RPC-352 inside its containment unit.
(Captured: 1946)1


Registered Phenomena Code: 352

Object Class: Alpha-Orange

Hazard Types: Teleportation Hazard, Extra-Dimensional Hazard, Visual Hazard, Contact Hazard.

Containment Protocols: RPC-352 is an active psychological and visual threat to staff. It is to be contained within a 5m² cell behind two lockable doors, only operable by their respective keycards. RPC-352 is to rest atop a small podium, surrounded by a bolted steel casing. Dematerialization and reappearances of the anomaly are both predictable and expected; the object will always return to the exact location of its disappearance. Staff are not to view RPC-352 during dematerialization, nor are they to touch it unless previously authorized by assigned researchers.

Description: RPC-352 is a Victorian-styled lantern oil lamp believed to have been manufactured between 1885 and 1906 by the ████████ Company. While RPC-352 is predicted to be over 100 years old the object shows very little sign of age or damage. The lantern measures 30cm in height and 8cm in base width. Every 14 days, RPC-352 will dematerialize from baseline reality, leaving behind a small circle of rust where it stood.

RPC-352 will flare up approximately 30s before dematerialization. It is theorized that RPC-352 possesses the ability to warp into alternate realities, or time periods within its current reality, when dematerializing. Further proof of this lies in widely-varying reality signatures present in the object.

RPC-352's flame poses a cognitive risk to observers. Onlookers will be subject to imagery from realities previously visited by the lamp, some of which may be graphically disturbing or visually hazardous. Physical contact with the object is also dangerous if it is not first tested by research staff as coming into contact with the object also activates the hazardous effects. While short-lived, these images can cause long-lasting psychological trauma and even psychogenic death from emotional shock.

RPC-352's properties do not transfer to visual media. Photography or artwork depicting RPC-352 will not trigger any anomalous effects.

Research personnel believe RPC-352 the key for advancements in the field of Interdimensional Travel, as evidenced by depictions from its visual hazard matching already-catalogued realities. It has been proposed by Dr. ███████████ that RPC-352 could hold further importance as a pivotal element in the interconnection between realities.

Discovery: RPC-352 was discovered by the Authority in London, █████████ , July 8th, 1932, after locals reported of a possible break-in into one of the abandoned properties of the London Borough of ██████. RPC-352 was found inside a container alongside other non-anomalous antique items of Victorian style. The object was catalogued as hazardous after reported viewing of the flame caused "outward displays of horror and fear" in the present individuals.

Addendum: Further studies have shown that there might exist an infinite number of RPC-352s due to their ability to move to and from various realities. However, it is equally possible that there may only exist a singular instance of RPC-352 across all known realities.

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