Registered Phenomena Code: 353

Object Class: Gamma-Purple

Hazard Types: Transmutation, Radiation, Ecological, Extra-Terrestrial


RPC-353 in its natural state

Containment Protocols: Kept within a standard containment area with liquid nitrogen dispersal units arranged to have total coverage of the containment cell. Any attempt to physically deconstruct the surrounding walls and structures are prevented through releasing liquid nitrogen into the chamber. The temperature of the chamber is to be kept at below zero to reduce the capability of RPC-353 outside of testing.

After Containment Breach 001, all sources of power within the containment area have been removed and manual limits on energy consumption has been implemented to prevent RPC-353 from siphoning without limit if RPC-353 reaches any form of power during a breach. A layer of the crystal material RPC-353 produces has been requisitioned and installed inside the entire containment area for radiation shielding to reduce hazard to personnel and prevent any attempt at communication from breaching the site.

Possible relocation to Site ██ due to the temperature reducing the possibility of escape due to the arctic climate impeding movement has been formally rejected due to a possible repeat of the ████ event site wide. A slurry of easily digested matter such as scrap material or biological waste is provided every 6 hours to reduce resistance by RPC-353 .

Discovery: Found within the ████ Mountains after an Incident concerning multiple campers in the mountain range. After a misinformation campaign was successfully carried out, RPC-353 was relocated to Site-007 without resistance, possibly due to RPC-353 being in a form of stasis due to its prolonged exposure to the elements.

Description: RPC-353 is a liquid organism resembling liquid metal in appearance that has the capacity to alter material that it envelopes in material composition and shape. RPC-353 has shown a constant compulsion to consume any form of available matter with no visible or observable effect to itself pertaining to mass. "If RPC-353 has not consumed any form of matter within approximately 4 hours, it will become more active and less compliant, attempting to consume its own containment area. Despite RPC-353 not displaying any perceivable changes when starved, it appears to have a biological or psychological necessity to continuously consume matter."

RPC-353 physical state allows itself to endure physical damage to the extent that substantial damage is only possible after exposing RPC-353 to a cryogenic substance such as liquid nitrogen for a prolonged period. Regeneration after damage can take 7 to 10 days.

RPC-353 Crystalline Substance: RPC-353 has shown to have the ability to reform and excrete matter it has ingested, transforming it into a form of crystalline structure which it has used to create small structures. When damaged, RPC-353 has an increased consumption rate of material but with a reduced production of the crystal material.

The crystalline material produced by RPC-353 has potential as a form of power storage as the crystals seem to have an immense capacity to absorb and retain energy. Testing has shown it being able to successfully absorb heat and radiation within the extremes. It has near complete protection against fission reactions while being used as shielding and has kept ice frozen for 6 and ½ hours, with the crystal material in direct contact with an acetylene torch.

Industrial usage such as using a minor amount inlaid within circuity has increased thermal exchange far beyond that of most conventional material when accounting for the amount of material, while also recycling heat back into energy. Paired with high durability relative to weight and it’s relative ease of production, usage in forms of space flight, power production, protective measures and among other projects are being strongly considered by Containment.

Containment Breach 001: 4 weeks prior to breaching containment, RPC-353s behaviour changed significantly, starting to construct 4 larger, more intricate spire structures approximately half the height of its habitat. The possibility of a containment breach was deemed unlikely at this time, and this process went by uninterrupted.

After RPC-353 constructed the array of spires, it proceeded to feed energy into the spires, by forcing a spike of the crystal material through the walls and directly into the wires of the electrical countermeasures which carry a voltage of 250 volts. Before the electrical connection was shut down, the energy in the spires reached the necessary amount for RPC-353 to produce a high energy pulse of radiation, blinding staff and disrupted containment measures. The resulting pulse caused personnel to feel nausea, intense pain behind the eyes and a severe increase in energy levels bordering on mania as well as burns, blindness and radiation sickness. The pulse penetrated the site and reached the upper atmosphere before dispersing.

Consequences of containment Breach 001: Multiple layers of protective material were damaged in the breach from the intense radiation and heat. All electronic equipment must be adequately shielded with the appropriate materials as the contamination to the containment cell is severe and will damage most electronic devices irreparably within an hour.

After containment was re-established, RPC-353 attempted to construct another network of spires in order to induce another electrical shortage. These attempts were promptly destroyed and taken for study. Allowing RPC-353 to generate another pulse in a controlled environment has been considered to assist pinpointing any instances that may be in hiding has been considered but the consequences if RPC-353 learns to adapt the pulses to breach the atmosphere are a grave concern.

Radiation Pulses: Moments after pulse degradation, multiple points across Earth generated a similarly charged pulse, coinciding with multiple events of unexplained violent outbursts and bursts of light in line with RPC-353 capabilities. Work is underway to locate the sources and contain any instance of RPC-353 that may be responsible.

