A Mixed Bag





Registered Phenomena Code: 158

Object Class: Beta-Orange (Utility)

Hazard Types: Ballistic Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Organic Hazard, Explosive Hazard, Extra-Dimensional Hazard, Immeasurable Hazard

Containment Protocols: Following Incident Site-009-1, RPC-158 and RPC-158-1 are to be allowed to roam along predetermined patrol routes throughout Site-009, with the express purpose of acting as active anti-breach forces. No fewer than two armed security personnel are to escort RPC-158-1 at all times. Under no circumstances is RPC-158 allowed to be any further than two meters away from RPC-158-1.

In the event of a large-scale containment breach or attack on Site-009, Protection personnel are to aid RPC-158-1 in its efforts to combat potential security threats to Site-009 and the entities contained within. Should RPC-158-1 exhibit active non-compliance, it is to be ignored and standard breach/attack protocols followed.

Under no circumstances is RPC-158-1 to be presented with any food items.

Description: RPC-158 is an Amazing! Co. duffel bag, designed to imitate the well-known three-striped Adidas brand, save for its label mistakenly reading "Adibas".

RPC-158 is assumed to be effectively infinite in volume, with no clear limit as to what can be pulled out of RPC-158 as of yet. Initial measurements taken via radar and lidar have invariably caused measuring equipment to return error messages in obscene, grammatically-incorrect Russian, even in machines which did not have a Russian-language setting. All items recovered from RPC-158 have thus far been covered in Adibas-related branding, despite many of these items having never been manufactured or sold by Adidas/Adibas. These items include:

  • One Soviet-issue T-55 main battle tank, complete with live ammunition and a full crew of fighting-age Russian males. (See Test Log-01.)
  • One Soviet RDS-37 two-stage hydrogen bomb. (See Test Log-02.)
  • One 0.7 liter bottle of Soviet-era Stolichnaya vodka.
  • One ██████ branded bag of Soviet-era sunflower seeds - This brand was initially an Authority front business in the Soviet Union.
  • One instance of RPC-158-1. (See Test Log-04.)

RPC-158-1 is an anonymous adult Russian male, approximately between the age of 25 to 30, found carrying RPC-158 before being recovered by the Authority. RPC-158-1 is clad from head to toe in Adibas-branded garments, and any and all attempts at the removal of these garments have either led to the triggering of RPC-158-1's anomalous effect, or to the subject engaging in extreme, irrationally violent behavior against on-site staff members.

Initial attempts to terminate RPC-158-1 during the procedures of Test Log-03 have determined that the anomaly, despite appearing to have the same anatomical structure of a human male, is wholly unaffected by any form of exterior impact, explosion, concussion or other physical trauma. Further research will be required in order to determine the anatomical makeup of RPC-158-1, though all attempts at biopsy or surgical investigation have failed.

RPC-158-1's anomalous properties only begin to appear once a similarly-aged male of eastern European descent enters into RPC-158-1's containment unit. At such a time, RPC-158-1 will squat down, inviting the test subject to do the same. Without fail, the test subject will always squat beside RPC-158-1; whether this is due to some sort of psychic influence or an anomalous compulsion is as of yet unknown. Subjects who have engaged in squatting with RPC-158-1 will invariably begin speaking to RPC-158-1, though always in an obfuscated or untranslatable dialect. It is irrelevant whether or not the test subject actually has any previous knowledge of any of the languages or dialects in which they are speaking.

Eventually, the test subject will halt conversation with RPC-158-1 in order to reach into RPC-158, from which it will always pull out a set of Adibas-branded clothing exactly the same in structure and appearance as the outfit worn by RPC-158-1. After the test subject has donned the outfit, RPC-158-1 will nod and will step into RPC-158. No previous instance of RPC-158-1 has been observed to reappear after such an occurrence. This exchange has come to be known as Procedure Minsk.

At this time, the test subject will become RPC-158-1, adopting all of its mannerisms and anomalous properties, excepting the previous RPC-158-1 instance's appearance, until such a time as another subject arrives to take its place. Any and all attempts to remove RPC-158 from the test chamber have met with extreme violent outbursts from RPC-158-1, leading to many researchers coming to the conclusion that RPC-158-1's purpose is to guard RPC-158 until another subject arrives to take its place, though this has not been confirmed. Regardless, RPC-158-1 does not react with violence when test subjects arrive to remove items from RPC-158, seeming to act only when the object is threatened with damage or removal.

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