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Hosts spreading RPC-206 to a non-anomalous humanoid.

Registered Phenomena Code: 206

Object Class: Omega-Orange

Hazard Types: Grouped, Incorporeal, Tychokinetic, Immeasurable, Emotional, Ideological

Containment Protocols: Due to the nature of RPC-206, along with Union influence in the United States federal government preventing the Authority from "taking any action that would unjustly attack, oppress, or otherwise restrict the religious freedom of United States citizens" under threat of military opposition, RPC-206 cannot be directly contained. Instead, a disinformation campaign must be run discrediting RPC-206 hosts. MST Victor-1 “Tunnel Vision” is tasked with subtly drawing attention away from churches related to RPC-206. RPC-206 hosts are to be alienated from non-anomalous human beings1 and passively convinced of the nonexistence of RPC-206.

Description: RPC-206 is hypothesized to be an undetectable form of anomalous radiation that can be hosted by humans2 with a religious affiliation, most notably ██████████████. Reception of RPC-206 is believed to be caused by charismatic worship, and causes the receiver to exhibit abnormal behaviors, such as shaking of the limbs, energetic movement, and glossolalia3. Whether charismatic worship generates RPC-206, or whether RPC-206 is merely attracted to charismatic worship, is unknown.

Carriers of RPC-206 display grouping tendencies when attempting to invoke its effects, crowding together and making physical contact with one another, causing researchers to speculate that RPC-206 operates in a manner similar to heat. Individuals hosting RPC-206 display anomalous abilities that vary in form, range, and nature, but usually fall into one of the following categories:

  • Anomalous knowledge
  • The ability to heal sicknesses and injuries
  • Manifestation of anomalous events and objects, usually in a manner beneficial to the host
  • Prediction of future events
  • Discernment of truth
  • Glossolalia
  • Interpretation of unfamiliar languages

While RPC-206 has not directly harmed humanity, the rapidness through which it spreads, and its close connection with "the Union" causes it to pose a significant threat to normalcy. Furthermore, the nature of RPC-206's effects can allow the host to escape lethal situations unharmed. A gun fired at them may pass through them without opening a wound, the only indication that they were shot at being holes in their clothing4. Chemicals and toxins may fail to have any effect on them. Containing them in an Authority site could cause a containment breach of unknown severity.

Addendum: Espionage of RPC-206 host gatherings has revealed a recurring anomalous event that occurs towards the end ceremony8. In this event, referred to hereon as RPC-206-1, the room will suddenly go quiet; voices become softer or halt altogether, instruments sound more muted, the only exception being a single RPC-206 host, who will speak in an unidentified language. Shortly after the individual finishes speaking, another instance will begin speaking in the local language; presumably in a translation of what was spoken. Both instances can be clearly heard throughout the room regardless of room size, leading researchers to theorise that RPC-206-1 events are influencing the vibration of mechanical waves9.

Due to mental breakdowns of undercover agents, and the apparent ability of RPC-206 to reveal their presence, further observation of RPC-206-2 events is to be postponed indefinitely.

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