RPC-352 instances found in Oregon.


Registered Phenomena Code: 352

Object Class: Beta Red1

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-aggression.png Aggression h-grouped.png Grouped h-sapient.png Sapient h-regenerative.png Regenerative

Containment Protocols: RPC-352 structures are currently scattered across the American northwest and the Canadian southwest. All structures found that belong to RPC-352 are to be brought to the Site-031-1 nature reserve, Site-038, Site-002 or Site-062 with more than 5 containment chambers2 at each site due to the sheer amount of RPC-352 instances that currently exist.3

Description: RPC-352 refers to a supercolony of Camponotus pennsylvanicus.4 RPC-352 instances vary in physical abilities compared to that of a non-anomalous Camponotus pennsylvanicus. Though RPC-352 instances can easily be identified due to their increased size, width and organ structure. Instances can be identified by their habitats which appear as small wooden huts constructed of small sticks, these huts have measurements of 30³ in height and width.

RPC-352 instances bear a larger and more complex system of organs for the creation and distribution of pheromones but are otherwise anatomically identical to a non-anomalous member of Camponotus pennsylvanicus. DNA testing has also revealed significant abnormalities in the body structure in RPC-352 instances. RPC-352 instances follow a typical oligogyny ant colony structure.5

Upon encountering unprocessed wood,6 RPC-352 scouts will emit a pheromone from the mandibles. Instances of
RPC-352 typically associated with constructing and maintaining structures will seek out these pheromones while being assisted by large quantities of workers and will transport the wood to the hive and proceed to carve the wood into various objects commonly constructed out of wood by humans, for example, a couch. RPC-352 instances will then place the object within the hive.

RPC-352 instances can be extremely aggressive when it comes to defending their structures, going as far as to take apart and utilize CSD-8657's body as building material7. RPC-352 instances have also been observed to regenerate when the pheromones are sprayed over them. Though this will only work on expired RPC-352 instances if they expired less than 15 minutes ago.

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