Project Personnel Info


Assigned Facility: Site-014

Research Lead: Dr. Randal Criswell

Assigned MST(s): On-Site ASF

Director of Containment: Dir. Hines Delgado


Registered Phenomena Code: 319

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-aggression.png Aggression h-grouped.png Grouped h-psychotronic.png Psychotronic h-sapient.png Sapient h-emotional.png Emotional h-ideological.png Ideological


Fig. 1:RPC-319/1 and RPC-319/3 within their containment unit.

Containment Protocols:

Specimens RPC-319/1 through RPC-319/4 have been contained within a 15x153 meter reinforced containment chamber within the Cryptozoological-Containment Wing of Site-014.

Female staff are restricted from entering RPC-319's containment unit at all times. Any female staff seen attempting to enter RPC-319's containment unit or showing suspicious behavior in regards to RPC-319, such as frequently coming into proximity to the containment unit or constant talk about RPC-319 instances, are to be detained, interrogated and given Class-C amnestics if a growing obsession over the RPC-319 instances has become evident.

RPC-319 instances are to be provided appropriate food and stimuli1 to keep them fed and occupied.

The containment unit is to be thoroughly cleaned bi-weekly and in-chamber toilets are to be maintained. All maintenance staff are instructed not to engage in any communication attempt with RPC-319. If an RPC-319 instance displays aggressive behavior, nerve gas is to be distributed to sedate all contained instances, in addition to removing any recreational amenities, which may be returned as a reward for good behavior at the discretion of the Research Lead.

Uncontained instances of RPC-319 are currently being tracked by MST Unit Hotel-11 "Karasu" within various precincts of downtown Tokyo, though RPC-319 instances have also resided outside of the city in Mikurashima and the further [REDACTED] regions. Any encountered wild instances of RPC-319 are to be neutralized on sight and the remains are to be disposed of according to the standard anomaly neutralization protocol. Civilian witnesses of RPC-319 activity or the termination of RPC-319 are to be administered amnestics.


RPC-319 is a genetically-engineered species of bipedal mammalian creatures, hybridized between Homo sapiens and Tursiops truncatus2. Individual instances may differ in minor physical attributes, but all consist of a thick, leathery epidermis with beige skin pigmentation corresponding to Caucasian or Asian skin tones in varying shades. The lower half of the body is anatomically homogeneous to a muscular human male, and the upper half is similar in proportion and structure to that of a Bottlenose Dolphin, sans pectoral fins. A wide, flattened tail at the base of RPC-319's spine helps to counterbalance RPC-319's striding gait

RPC-319 possesses two brains; a 'forebrain' and a 'hindbrain.' The hindbrain functions as a typical human brain, responsible for complex nerve receptors, thinking, problem-solving, communication and maintaining bodily functions. The forebrain appears to replace the melon3 of a typical cetacean mammal. Instead of echolocation, this organ is speculated to be the reason behind RPC-319's anomalous psychokinetic abilities. Internally, while the bone structure of RPC-319 instances seems consistent with the hybridization of the two species genetically combined, the organs of RPC-319 are genetically human but morphologically altered in such a way as to remain functional with this skeletal structure.


Fig. 2:Close-up of RPC-319/2's head profile.

RPC-319 have proven to be highly intelligent, capable of complex communications through drawing symbols, and can write in English, Japanese and Korean, while using tools with their mouths and dexterous toes. However RPC-319 instances appear incapable of fully vocalizing human speech, despite autopsy studies showing a fully-formed human-like larynx and tongue within the throat of RPC-319 specimens.

Specimens of RPC-319 also show highly developed problem-solving skills and learning capabilities.
However, all instances of RPC-319 seem to all display several points of mental instability and emotional trauma. Many of the symptoms displayed by RPC-319 resemble mental conditions such as psychosis, bipolar personality disorder and acute paranoid schizophrenia.
It is currently unclear as to how these mental disorders developed, though one hypothesis is due to intense abuse and confinement by the GoI in question, and a possible existential crisis relating to the reason for their creation. Their mental health renders the actions of RPC-319 highly unpredictable due to mental instability

Additionally, RPC-319 instances are observed to be innately and overtly sexual, frequently fornicating when not near other RPC-319 instances, displaying an almost frequent and prominent erection in the presence of human females, and are seen to observe human females constantly through observation booths.4

If a human female is observed within a reachable distance, RPC-319 will attempt to interact with the female subject physically, though initially in a non-aggressive manner unless provoked when perceiving a threat, especially after prolonged periods of isolation without the appropriate stimuli to keep RPC-319 preoccupied. RPC-319's typical methods of aggression consisted of "punching" with its nose, an action typical to dolphins, but also by kicking, tackling and stamping onto their opponents.

