RPC-110-1, as seen from a remotely piloted drone.

Registered Phenomena Code: 110

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Emotional Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-110's passage and adjacent hallway are to be unoccupied when not being utilized for testing. The section which houses these passages is to be locked down, patrolled internally by armed guards, and under constant surveillance by an off-site monitoring facility (designated Site-076-B), which also includes surveillance of the main corridor. The rest of the building and land (designated Site-076-A) that RPC-110 resides in is to remain operational as a religious facility while undergoing routine inspections during the night.

Under no circumstances is RPC-110 to be accessed without Regional Director approved supervision and scheduling. Any individuals apprehended in the attempt to infringe upon this protocol are to be detained, questioned, and treated with amnestics. Should any unknown events transpire within RPC-110 that have not been documented, security on the facility will proceed to carry out lockdown protocols of the wing containing RPC-110. An off-site Security Team, under the guise of local law enforcement, will be dispatched from Site-076-B to aid in the removal of civilians and Level 0 personnel, in which the site will be made off-limits until the situation has been handled.

Description: RPC-110 is a specific passage within the █████ ██████ ████████ Church, in █████, Wyoming. Located within the west wing, the passage's architectural measurements are inconsistent with the building which it resides in. At a length of 31 meters (102 feet), it is far too long to reside normally within the building in which it resides. The passage itself is connected to the middle of an adjacent hallway, forming a T shape.

At the end of RPC-110 is a large, wooden door, seemingly comprised of oak. No formal testing has been done to determine the exact material which this door is comprised of. This door is designated as RPC-110-1. RPC-110-1 appears to be a simple, windowless door, with the design dating back to the 1800's. This falls in with the rest of RPC-110, which holds late 1800's designs, including wooden walls, a single hanging light source, and a stone floor. This architecture is in heavy contrast however with the rest of the building, which is documented to have been built in 19██.

Anomalous properties manifest when a being capable of experiencing fear enters the adjacent hallway. The subject will begin to display increased levels of anxiety, focused on something that they perceive to be around the corner. Upon viewing RPC-110-1, the subject will immediately begin showing symptoms of heightened fear. Subjects who have a timid personality are documented to immediately turn away as if to avoid the door and attempt to leave the area as quickly as possible if allowed.

It should be noted that any subject, no matter how courageous, will not enter RPC-110 out of choice, and will only do so if directed to. If given the choice to opt out, they will always do so. It should also be noted that the temperature within RPC-110 is noticeably lower than the rest of the building. There also seems to be a distinct lack of sound within RPC-110, as noises such as the buildings air conditioning and external sounds do not seem to penetrate the location.


Addendum-2: Under order of RPC Authority Global Directors, absolutely no testing is to be done on RPC-110 without Regional Director authorization.

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