As of January 22nd, 2021, and in light of recent events, the Presidium’s Office of Financial Affairs (OFA) has decided: material, scientific, and security spending jurisdictions, alongside current diplomatic and economic affairs regarding RPC-416, -1, and -1A, including all traded material, will be transferred from their respective operational divisions to the Office of Financial Affairs (or other respective Presidium sub-departments) as a result of subpar financial handling by Division officers worldwide over the past months. The economic relevance of RPC-416 was deemed too crucial to allow mismanagement. Changes made at our discretion may be highlighted in orange.

For information or requests concerning RPC-416, contact Head of Finances Hector Magnus at cpr.ytirohtua|afosungamrotceh#cpr.ytirohtua|afosungamrotceh

- The Presidium, Authority Administration


Registered Phenomena Code: 416

Item Type: Location

Lethality Rating: Orange

Hazard Types: Grouped Hazard, Sapient Hazard.

Involved Research and Presidium Personnel: Dr. Muhammad McCarthy - Agent Jonah Lavoe - Head of Finances Hector Magnus - Secretary of Finances Erica Tremblay - Diplomacy Deputy Valentino Romano

Abstract: RPC-416 is an extra-dimensional rift located in Whitestone, Russia. Different types of entities have been shown to exit this rift, as well as allowing entrance into its reality of origin. Interaction and commerce with entities exiting RPC-416 is only permitted to selected personnel within the Research Division. personnel authorized by the OFA.

Safe Handling and Usage: RPC-416 is currently self-contained within Whitestone, Russia, where OL-Site-416 has been constructed for the purpose of diplomatic improvement with RPC-416-1 and the exploration and archival of information regarding ALTR-AC18, which are under the jurisdiction of the Department for Cultural Affairs, the Department of Higher-Dimensional Studies, and the Office of Financial Affairs. Furthermore, small teams from the History and Biology Departments of the OAS as well as Protocol Laboratory have been permanently stationed within OL-Site-416 with the objective of studying, cataloging, and researching all objects and information that may be acquired from RPC-416-1 or any other manifesting entity. A provisional office for the Anomalous Commerce department has been set up in OL-Site-416 as well for the study of traded goods with RPC-416-1.

Containment Division’s Engineering Component has been tasked with the construction and sustaining of the current Apatite mining operation in Whitestone with the monetary and labor support of RPC-416-1A as per the “Financial and Cooperation Act of Whitestone'' signed by RPC-416-1A and the Office Of Financial Affairs with the Office of Diplomatic Relations acting as an intermediary. This document outlines the exchange of Canadian Dollars1 and anomalous technology from ALTR-AC18 in return for the continuous functioning of Whitestone’s mining operation.

Additionally, a two-way railway system going through ALTR-AC18, RPC-416, and Site-1152 has been constructed by the Engineering Component for the ease of material transport of goods and assets between the two parties, serving too as a transport method for RPC-416-1 instances.

RPC-416-1A, alongside his chosen associates have been granted permission by the Authority to work within the Office of Financial Affairs as economic consultants, salesmen, auditors, and trade workers. This permission does not possess a defined deadline, and shall be kept in place until such a time the Authority no longer suffers from the economic burdens caused by the recent loss of government funding.


Lyosha Rebrokost, an instance of RPC-416-1 and FSN citizen.

Description: RPC-416 is the designation for a spatial rift located within the abandoned mining town of Whitestone, Sakha, Russia. RPC-416 leads to ALTR-AC18, an alternate reality in which the course of human history has been severely altered by the common knowledge and widespread availability of anomalies. The functioning of the machinery used to open and stabilize RPC-416 is poorly understood due to the refusal of RPC-416-1A to allow Authority personnel near it. The main property of RPC-416 is its functionality as a 2-way passage for entities within ALTR-AC18, specifically those from the “Free Svith Necropolis”, a nation known to be ALTR-AC18’s analog of Soviet Russia, in which a libertarian revolution led against the then-reigning monarchy resulted in the creation of a highly capitalistic and industrial society. As a result of this, many of its citizens are well versed within various fields of economics and finance, or are otherwise very skilled laborers.

RPC-416-1 is the collective designation for the main inhabitants of the FSN, a species of humanoid entities resembling human skeletons, or decomposing bodies, in the appearance and biology of various ethnicities.3 All RPC-416-1 instances appear to be comprised of naturally formed bones and muscle tissue or commercially manufactured alternatives, referred to as "Luchshekost",4 an alloy comprised 80% of Apatite,5 with the remaining 20% being made up of diverse metalloids such as Silicon and Carbon compounds, which are used in the creation and sustaining of RPC-416-1 instances by the use of both chemical and necromantic rituals.6

It is believed that RPC-416-1 instances are able to exist due to a permanent anomaly affecting the FSN region that causes sentient/sapient organic life to be unable to die of natural causes, instead gradually losing biological functions as the body decays and eventually leaving only the skeletal structure.7 Bones only decay a few years after the total loss of all other organic matter. This has led citizens of the nation to be, on average, more than 200 years old, with immigration and manual RPC-416-1 necromancy as their only means of population increase.