RPC-319's most anomalous form of attack/defense is their ability to project a 'psionic wave'5 emitted from their blowholes, that coming into contact with a human subject will produce enough force to knock back said subject, capable of rendering them momentarily unconscious.

While in most male subjects this defensive/offensive mechanism is mainly a form of a telekinetic attack, around 10-15% of cases in male subjects and 100% of female subjects who have been exposed to these waves undergo extreme psychological fluctuation. In these instances, the amygdala6 of these subjects are heavily altered to induce what has been described as a "psycho-sexual stimulant." Subjects have been observed to undergo increasing periods of 'hypersexual' behavior and desires, often expressed towards an increasing attraction towards the individual instance of RPC-319 that exposed them to the full waves.

Subjects are apparently made 'aware' of subconscious paraphilia and sexual curiosities they would have otherwise not expressed in a conscious state, especially those that inform a desire or curiosity with zoophilia and bestiality. These psychological conditions were probably implanted by RPC-319 instances, though a few researchers hypothesized that in some subjects exposed to RPC-319's effects, these are repressed innate desires that have been brought into consciousness by RPC-319's psionic waves, yet this is still debated.

Interview Logs:


Fig. 3: POI-1344, AKA Dr. Toshi ████████, head geneticist and designer of RPC-319.

It has been suggested that RPC-319's current appearance has been regarded as a 'mistake' by their creators, 'Kabushiki Kawaii', as gathered through interviews with RPC-319's alleged creator and high-ranking geneticist of Kabushiki Kawaii, Dr. Toshi ████████. According to Mr. Toshi, RPC-319 specimens were created as male escorts, primarily to be sold to female clients of the aforementioned GoI. The RPC-319 instances, at some point, developed significant self-awareness that proved enough to attempt and succeed in escaping from their captors and were set loose onto KK's base of operations in, [REDACTED], Tokyo.

MST Alpha-21 apprehended Dr.Toshi at his base of operations on the island of Mikurashima after gaining substantial evidence linking him to the website responsible for advertising RPC-319 to the public, and upon further research it was discovered that Toshi ████████ claims to have been the creator of RPC-319. He was subsequently detained and taken to Site-015 for further interrogation.



Fig. 4: POI-1353, AKA Ms. ███████ ████████, documented as a member of APAS8.

A month prior to Dr. Toshi ████████'s detainment by the Authority, MST Unit Hotel-11 "Karasu" received reports that an American female tourist (designated as POI-1353) from [REDACTED],California had boarded a private flight back to the states from the Tokyo International Airport. They were apparently in possession of several crates containing live specimens of RPC-319.

A dispatch team was sent after the target to investigate further and to detain POI-1353 for questioning. However, upon arriving at the target's residence in [REDACTED], it was discovered that POI-1353 had █ RPC-319 instances bound and confined in various rooms within her large home, with many of the instances showing signs of scarring from lacerations and tightened bondage, as well as severe malnutrition.

The general speculation of this incident was that POI-1353 was heavily exposed to the waves produced by RPC-319, resulting in developing an abnormally prevalent sado-masochistic obsession with her RPC-319 captives, causing massive physical trauma to the instances in various ways.

Additionally, when POI-1353 was discovered in her bedroom after Hotel-11 forced entry into her residence to apprehend her, POI-1353 was seen holding what looked to be several newborn infants. However, upon attempting a slow approach as to not provoke any unwarranted actions, POI-1353 turned and leapt out of the five-story bedroom window, terminating herself and the (currently) unknown number of infants in her possession.

Clean-up and retrieval of possible infant specimens are ongoing, as it is possible that several of the remains may have been propelled over the sea-balcony upon ground impact.


RPC-319 was originally intended to be advertised via KK's website to loyal customers as the latest product. While the original ad was taken down due to RPC-319's manufacturing 'failure' and subsequent containment breach at their [REDACTED] Headquarters, the transcript of the original ad was still available on the site:

[Translated to English]

What is a woman's greatest desire?
To lay on a tropical island, on the warm sand-swept beaches. A cold drink in hand, and the gorgeous sun lighting up the palm trees.

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Disclaimer: KK is not responsible for water maintenance fees. Order early and receive a free aquarium installation for your purchased product.

- ████████████.com

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