RPC-343 instances removed from storage for the purpose of taking this photograph.


Registered Phenomena Code: 343

Object Class: Omega - White

Hazard Types: Grouped - Contact

Containment Protocols: Online auctions and other collection avenues are to be monitored for any RPC-343 which is not yet contained by the Authority. The specific formulation for creating RPC-343 is classified.

Expired instances of RPC-343 have diminishing anomalous effects, although their continued existence in the wild risks wider incidents of contamination.

Research into RPC-343's potential for inconsistent secondary effects is ongoing.

Description: RPC-343 is a carbonated soft drink manufactured by unknown parties and inserted into the production line of multinational beverage corporations. Following purchase, RPC-343 will transfigure from whichever brand of soda the subject purchased into an obscure or nonexistent variant.

Opening RPC-343 expels insects, snakes, and small rodents for approximately 30 seconds, before RPC-343 and all animate matter which emerged melt into slag and become inert.

Prior to opening, instances of RPC-343 constantly transfigure any aluminum cola cans in their vicinity thus creating additional instances of RPC-343. The rate at which non-anomalous cola becomes more RPC-343 is unknown, as observation of RPC-343’s effect outside of testing remains limited in scope.

Consuming the insects produced by RPC-343 will cause the subject to experience mild to severe gastrointestinal distress.

There have been reports of RPC-343 manifesting spontaneously in places where aluminum soda cans are stored in congregation. It is not currently known what stage of production causes RPC-343's effect, or even if it is a deliberate effort instead of an anomalous production error.

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