A Love Story





RPC-137 in Authority custody.

Registered Phenomena Code: 137

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard, Visual Hazard, Transmutation Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-137 is to be kept in a climate controlled secure storage locker at Site-038. Access for testing requires a minimum Clearance Level 2, with additional authorisation from Clearance Level 3 research staff. Personnel accessing RPC-137 are to submit written accounts of all fiction produced during their session of use.

Description: RPC-137 is a white, unlabelled hardcover book. When opened by an observer, the previously blank pages will fill with a short piece of fiction centred with the observer as the protagonist. Narratives are universally grounded in reality, and often simply portray the observer engaging in mundane activities shortly after opening RPC-137. The contents of RPC-137 are only visible to the immediate observer, and stories are unable to be recorded using photography or video, vanishing to the observer upon closing the cover.

Narratives will grow in length and complexity if an individual observer returns multiple times over an extended period of time, with the narration often taking a fonder tone and describing the observer with more positive adjectives.

Events depicted in RPC-137 narratives do not appear to be prescient in any way, although the actions of the protagonist will rarely be “out of character” for the observer, and descriptions of locations are always accurate to the time of reading.

Incident 137-01: On 21/3/20██ CSD-44351 escaped Authority custody using knowledge presumed to have come from RPC-137. CSD-44351 exhibited significant knowledge on the layout of Site-038 and it’s security protocols, and security footage captured CSD-44351 staring at a blank page, presumed to have come from RPC-137, several times during the escape attempt. CSD-44351 currently remains at large.

Addendum: Following Incident 137-01, RPC-137 no longer responds to observers and will instead periodically open on its own. If observed in this state, the narrative will invariably involve the protagonist acting as a narrator, describing a mundane event in the life of two women engaged in a romantic relationship.

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