Memory Man



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Registered Phenomena Code: 330

Object Class: Beta-Orange (Pending ████████ classification. see Memorandum 330-GD))

Hazard Types: Organic Hazard, Sapient Hazard

Containment Procedures: RPC-330 is to be primarily contained in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-026, approximately 4.5 meters long and 4.5 meters wide. The containment cell is to be considered a primary target to defend in the event of a raid by a hostile GoI.

Testing on RPC-330 must be approved by Site Director Bechal. RPC-330 is permitted to request recreational items for their containment cell, but these requests must be within reason and approved by the Site Director.

Description: RPC-330 is a Caucasian male, formerly known as Michael Belrose, approximately 35 years of age, 72.5 kilograms in weight, and 2 meters in height.

RPC-330 has displayed the ability to recall the memories of any deceased subject with near-perfect accuracy if provided a name, regardless of whether RPC-330 has made contact with the subject or not. This anomalous recollection has been tested and shown to allow RPC-330 to recall events and information known only by the subject, as well as bypass any mental blockers or cognitohazards used to conceal them. RPC-330 is able to take amnestics to temporarily forget a memory, but can recall the memory if needed and provided with the target's identity once again.

RPC-330 has stated that during periods in which he is not focusing on retrieving specific memories, he can 'receive' memories from subjects who have previously been unknown to RPC-330 at random (there appears to be no specific order in which anonymous memories are recieved). However, if the subject's name is located during these memories, RPC-330 will be able to focus and recall specific memories from the individual. RPC-330 reports that he experiences both known and unknown individuals' memories at random when not concentrating, and is not in control of which memories he cycles between during these periods.

RPC-330 states that he has limited control over which memories he is able to access, but through a brief period of concentration can attempt to 'force' himself to recall the memories of a certain individual, provided RPC-330 is aware of the individual's name. This process is described as being “extremely painful” to RPC-330, though the procedure has no identified harmful after-effects.

RPC-330 first contacted the Authority on July 8, 2015, claiming that he was attacked in his home several days prior by unknown assailants and was able to discover the location of Site-026 by accessing the memory of Herman Scheving, a former Authority Researcher killed during a containment breach of RPC-███. After being spotted by Authority guards, RPC-330 agreed to turn himself in provided he received a chance to meet with Site Director Bechal and explain the reason for his intrusion.

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