RPC-416-1A designates the currently elected president8 of the FSN, named Vladimir Ilyich Znatkost: a prosperous textile company owner and economist, being the one who initially led the revolts against their previous government following the public execution of his sister at the hands of “Great Necromancer Nicholas the III'' for indulging in outlawed necromantic rituals.9 RPC-416-1A is responsible for all actions carried out by the nation as a whole, which are almost unanimously followed by all RPC-416-1 instances, often citing a common saying: “Если не Знаешь, знаткость знает.”10 As of the time of writing, RPC-416-1A has shown to be highly cooperative with Authority personnel.

Additionally, the FSN is in possession of an unknown number of anomalous objects native to ALTR-AC18, those which it has agreed to trade with the Authority in return for the benefits previously mentioned in the Safe Handling and Usage section of this document. A partial list of these objects can be found below;


An instance of RPC-416-2 isolated from its partner.

RPC-416-2 is a type of silicon stone formation found within the Tuluwhai11 Empire’s desert within ALTR-AC18’s midwest African region. The entirety of the Sahara desert within ALTR-AC18’s African continent is a non-Euclidean spatial anomaly on which diverse objects and entities such as RPC-416-2 can be found, being commonly used in Tuluwhaian technology. RPC-416-2’s main property is its ability to become “linked” to a rock of its same kind when rubbed together, making any interaction or disturbance in one happen instantaneously within the other, with the exception of spatial displacement (such as movement). Trade routes between the FSN and the Tuluwhai Empire have allowed for the commercial distribution of this stone in varying sizes, but are still considered small compared to Tuluwhai’s technology.

Office Of Financial Affairs - Applicability Analysis

Economic Value: High - Limited

Details: While RPC-416-2 cannot be publicly distributed by our front companies, its use inside the Authority has shown to be of great advantage for diverse reasons:

  • RPC-416-2, by use of electrical currents, allows for the near-instantaneous transmission of information across great distances. Several terminals across the Authority, including those aboard AEDF vessels, have been outfitted with prototype versions utilizing RPC-416-2 in hopes of achieving wide-spread utilization.
  • RPC-416-2 instances are 10 times cheaper than normal circuitry previously used by the Containment Department of Communications, and are currently being tested within the department as a replacement for current devices.
  • RPC-416-2 also allows for the rudimentary communication of personnel across spaces of compromised coherency, pocket dimensions, or alternate realities. While not as efficient as current methods, it is immensely affordable, and safe from anomalies that may interfere with electrical devices.

Research AETs are currently looking into further applications of RPC-416-2 into the Authority, as well as within currently ongoing projects such as Delta-X.12

One more economic asset of note not highlighted in the previous segment is RPC-416-1 instances themselves. Many citizens of the FSN from various economic classes and backgrounds have agreed to work within the Authority in the EASTCOM region, such as Site-115 and OL-Site-416 in different positions such as economic consultants, researchers, laboring workforce and diplomatic envoys for other government bodies within ALTR-AC18.

Discovery: On January 30th, 2020, several strange sightings of skeletons were reported around the neighboring towns to Whitestone. At first, Authority ACI personnel thought of this as a simple joke or publicity stunt until February the 5th, where the following video from the city of Norilsk16 was released to Youtube:

<Begin Recording>

[Recording starts from the POV of a mall’s security camera.17 It is situated in the upper-right corner of the entrance. A few customers can be seen exiting and entering in a normal manner for approximately two minutes.]

[At around the 2:45 timestamp, an unseen event out-view from the entrance seems to cause many customers to startle. Some retreat into the back ends of the mall while others drop their belongings, making a run for the secondary exit.]

[At 3:11 it is revealed that the unseen event was the arrival of a group of six RPC-416-1 instances - headed by RPC-416-1A - by carriage. The entities slowly enter the mall, apparently admiring the decoration and design of the building. Their pace is slow, as RPC-416-1A is carrying a walking cane, with a heavy limp being visible.]

[The instances make their way towards a CAT shop, their employees still inside unbeknownst to the events taking place. Their eventual arrival appears to frighten the employees and customers, although the instances seem unfazed by their reactions. Eventually making their way to the nearest employee, RPC-416-1A speaks.]

RPC-416-1A: Good evening kamarad [RPC-416-1A vows] Me and my friends have decided that your shop, over any other, would be our place of choice for trade! Be glad, as we have come with many riches from far off lands with only the intent of buying high-quality machinery.

[The arrival of the instances has caused the employee at the counter - hereby called CE - to cower under it, with only a partial section of his head peeking over.]

CE: The uh… Th-The manager is not here now. Please come back later, please.

RPC-416-1A: Then who may be one in charge of this place now?

CE: Technically me but-

[RPC-416-1A bends over the counter to grab CE’s right hand in order to shake it. This results in RPC-416-1A pulling CE over straight in his feet before proceeding to place its left hand too over CE’s. The sensation of bone appears to startle CE, his face turning pale.]