Multiple areas where response pulses were broadcast have already been pinpointed such as the [REDACTED] in Mexico and recovery teams are underway in containment. Approximately 4 hours after the pulse breached the site, the ████ Mountain range crash site sent out a pulse matching the energy type but with a vastly lower energy density. A second dig team sent to investigate was dispatched soon after.

The Spire Network: During the second expedition of the cavern where RPC-353 was discovered, a network of interlinked crystal spires mimicking that which led to containment breach 001 was found on a lower level of the cavern. Research suggests after a response pulse triggered the spires, it released a low energy pulse of its own, strong enough to damage the cavern walls but weak enough to only reach a short distance before losing cohesion, approximately 50 kilometers away from the cavern. The spire structures appear to be damaged, multiple cracks within the spires as well as the brittleness of the crystal from a lack of a strong energy source may be the cause for the much stronger psychological effect on the ████ Mountain campers.

Ambient radiation left by the spire pulse prevents most forms of devices not sufficiently shielded from radiation, adapting RPC-353 crystal substance into a form of radiation shielding to prevent this damage is in progress.

Analysis of the pulses created by the spire network appears to be a form of communication judging from the composition of the energy and the size of the pulses which allows instances of RPC-353 to communicate and coordinate. Testing using the confiscated spires shows them absorbing and storing the energy wave, working as a form of antenna as well as being able to amplify energy to transmit messages. The usage of dangerously high powered waves of radiation to send long distances may assist in tracking by researching local radiological readings in suspected zones. Its apparent difficulty with working in an atmospheric environment may show that RPC-353 was not designed to interact with a planet with an atmosphere like ours.

Instances of RPC-353 appear to be using a form of courier system, responding to pulses detected by broadcasting one of their own in order to detect others of their kind. It seems to also work as a form of activation signal, waking instances of RPC-353 out of stasis. Instances and activities of behaviour and geological changes matching RPC-353 profile increased substantially after Containment Breach 001.

No pulse was detected leaving the atmosphere and there were no response pulses on any planetary body outside of Earth and no activity outside the solar system.

As activation of RPC-353 seems to have occurred relatively recently, within the past 80 to 100 years by the rate of transformation in the crash site. Reason for activation is unknown but a probable cause may be a signal sent during 1956, intercepted by a satellite.

Analysis has shown a similarity to the pulses RPC-353 with the main Incongruent trait being the 1956 pulse carrying substantially more information, possibly instructions and forms of biological programming. For unknown reasons, it appeared to have suffered substantial degradation, with records showing the 1956 pulse being on the verge of dispersing before even breaching the atmosphere. The reasons for sending such a signal with such immense damage is unknown but may be directly linked to RPC-353 showing low intelligence and a single minded need for consumption.

The possibility of a self corrective mechanism such as a self diagnostic is high considering the complexity and sheer distance from any form of assistance may self correct the defects present in RPC-353 , possibly leading to a substantially more dangerous threat or may reduce the threat to a much safer level. RPC-353 has shown a limited growth in intelligence and little to no adaptive reasoning emerging despite being in containment for a myriad of years, precluding any form of rapid self enhancement.

The status of a possible catastrophe, malfunction or unintended broadcast of the signal by the precursor race is entirely unknown. The damage inflicted to instances of RPC-353 intelligence may caused them to become rouge and malfunction, possibly never being intended to terraform inhabited planets.

Staff are heavily advised to refrain from using the term "Retarded illegal alien gardeners" in reference to RPC-353 despite it not being inherently inaccurate. Professionalism is highly valued within the authority as well as mutual respect. RPC-353 despite lacking in intelligence is an utmost threat to the safety of humanity and must be treated accordingly in every way.

Potential objectives of RPC-353 :
The intelligence of RPC-353 making the likelihood of it achieving spaceflight highly improbable and its abilities in synthesizing material into an efficient energy production and storage device may point towards RPC-353 being a artificially created being designed for a singular purpose as a form of vanguard. RPC-353 may act as a terraformer, creating arrays of energy or storage super structures with the production capacity of entire planets if not solar systems.

The sheer amount of storage capacity an entire fully transmuted solar system could hold all information humanity has ever created, transcribed and learned billions of times over at the lowest estimate or hold enough energy to power hundreds of Earths until the end of the universe.

The capacity of these structures may suggest some alien race which may be turning entire solar systems into essentially a form of Matrioshka brain, with the computing power and storage capacity far beyond that of anything humanity has created or turning entire planets and solar systems into massive solar arrays to produce immense amounts of energy for consumption. Construction of more holding cells as well as adaption of satellite systems to detect any unpowered craft is top priority.

The possibility of activation across the solar system once a pulse activates any instance outside of Earth is high and would lead to a total and unstoppable transmutation of the solar system due to the difficulty of containment. Moon transmutation would affect all life on Earth as the moon's mass decreases from the lighter material replacing the natural geology and immensely decreased reflective surface area would lead to ecological disruption across Earth for centuries.

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