Registered Phenomena Code: 276

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Auditory Hazard, Visual Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-276 is to be stored in Storage Locker-U4 in the Alpha Wing of Site-473. Testing is limited to personnel of Level 2 clearance.

Description: RPC-276 is a golden Soccus1 Mask. The edges of the mask are lined with velvet fabric, and numerous silver spikes, each measuring 2 cm in length, protruding from its backside. When skin contact is made between RPC-276 and a subject diagnosed with schizophrenia, it will override the subject's senses and induce a dream-like state.

An RPC-276 effected subject will appear as if they are sleeping. This dream is an amalgamation of the subject’s dreams and personal thoughts that form a coherent narrative. If there are additional subjects aware of this event within the vicinity, and they desire to view the narrative taking place, they will be affected in the same manner as the subject. The narrative will begin with the original subject’s voice being heard by every viewer, whispering the "title" of the narrative. The title will materialise before them in unique lettering. The properties of the rest of the vision will depend entirely on the original subject. Individuals appearing in the narrative are commonly nonexistent, or are altered versions of existing persons. When the narrative is finished, all viewers (except the subject) involved will regurgitate a papyrus script detailing what was seen in the vision. Research as to how the script is manifested remains inconclusive.

Addendum: Below is a collection of logs of narratives created by RPC-276. Created by comparing viewer accounts and the script itself.

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