax. RPC-036 have an exoskeleton approximately 2 cm thick in order to provide structural integrity when standing.

RPC-036 are docile and often ignore humans present when not provoked. The fastest recorded locomotive speed of any RPC-036 instance is 8 kph. The average lifespan of RPC-036 is currently unknown.

When RPC-036 are injured, provoked, or otherwise threatened by any human, RPC-036 will attempt to firmly seize said human and inflict a bite in the location of any major artery2. If said bite is successfully inflicted, RPC-036 will inject the affected individual with an anomalous effervescent substance (RPC-036-a) through its mouth and into the affected artery.

If/when RPC-036-a circulates to the brain, the affected individual vividly experiences an event (RPC-036-b) which emphasizes on fears specific to the individual, often in a narrative form, which deteriorates the mentality of the affected individual in all cases. While the victim's brain receives information from the optic nerve matching RPC-036-b, implying it is not a hallucination, as well as sensory information which syncs with RPC-036, said individual never physically experiences RPC-036-b and only suffers from temporary quadriplegia3 once RPC-036-a reaches the brain. Once RPC-036-b has ended for the individual, they regain control over their body.

Once a RPC-036-b event has ended for the affected individual, 16 to 34 RPC-036 instances will gather around them, completely obscuring them from outside view. While this happens, a faint red light is seen permeating from within the obscured area. After 5 to 48 minutes, said RPC-036 instances will disperse, with the victim having disappeared. What happens to affected individuals after a RPC-036-b event is currently unknown.

RPC-036-b reside in a system of tunnels within Devils Tower4. Said tunnels extend throughout and beneath the structure, including 5 specific tunnels extending outward from beneath it and terminating. All 5 of said tunnels are currently used as entrances for Mobile Specialized Teams into Devils Tower.

Addendum 1: RPC-036 have been encountered as early as 1875, with evidence of RPC-036's presence dating as far back as 1820. Several amateur exploration groups were able to locate the five tunnel entrances into Devils Tower, and interact with RPC-036 before Authority forces could zone out the premises. All groups left Devils Tower unharmed from 1875 to 1891.

In 1892, two groups (one of 5 and one of 14) went missing following exploration of Devils Tower's tunnel systems, with only two group members escaping after experiencing a RPC-036-b event. One had suffered from severe blood loss and died soon after hospitalization, but the other made a full recovery over the course of four months. With help of speech therapy, the affected individual was able to participate in an interview describing his experience, which is documented below.

Following this interview, it was not until 1989, with the testing of 3 CSD subjects and use of cerebral and optic nerve processing equipment, that RPC-036's supposed anomalous property could be confirmed as correct.


Devils Tower (circa 1900)

Authority control over RPC-036 and Devils Tower was not established until 1900. Since then, several subdivisions of MST Romeo-7 have been deployed at Devils Tower to observe RPC-036, with the earliest operation conducted in 1910. The first 2 operations (OP-036-01 — OP-036-02) were purposed for mapping the Devils Tower tunnel systems. The following 12 explorations (OP-036-03 — OP-036-14) were purposed for testing the Devils Tower tunnel systems for anomalous phenomena. The following 23 explorations (OP-036-15 — OP-036-34) were purposed solely for observing RPC-036 and testing them for anomalous phenomena. The following 3 explorations (OP-036-35 — OP-036-37) were purposed for gathering RPC-036 samples for testing of genetic and physiological traits.

OP-036-38 was the first operation purposed for containing RPC-036 instances, and was carried out in 1995. Although nearly successful5, all 12 MST operatives were exposed to RPC-036-a and suffered a RPC-036-b event.

Since cerebral and optic nerve processing equipment was adhered to all participants, said RPC-036-b events were able to be recorded, viewed, and later documented. Two selected RPC-036-b events have been documented below. Reader discretion is advised.

As per mandatory Protocol ARANEA, all operating Mobile Specialized Teams were provided therapy and training specific to the individual to help cope with their fear(s) following OP-036-38. No efforts have proven entirely successful thus far.

Following OP-036-38, further attempts at containing RPC-036 were suspended, and later canceled. The following 4 operations (OP-036-39 — OP-036-42) were purposed for installation of cameras in the Devils Tower tunnel systems for live surveillance of RPC-036. No further operations have been conducted following OP-036-42.

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