RPC-416-1A: Congratulations on your temporal promotion kamarad, moments like this truly soften one’s spine! Please, take us to see your finest machinery, something that can rattle our bones off our feet!

[CE, with RPC-416-1A’s left arm all over his shoulder, slowly guides them outside of the mall. Several CAT construction vehicles can be seen around the north section of the park, next to the road. Some appear to be undergoing maintenance by an engineer currently wearing headphones]

CE: H-Here they are sir. Can you let me go, please.

RPC-416-1A: What fine vehicles you have here young men! They are almost as good as the ones we have home. How much would it be for all of them! We are currently very busy with our operations and sadly enough, we are unable to bring our own machinery by the rift.

CE: What? Uh, I never considered a situation where someone would buy them all. I really don’t know the exact prices either, the maintenance guy knows but I-

[RPC-416-1A releases CE from its embrace before making its way towards the engineer. The latter is tall and covered in what appears to oil across his body and suit. RPC-416-1A taps on his shoulder.]

[The enginnier - now referred to as EE - turns around and sees RPC-416-1A. It spends a few seconds examining the entity, seemingly unfazed by its appearance.]

EE: What you want?

RPC-416-1A: I have come here to enact the purchase of all your available construction assets of course! I simply wanted to inquire about their total cost before following with the transaction.

[EE toys with a wrench for a moment while thinking.]

EE: Look boss, I’m not one to judge people by their appearance. You look fancy and all, but I don’t know if you got the money for that. We don’t trade with milk here.

RPC-416-1A: Very fun joke my friend! But we came prepared for that, as we always do.

[RPC-416-1A, despite its lack of lips, whistles to the other instances while making hand movements in the air. The instances scatter around and exit by the right-side of the mall. A few minutes go by before they return with a sizable wooden crate, being carried by four instances.]

RPC-416-1A: Here kamarad, is a crate filled with over $30.000.000 Canadian Dollars of the highest quality! I am sure this may suffice for the purchase of the machines.

EE: That stolen?

RPC-416-1A: Of course not! This is authentic money purchased from the Canadian Ministry of Parallel Affairs. It is valid in all stores across the world and across all realities!

EE: And you couldn’t go to the bank to change it?

RPC-416-1A: Well, we tried. But the men from the bank were less receptive than the ones here. You, however, should be fully capable of going through with the transaction!

EE: Look Skeletor, this is what we're gonna do. You give me five million more for taxes and for having to go around trying to find a bank with enough cash to change, and you have a deal.

RPC-416-1A: Do you accept gold as payment?

EE: Sure, why not.

[RPC-416-1A reaches inside his coat, where his torso would be, and retrieves a 1kg 99% gold bar. It then hands it over to EE, who puts it in a bag next to him.]

EE: You just carry that thing around with you?

RPC-416-1A: Yes! What is a man without a little gold on himself?

EE: Wouldn’t know. So, you want me to call some of my guys to deliver this or you taking them there yourselves?

RPC-416-1A: Oh no, we are more than able to take them home ourselves good sir. It has been a pleasure making business with you, few are the times you can find a fellow man of such high marrow. Now if you may turn over the keys of the machinery…

[EE fiddles on his pocket for a bit before giving seven keys to RPC-416-1A.]

EE: Don’t crash into anything.

RPC-416-1A: Of course not!

[RPC-416-1A and the rest of the instances take hold of each vehicle and start exiting the park into the road. RPC-416-1A’s vehicle hits the wire fence in front of it, breaking it, before turning back and driving off with the other instances. EE puts on his headphones once more and returns to his repair labor.]

<End Recording>

Additional Information:

Following the release and subsequent deletion of the video by ACI personnel, surveillance drones began scouting the area in search of the instances. After 2 days, they were able to locate the place on which the instances appeared to originate from: an abandoned mining town named “Whitestone”. The town appeared to have been partially reconstructed by the instances, all of which emanated from a spatial rift in the town’s center. To assess the severity of the situation, an envoy from the Presidium, Valentino Romano,18 was sent to attempt to interview the leading instance, and if possible, come to an agreement for containment.

Additional Information: The following section is a compilation of miscellaneous details, history knowledge, general political insight and more provided by RPC-416-1A or other entities in ALTR-AC18 as well as those gathered by BOA personnel themselves. For additional copies or material not listed below, contact the Director of the Department of Parallel Media and Archive in NORTHCOMS’s Area-189 at cpr.ytirohtua|doownrubsitruc#cpr.ytirohtua|doownrubsitruc

Financial Counseling: In light of RPC-416-1A’s over 160 years of financial and economic knowledge, the Office of Financial Affairs has decided to accept its offer for financial counseling in regards to the economic hardships coming to the Authority as a result of the Fail-Safe incident. The following is a list of interviews and project suggestions that have been performed as of writing. This list may expand or decrease in relationship to the current influx or termination of present financial affairs.

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