Registered Phenomena Code: 323

Object Class: Alpha-Orange

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-sentient.png Sentient h-transmutation.png Transmutation h-destabilization.png Destabilization h-ideological.png Ideological h-mind-control.png Mind-Control h-mind-regression.png Mind-Regression h-mechanical.png Mechanical

Containment Protocols: RPC-323 is to be contained in Site-077's memetic anomalies storage wing. No individuals are to interact with RPC-323 for an extensive period of time without the approval of two level three or higher personnel.

RPC-323-A instances are to be terminated from an outside source if the memetic effects from RPC-323 escalate to a dangerous level. Additionally, RPC-323-A instances can be exposed on RPC-323 for hours at a time and terminated when the RPC-323-A instance has become oblivious to it's surroundings.


RPC-323 at the original recovery site.

Description: RPC-323 is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System device with multiple attachments.1 Testing shows that any cartridge that fits in RPC-323's slot compartment will function properly, regardless of the variant, or the original operating system it was intended for. Otherwise, if no cartridge is present when RPC-323 is activated, a display labeled "TEST STATION" with the Nintendo logo substituted with the text "PRESS RESET TO START" will appear.

RPC-323 causes individuals to undergo a memetic effect if they are exposed to RPC-323 in it's active state for a prolonged period of time. Individuals will become overly attached to RPC-323, and will not require sustenance. The individual cannot die of natural causes when interacting with RPC-323, but overall body structure will deteriorate over time. At this point, the individual becomes an instance of RPC-323-A, and the memetic effect will only conclude if the subject is terminated by an external force. Attempting to relocate RPC-323-A subjects away from RPC-323 will trigger an overwhelming negative reaction, and RPC-323-A will attempt to come back into contact with RPC-323 by any means necessary.

RPC-323-1 is a board labeled "NES Test Station", and RPC-323-2 is a board labeled "Super NES Counter Tester". RPC-323-1 is composed of one knob, ten metallic buttons, and three LED buttons. When RPC-323-1's knob is used, a white cursor will appear on the screen, similar to that of a personal computer. The cursor's location corresponds to the direction the knob is being turned at. It should be noted that the technology that RPC-323 utilizes would not be able to support cursor movement, however; RPC-323-1 seems to ignore this fact, and the process functions properly regardless. The purpose for the rest of the metallic and LED buttons are currently unknown, as they do not physically effect RPC-323. RPC-323-2 provides similar function to RPC-323-1, aside from the fact RPC-323-2 possesses a component used to insert cartridges into the system. Any cartridge inserted into RPC-323-2 functions properly, regardless of the system it was initially intended for.

RPC-323 has shown the ability to completely alter basic technological rules, and has produced audio quality, graphics, and frame-rates at a much higher value than the operating system would normally allow. Additionally, RPC-323 has the ability to give in-game personas to gain sentience, and are able to communicate with a audio quality higher than the system would allow. These sentient personas are created by all affected cartridges that have been inserted into RPC-323. Any cartridge inserted into RPC-323 will cause the in-game personas to gain these sapient abilities, and these abilities will cease when the cartridge is placed in another system that supports the cartridge type.

Discovery: RPC-323 was recovered from the ████ family's home in 198█. RPC-323 was purchased by the family, not knowing its anomalous effects. No family members had come into contact with RPC-323 long enough to trigger the memetic effects. The Authority's attention was brought to RPC-323 when 19 year old ████ ████ had become an instance of RPC-323-A and murdered his parents. ████ ████ was put into custody by the local police force shortly after. MST Romeo-7, who posed as an employee from the unidentified electronic shop; supplied a non-anomalous replacement device under the guise that RPC-323 was a defective copy of the system.

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