Registered Phenomena Code: 152

Object Class: Beta-Orange


RPC-152, in neutralised form.

Hazards Types: Visual Hazard, Animated Hazard, Transmutation Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-152 is to be contained in a five (5) litre steel box, to be sealed at all times, which is to be contained in a 5 by 5-meter concrete room. High-intensity lights are to be trained on the entity at all times. RPC-152 is not to be let out of its box except for testing purposes. The box is to be unsealed by remote control. All personnel are to undertake extensive psych evaluations before being assigned to the entity. Under no circumstances are any personnel with Level 2 clearance or higher, or anyone with knowledge of non-alpha/white RPC entities to be allowed in containment with RPC-152. Under no circumstances are personnel with Level 2 clearance or higher allowed to view the entity for any reason.

At least twenty (20) litres of water blessed by a priest of any monotheistic religion must be kept on site at all times. In the event of a containment breach, site fire sprinklers connected to holy water tanks are to be activated throughout the site, or in targeted location, if the location of the entity is known. Sprinklers are to remain on until RPC-152 is located and/or has reached a volume of less than one (1) litre. Once the entity has reached this state, it is to be re-contained in any non-transparent container capable of holding 5 litres, then returned to containment.

Description: RPC-152 is black liquid with a viscosity similar to oil. It takes up, in its natural state, approximately 5 litres, with the ability to further increase in volume depending on the lighting of its surroundings. In the absence of light, the entity will spread into the surrounding area, increasing its volume until it would come into contact with light. RPC-152 has the capacity to move and form into any shape it desires. The rate at which it spreads is slow, with a rate of 37ml per hour, barring any outside interference. Exposing RPC-152 to light does not reduce the volume it has obtained. The only known substance that has a substantial effect on the creature is water, or any other liquid, blessed by a priest following any form of monotheistic faith. While any monotheistic faith will suffice, priests from the Catholic faith have proven to be the most effective. The reason for this weakness is currently unknown.

Following exposure to holy water, the creature will shrink rapidly, with its lowest recorded volume being approximately 50ml. The entity will slowly return to its natural state once exposure to holy water has ceased and it has found a sufficient location to regrow. While RPC-152's transformative abilities are concerning, its reaction to human contact is of greater importance to the Authority. If the entity is viewed by any sapient creature, it will immediately spawn the viewing creature's worst fear, hereto referred to as RPC-152-1.


Instance of RPC-152-1.

RPC-152-1 is comprised entirely out of RPC-152 and has the same weaknesses as it. Instances of RPC-152-1 are hostile to the viewing subject and will attempt to drag the subject into the entity. Instances will attempt to remove any object or person preventing them from achieving this goal. If multiple sapient subjects are viewing the creature, multiple instances of RPC-152-1 will be spawned. If the viewing subject's worst fear is a concept (eg. dying alone), then the entity will form tendrils and directly attempt to drag the subject into itself. RPC-152's Cognito-hazard is temporarily neutralised if it is exposed to holy water. Subjects who are successfully taken to RPC-152 will be immediately surrounded and consumed by it. It is to be noted that the entity has shown an increased spread rate during instances of RPC-152-1 spawning. Its spread rate increases exponentially if it has successfully consumed a subject. It is theorised that the increase in spread rate is directly correlated with the level of duress caused by RPC-152 and instances of RPC-152-1. However, this theory has yet to be confirmed.


RPC-152-2, as discussed in Testing Log 152-K.

Note: While consumption by RPC-152 was initially thought to result in subject termination, later testing has revealed that this is not the case. Expedition and test logs are listed below.

Addendum 1: Test Log 152-A:

Addendum 2: Test Log 152-K:

Addendum 3: Expedition Log of Test 152-K

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