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RPC-186 prior to containment, photo taken by itself.


Registered Phenomena Code: 186

Object Class: Gamma Orange

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard, Transmutation Hazard, Explosive Hazard, Sensory Hazard.

Additional Properties: Regenerative Hazard.

Containment Protocols: RPC-186 is currently located in Site-002's Project-107 wing, within a standard, airtight humanoid containment chamber. The entrance to RPC-186's containment cell is only permitted to be open during an RPC-186-A event, where up to 5 staff are allowed to attend for observation. Due to the nature of RPC-186's anomalous properties, the most reliable way of containing it is through the activation of RPC-186-A events.

Given the circumstances, the Authority should prioritize enlistment of individuals who are proficient in the games played during an RPC-186-A event.1 Due to the disparity of skill between a normal human and RPC-186 or instances where a specific win condition is guaranteed, the following games are prohibited during an RPC-186-A event:

  • Chess
  • Dominoes
  • Weiqi
  • Poker
  • Liar's dice2
  • Solitaire
  • Monopoly3

More may be included in the future as the playing capabilities of RPC-186 are discovered.

RPC-186 has shown itself capable of enduring an entire week without activating RPC-186-A. Should RPC-186 be prevented from activating an RPC-186-A for more than a week, it will attempt to breach containment in order to find a game partner. Due to these circumstances, it is highly advised that RPC-186-A events be completed at least 4 times a week under a controlled environments in order to maintain RPC-186 in a docile state.

If RPC-186 wins an instance of RPC-186-A and escapes from Authority custody, local MSTs will be deployed to any location where it has been sighted. Operatives should make use of standard issue armaments and vacuum pumps. This will ensure that even if RPC-186 becomes hostile, it will quickly run out of RPC-186-1 produced by the anomaly so it can be quickly "terminated."

The institutionalization and matters regarding RPC-186's official membership status in Project 107 are currently still under debate by the personnel involved with the project. However, RPC-186 may be allowed access to most operations when under the company of RPC-695.4

Description: RPC-186 is a gaseous entity, possessing a humanoid exoskeleton with a surface resembling, in both texture and appearance, an elastic balloon. Despite the outward appearances, RPC-186's exoskeleton has proven to be abnormally resistant in terms of durability and can survive many forms of penetration from sharp objects. Although RPC-186 has displayed versatile flexibility, supplementary testing has revealed that its physical strength, articulation, and mental capacity are comparable to the average human male. RPC-186 is also unable to compress, contort, or expand itself to the same extent that a balloon can.

RPC-186 is capable of vocalization through unknown means,5 as well as being capable of animating its "mouth" in order to sync with spoken words. Furthermore, it is capable of altering its facial expressions, allowing it to display a wide range of emotions. RPC-186 comprehends most human emotions and senses, excluding the concepts of touch and human appetite. The entity appears to emulate human mannerisms out of habit, but does not appear to comprehend the nature of the actions it emulates.6

Internally, RPC-186 lacks any form of vital organs or anatomy found in many organisms. Instead, the majority of RPC-186's mass consists of an unknown gas: designated as RPC-186-1. Dark in color, it appears to be extremely cohesive and dense (with a consistency almost similar to that of fog). The substance appears to be mostly concentrated within the stomach region of the anomaly. While it is currently undetermined if RPC-186-1 is in control of RPC-186 (instead, utilizing its possibly non-vital exoskeleton for protection), it has been determined that this unknown gas is the source of RPC-186's anomalous effects, these include:

  • The ability to regenerate its exoskeleton.
  • The ability of basic levitation for up to a minute.
  • The ability to build up RPC-186-1 from its body to gain both increased speed, durability, reflexes, and gain weight. This, however, does appear to temporarily decrease the natural regenerative properties of RPC-186-1.
  • The ability to physically transform RPC-186-1 into any object7 through unknown means for a period of time. The rate at which these objects degrade seems to depend on both the size, density, and complexity of the desired state as well as the quantity of RPC-186-1 used.

Despite being physiologically identical in both response and action to humans, it is unknown whether these traits are inherent within or just imitative behavior found within RPC-186. (This is further implied by its occasional willingness to consume human food,8 and its displays of joint based movement while lacking a skeletal structure). When RPC-186 exhausts its supply of RPC-186-1, its body will become completely deflated and will be rendered completely immobile until it is able to recover a sufficient amount of the unknown substance for general locomotion. Despite this, RPC-186 has been shown to be able to manually deflate and reflate its body, often to transverse otherwise impossible to reach areas.

Discovery: RPC-186's first recorded appearance was captured by a patron's cellphone camera at the ██████ theater in Las Vegas, Nevada where it manifested through a spatial anomaly during a magic show. Upon appearing on stage, audience members assumed it to be a new magician and clapped. RPC-186 followed along with the audience's assumption and did tricks using objects made of RPC-186-1. Once RPC-186's performance ended, it was reported to have started playing with the gamblers inside of the casino. After winning a majority of bets, RPC-186 was asked to leave.

This prompted the Authority to activate the newly formed unit, found to be close to the area of conflict, they proceeded to arrive on location and engage the entity. RPC-186 became hostile once confronted and its anomalous properties created complications, preventing its capture. RPC-186 noticed an object falling out of the pocket of one of the members during the encounter. RPC-186 became enraptured by the object for a few seconds up to the moment when RPC-695, one of the members of the newly formed unit, asked if RPC-186 wanted to play, it agreed and explained the rules of its games.

Upon the start of the game, a prize was discussed. Both came to the mutual agreement of "servitude." The match lasted about 5 minutes, and it would result in RPC-186 losing the wager, leading to its containment.


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