The Shifting Song





Registered Phenomena Code: 224

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard types: Geological, Auditory

Containment Protocols: RPC-224 is to be contained in a simple envelope within a high-security locker at Site-002. Any testing is to be done with headphones in a windowless room and monitored over cameras with muted footage. Any testing done elsewhere should be considered a Containment breach and punished accordingly. Any personnel able to hear RPC-224 should either close their eyes or refrain from focusing on objects for longer than 5 seconds at a time until any personnel are able to terminate the sound.


Manuscript for Act 2 song 8: The Magic Circle of Infinity

Description: RPC-224 is a CD of George Crumb's Makrokosmos 1 with the words “For Plato” written in cursive writing by a felt tip pen. Many of the songs are jarring and atonal in nature, however, the anomalous activity is only connected to Act 2 Song 8, titled "The Magic Circle of Infinity". Any subject listening to the song will start bending structures and objects after 5 seconds or more of staring.

Experimentation has concluded any structure will be warped in a clockwise direction (clockwise to the listener), with thin structures warping quicker than denser structures. Thin objects like poles simply bend while structures like walls warp in a swirling motion. For a living creature, prolonged exposure (approximately 20 seconds) is required for anomalous properties to occur, with approximately 40% of subjects surviving with extreme and permanent spine damage, and approximately 60% dying after hospitalisation from internal bleeding.

Once the piece starts playing, it will loop continuously until the CD is stopped. Any damage done while active is permanent, even with the disruption of the piece.

Discovery: RPC-224 was originally discovered on the Greek island ████████, where local police responded to a report a violent murder on a remote part of the island1. After the police discovered RPC-224's anomalous properties, embedded agents recovered RPC-224, administered amnestics to all people involved in the investigation and created a cover story of suicide via jumping.

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