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Registered Phenomena Code: 124

Object Class: Gamma Omega-Purple

Hazard Types: Sapient, Regenerative, Incorporeal, Transmutation, Contact, Ideological

Containment Protocols: RPC-124 is to be stored within a 5m*2.5m BACU-03-A1 with an installed mechanism for converting the Faraday cage into an electromagnet. Proximity alarms are to be installed along the interior walls of BACU-124; alarms are to be programmed to trigger the electromagnetic current for the Faraday cage. Guards for RPC-124 must be on Oniritryptin.

RPC-124-1 and RPC-124-2 are to be stored in separate ACU-03-As, sized 8m3 and 1m3, respectively. Oniritryptin is to be employed for observation of RPC-124-1 and RPC-124-2. Testing with the RPC-124-3 instances contained within RPC-124-2 requires permission from Human Resources, due to the ethical implications of RPC-124-3 experimentation.

Due to information obtained in Addendum 124-1, the Global Directorate has deemed that containment of RPC-124 would be a far greater threat to normalcy than RPC-124 itself. Therefore, RPC-124 is to remain uncontained indefinitely. RPC-124's location is to be monitored routinely for security. Should sightings of RPC-124 cease, or reports of ghost encounters increase in frequency, an available MST squad from Foxtrot-4, Hotel-1, and Sierra-8 are to head to RPC-124's last known location. Squads are to presume worst-case scenario, and that RPC-124 must be found and rescued before a repeat of incident 124-1 occurs.

Description: RPC-124 is a bipedal latentis2 entity bearing an appearance similar to that of a human skeleton, with the exception of the skull, which is identical to that of a Canis aureus3. RPC-124 wears a ragged black hooded robe, and was discovered carrying a scythe and satchel, hereafter referred to as RPC-124-1 and RPC-124-2, respectively. RPC-124 is composed of an unidentifiable material4 with properties similar to electromagnetic radiation.

Direct contact with RPC-124 causes living tissue to rapidly die and decay. This effect spreads through an organism at a varying rate depending on the level of consciousness, spreading through plants the fastest and humans the slowest. RPC-124 is capable of passing its body through solid matter, which it uses to reach into human subjects and extract an amorphous mass, referred to hereon as RPC-124-3 from their bodies.

RPC-124-1 is a scythe composed of the same unidentifiable substance as RPC-124. The blade of RPC-124-1 is intangible, and is capable of extracting an RPC-124-3 instance from a person without leaving a trail of dead tissue. Extraction of RPC-124-3 invariably results in the death of the subject, regardless of method.

RPC-124-2 is a satchel containing RPC-124-3 instances. RPC-124-2 appears to have an infinite storage capacity. RPC-124-3 instances are shapeless masses that are constantly in motion; they are also luminescent, and change color in response to different stimuli, implying a degree of sentience. It is hypothesized that RPC-124-3 instances contain a person's conciousness, which is why life signs cease upon removal of RPC-124-3.

Addendum 124-1: Following containment, RPC-124 repeatedly requested to be released. While such requests are typically ignored, RPC-124's requests warned of consequences of apocalyptic proportions. An interview with RPC-124 was scheduled immediately to determine the legitimacy of its warning.

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