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RPC-315-A prior to containment.

Registered Phenomena Code: 315

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Organic Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Immeasurable Hazard

Containment Protocols: As of 14/03/██, RPC-315-A is currently contained in a Standard Humanoid Containment cell with walls made of solid oak wood coated in flame retardant chemicals. RPC-315-A's containment cell is to be guarded by no less than two armed ASF operatives trained in the handling of reality-altering anomalous objects. RPC-315-B is to be kept in an anomalous item storage vault at Research Site-021, which is currently located in Germany. Should RPC-315-A attempt to breach containment, active personnel on Site-███ are to initiate a controlled electric shock to RPC-315-B. If that is not sufficient enough to deter RPC-315-A, personnel are to activate the hydraulic press placed inside RPC-315-B's containment vault.

If in the event that RPC-315-A breaches containment, transportation of RPC-315-B is to be carried out towards the emergency containment vault based approximately 4 km below Research Site-███ and MST Whiskey-15 ("Wish Watchers”) are to be sent in pursuit to re-contain RPC-315-A.

Description: RPC-315 is made up of two distinct anomalous objects, of which are consecutively designated as RPC-315-A and RPC-315-B.

RPC-315-A is a humanoid entity measuring approximately 0.9 meters in height. Its head is larger in comparison to its small body, and some of its facial features such as the nose and ears, are also not proportional. RPC-315-A is dressed in apparel typical of 1830s Ireland, consisting of a military coat and an abnormally large hat. RPC-315-A largely speaks in a language similar to Old-Gaelic, but has shown to understand and speak English, albeit with a heavy accent.

RPC-315-A has displayed reality-warping capabilities and is extremely hostile. It has so far been able to completely breach containment with relative ease,mainly through becoming intangible and bypassing any surface. Some materials are able to slow the process, primarily solid oak wood. This material is only marginally effective however, slowing the process by only █%. If any source of danger is directed towards RPC-315-A, it will prompt it to become intangible, and completely avoid it entirely. RPC-315-A has a mischievous and child-like demeanor and will often attempt to play "pranks" on Authority personnel. These pranks often consist of:

  • Turning Authority researchers inside out and then reversing the process repeatedly
  • Changing the gravitational constant
  • Combining Authority personnel into a giant spherical object made of human flesh
  • Granting "wishes" with completely adverse effects
  • Raising the internal temperatures of every living organism on-site to approximately 300 degrees Celsius
  • Creating hostile cattle-like organisms on-site that will continuously hunt and kill anyone in their sight
  • Filling the bodies of Authority researchers with gold coins

After a set period of 10 minutes passes after an event that coincides with these "pranks", their effects will immediately disappear and those who expired due to the event will be brought back to life in the position they were in prior to death.

RPC-315-A is also capable of granting wishes to whoever it deems "worthy." However these wishes appear to be disadvantageous in nature, normally resulting in the damaging of building infrastructure and/or death of multiple personnel.

RPC-315-B is a spherical pot made of copper, iron, and traces of an unknown metal. RPC-315-B is filled with various objects made out of 24 karat gold with no impurities that have been so far identified.

The contents of RPC-315-B consists of: 64% gold coins inscribed with Celtic symbols; 21% gold and silver goblets; 10% gold nuggets; 4% various jewelry adorned with emerald and ruby gemstones; 1% human teeth1. Regardless of how many objects are removed from the pot, the mass of the pot and its contents does not change, and remains at 68 kg. All items, excluding the human teeth, will disintegrate upon exceeding a distance of 12 meters from RPC-315-B. Using the gold for any transactionary purpose without the express permittance of RPC-315-A results in said gold disintegrating following the completion of the transaction.

Should RPC-315-B suffer any damage, such as a blunt strike, the damage will immediately be reflected upon RPC-315-A. After the subsequent acquisition of RPC-315-B, it is to be assumed that RPC-315-A draws its powers from the possession of RPC-315-B. When without RPC-315-B, RPC-315-A is unable to utilize the vast majority of its anomalous properties, however wishes appear to be its only method of exhibiting extraordinary abilities during this period.

Discovery: RPC-315-A was discovered in the ███████ Forest near the village of ████████, Ireland when there were reports of a "Leprechaun" creating havoc in a local village. Twenty civilians within the nearby village went missing. They are assumed to have been terminated by RPC-315-A. When RPC-315-A was finally contained, 18 Authority operatives were KIA, 12 cases due to immediate cardiac arrest. The 6 other cases due to having their bodies forcibly emptied out through their rectums. RPC-315-A was apparently incapacitated by some unknown force according to on-scene operatives. Any evidence regarding the incident was seized by on-site personnel. After the initial containment of RPC-315-A, RPC-315-B was soon discovered to be in the possession of PoI-2300 and later recovered by nearby Authority operatives.

PoI-2300 was immediately detained by remaining forces and sent to Site-███ for interrogation. Below are the subsequent interview logs taken during initial apprehension of PoI-2300 and RPC-315-A.

Addendum: On 13/02/20██ at 20:12:33, all personnel within a 20 meter radius of RPC-315-A were incapacitated and rendered unconscious for approximately 7 minutes, with the exception of CSD-9946 who was present around RPC-315-A’s chamber during the event; previously identified as PoI-2300. The doors to RPC-315-A’s chamber opened following the incapacitation of on-site personnel. Video surveillance indicated CSD-9946 entering RPC-315-A’s chamber and proceeding to converse with it.

CSD-9946: Oh. You again? Thought I’d never get to see your manky face again.

RPC-315-A: [Inaudible]

CSD-9946: A wish? The hell do you take me for? One a those fat American tourists? You can forget it ya old codger.

RPC-315-A: [Inaudible]

CSD-9946: [Snickers] A way out? You wouldn’t even let me lick your musky fuckin' shoe.

RPC-315-A: [Inaudible]

CSD-9946: Try me.

Immediately after this particular comment CSD-9946 began convulsing, exhibiting abnormal muscular spasms continuously for approximately 2 minutes. After these spasms ended, CSD-9946 fell and appeared unconscious until their body began to convulse much more violently. D-9946’s musculature then began to expand rapidly with their clothing and skin ripping, completely exposing the vast majority of their muscular system.

By the end of this transformation CSD-9946’s height and weight had increased by roughly three times their original measures. Following this change the incapacitated personnel immediately rose from their previous state and saw CSD-9946. This encounter appeared to severely aggravate CSD-9946, making him react frantically and behave in an extremely hostile manner. On site personnel were forced to terminate CSD-9946 after suffering multiple casualties.

RPC-315 was immediately questioned after the incident upon the subject of its interaction with CSD-9946 and why it occurred.

RPC-315: The fuck you think knob head? That fat arse took me gold. It looked like he wanted a way to get out too, so I gave him one. Course, I knew you lot would do my job for me. Touching that pitiful excuse for a human was the least a my worries. Us sadistic fucks gotta stick together, know what I mean? [Laughs]

It is unknown how RPC-315-A was able to exert its influence without the express use of wishes. Further investigation is currently ongoing.

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