Registered Phenomena Code: 374

Object Class: Gamma-Orange

Hazard Types: Teleportation, Visual, Update 12/2/2020: Aggression

Containment Protocols: Webcrawlers and special agents are to be used to monitor, but not remove1, instances of RPC-374. Agents are to be dispatched to intercept instances of Lepidodendron manifested by the anomaly; live instances recovered are to be stored at Site-035's botany wing.


An RPC-374 instance on Facebook. Coordinates have been redacted.


A manifested Lepidodendron currently being kept at Site-035.

Description: RPC-374 designates social media posts relating to the anomalous manifestation of plants resembling those in the extinct genus Lepidodendron2. Instances vary in format, aesthetics, and language, but are always highly aggressive in tone and generally include reconstructions of Lepidodendron, an assertion of the existence of the genus at a vague future timeframe, and a set of coordinates down to the 9th decimal place. Posters of RPC-374 appear to have no recollection of posting said instance and also appear to be unable to perceive the posted RPC-374 instance, possibly due to an antimemetic effect.

Instances which share a set of coordinates and time are grouped into RPC-374-A instances. When an instance of RPC-374-A receives a large number of total views, an RPC-374-T type event occurs, manifesting 1-5 instances of a fully grown member of the Lepidodendron genus at the time and coordinates specified by the posts. The exact number of views necessary to cause this effect appears to change with the RPC-374-A instance and is hard to pin down due the nature of the anomaly, but general estimates range from 5,000 to 27,000 total views.

Following the timeframe specified within the posts, RPC-374 instances will self-delete.

There appears to be no limit as to where an RPC-374-T type event can occur, having been recorded to manifest instances of Lepidodendron underground, in populated city areas, beneath the ocean, in low Earth orbit, etc. If the space specified for manifestation is already taken up by other matter, it will simply disappear and be replaced with the Lepidodendron instance. As of now, an average of 37 RPC-374-T type events occur annually.


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