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Medical Director Hall here.

Further analysis reveals that the RPC-341 file saved on the isolated server at Site-981 recognized all staff stationed there as the owner, therefore making them RPC-341-2 instances- this is why staff assigned to the site after the download, including myself, were not also infected. Interestingly, given the impossibility of all impregnated staff having been inseminated at the same time even with RPC-341's anomalous compulsion, it seems as though the RPC-341-3 instances coordinated their own "births".

However- several of the entities survived, albeit incapacitated. I would like to preserve them for study. We haven't let any live longer than a couple of days at most, and I'm curious just how intelligent they actually are. RPC-341 itself revealed nothing, it's gibberish code within a gibberish file, but the -3's show promise. You can see in the autopsy how they can survive, in a sense, long after death.

Jack didn't think it'd go anywhere, but I can promise you that this has potential for the Research Division if not the Authority at large. Surely you of all people can see that. The late Dr. Jack Nicoles thought that we, that you, weren't capable of consistent containment of this, but we're stronger than that.

Find attached to this email the archived RPC-341 page and certain logs I felt were appropriate. The documentation on this is astounding, and I know you're a busy man, so I went with what was more relevant to the proposal.

- Dr. Gerald Langford Hall

Attached file:




Registered Phenomena Code: 341

Containment Rating: Gamma

Lethality Rating: Purple
h-aggression.png Aggression h-grouped.png Grouped h-biohazard.png Bio-Hazard h-mechanical.png Mechanical h-organic.png Organic h-regenerative.png Regenerative

Photograph of hostile RPC-341-3 instance. Distortion due to recent birthing event.

Containment Protocol: Authority Webcrawlers ψ-0847 and γ-1934 are to regularly screen indexed websites for signs of RPC-341 presence. Any websites with detected RPC-341 instances are to be screened, the host IP tracked, and the website taken down. Any civilian report, document, or written record of an RPC-341-3 birthing events are to be suppressed and removed according to standard disinformation protocol after analysis.

RPC-341-3 instances are to be neutralized on-sight, and the remains incinerated. Ashes are to be disposed of via standard procedure1.

RPC-341-2 instances are to undergo a cesarean section to extract and terminate the RPC-341-3 entity, monitored by armed staff. RPC-341-2 instances are then to be sterilized and amnesticized with Class G-1 amnestics and reconditioned by medical personnel, although if extended recondition is necessary, subjects can be moved to RDS Area-981.

Any reports or information regarding RPC-341 is to be delivered to the head of the RPC-341 project, currently Head Researcher Jack Nicoles.

Description: RPC-341 is a file found throughout the internet at large. Instances of RPC-341 have a variety of file names but are generally created as executable files. Titles vary depending on the RPC-341-1 instance. These files are normally found on a website (hereafter referred to as RPC-341-1) generated by unknown means.

RPC-341-1 is the designation for websites created for the purposes of spreading RPC-341. These websites are typically in the format of a web-log (commonly referred to as a "blog") hosted on a wide variety of platforms, but most tend to be in a text version, regularly updated with advice, stories, or answers to questions sent in by viewers of the blog- who updates or maintains these websites is unknown. While they appear non-anomalous, it is believed that the RPC-341-1 instances are capable of memetic attraction of certain audiences, although certain theories suggest that it is not an anomalous effect but simply the design of the RPC-341-1 instance.

Regardless, the RPC-341-1 instances are stylized as a "support blog" for those suffering from a wide variety of conditions, specifically, ones that cause sterility or incapability of reproduction/childbirth in general. The RPC-341-1 instance will give advice to those affected by these conditions, and while they tend to offer a wide variety of means, after a certain period they begin to recommend "using" RPC-341 as a "cure" to their conditions, although in what way beyond downloading the file is rarely, if ever, specified. This stage tends to occur after about three to five months after the creation of the RPC-341-1 instance. While the creator of RPC-341-1 is currently unknown, the sites are hosted by systems containing an instance of RPC-341.

RPC-341-2 is the designation for those who have downloaded the RPC-341 file and have been deemed by the RPC as the "owner" of the host computer. By what process RPC-341 determines the "owner" of the computer is unknown, but analysis suggests the victim will be the one using the computer at the time of the download, although exceptions exist. RPC-341-2 will be "infected" by RPC-341, and the specific symptoms vary by biological sex.

Male instances will be, over the course of several months (although the rate of repair varies between subjects and ailments), 'healed' of a wide variety of diseases, illnesses, and conditions that cause infertility or general inability to reproduce. Their semen, however, will inseminate an instance of RPC-341-3 in a biologically female partner, resulting in them also being classified as an instance of RPC-341-2. In a female instance, they will also undergo a similar healing process, albeit with increased speed, being fully capable of carrying a pregnancy to full term within 2-4 weeks. However, whenever they are inseminated in any capacity by any viable biological male, the resulting fetus will invariably be an instance of RPC-341-3.

It is assumed that most RPC-341-2 instances experience a memetic compulsion to engage in reproduction for the purposes of insemination, although this is currently under study. Extensive testing has determined that RPC-341 will not affect non-humans in any capacity.

Beyond this point, whether or not the host was directly infected by RPC-341 download is irrelevant. The fetus will develop as a biologically standard human, and the gender of the child will vary- the odds of either biological sex do not seem to change from a typical pregnancy. While RPC-341-2 instances often report feeling bursts of pain, drowsiness, or even narcolepsy, the pregnancy is otherwise non-anomalous.

Eventually, as the pregnancy reaches the final stage, the child will exit the vagina as in a typical birth. However, as it emerges, it will undergo sudden, rapid, anomalous growth and development of biological and artificial tissue and material, with notable complexity. The final stage of the entity upon "birth" is a living, animate composite of several artificial and biological materials, composed of metallic plates, computer boards, human flesh, skin, and bone. Instances have been recorded to have grown multiple arms, legs, and heads on a single body.

Birthing events typically cause severe electronic interference, lasting several minutes or possibly hours after birth.

The RPC-341-3 instance is invariably hostile. Immediate neutralization will be required. Anomalous characteristics have been noted in the ashes produced via incineration, but investigation is still ongoing.

Addendum 341-2.d: Medical Analysis

Addendum 341-4: Operation Logs

Addendum 341-5: Classification Update

Addendum 341-6: Contaiment Breach Logs

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