The Dark Lord



4.2 stars


Physical copies of this document inscribed on vellum and papyrus scrolls are readily available for personnel stationed at OL-Site-CA.


A sketch of RPC-370, created by Dr. V. Locke.


Registered Phenomena Code: 370

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard, Extreme Temperature Hazard, Organic Hazard, Regenerative Hazard

Project Personnel Info


Assigned Facility: OL-Site-CA

Research Lead & Containment Director: Dr. Vincent Locke


Containment Protocols: As RPC-370 and all related phenomena are located solely within Cair Aisling, traditional technology is unable to be utilized for containment purposes.

RPC-370 is self-contained within RPC-370-11. The perimeter of RPC-370-1 is to be guarded by at least 10 ASF personnel at all times. An outpost has been established 34 metres north of RPC-370-1's entrance, where personnel are instructed to reside when researching RPC-370.

Description: RPC-370 is a humanoid entity measuring 4.5 metres in height2. Two 1.42 metre long horns, which each resemble that of a male Ovis, jut from both sides of the head, which are black in coloration, and are nearly identical to obsidian when viewed on the molecular level3. Its skull is similar to that of a Megaloceros giganteus4, measuring 0.2 metres across. RPC-370 is covered in a thick layer of grey, matted fur, which has not been observed shedding or growing past 24 centimetres.

While not being particularly agile, RPC-370 has the ability to lift objects weighing more than 2000 kilograms. In addition, RPC-370's stomach houses an anomalous flame, orange light clearly visible within RPC-370's throat and stomach. Embers and smoke are regularly expelled from RPC-370's mouth.

In RPC-370's possession is a large leather cloak, and a walking staff composed of bone. RPC-370 claims that its staff is a dysfunctional "magical catalyst," a "Philosopher's stone" once situated at its tip. The staff is noticeably damaged.

RPC-370 has identified itself as "Malibos Kannocte," the previous ruler of a now-defunct kingdom known as "Great Exaltia." According to RPC-370, the entity belongs to a race of semi-divine bipeds called "Archdragons," which were rendered near-extinct by the Empire during a war which took place approximately 700 years before the Corrupting Wars.

RPC-370-1 is a large sinkhole located 3 kilometres north of the northernmost tip of the Sirencoves, surrounded by the Desert region. Suspended 3 metres below RPC-370-1's mouth is a flat, spacial anomaly, appearing as a wall of spectral fire stretched along the rim of the sinkhole. This anomaly is orange in coloration, and does not interact with most organisms which pass through; personnel are able to enter RPC-370-1 without complication. However, in the event that RPC-370 is within its immediate vicinity, the anomaly will blacken. RPC-370 is unable to exit RPC-370-1, instead coming into contact with the spacial anomaly as if it were a solid object.

Approximately 700 thaumaturgical runes have been carved into the sediment along the spacial anomaly's edges, resembling those found in the Spirelands.

Discovery: The Authority learned of RPC-370-1 after ASF personnel were informed by Taur Ingleic, an elven sorcerer working in Thievesport. After more word of a "Dark Lord" was received by locals at OL-Site-CA, Researcher Strauss elected to investigate the area where RPC-370-1 was told to be located.

After travelling to the Sirencoves on horseback, Strauss met an elderly gnomish woman living in the small, relatively unknown village of Esthir. After a short talk, the woman agreed to give Strauss directions to RPC-370-1.

Addendum 370.1: Interview Logs 370.1-.4

Note: The following logs were either recorded during the interview or written afterwards from memory.




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