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Registered Phenomena Code: 438

Object Class: Alpha-White (Utility)

Hazard Types: Aquatic Hazard, Toxic Hazard, Memory-Alteration Hazard, Extra-Dimensional Hazard.

Containment Protocols: OL-Site-438 has been constructed in the vicinity of RPC-438, known as ████ Lake. Lethium is to be collected on a monthly basis for the manufacturing of amnestics and other related materials. Research and ASF personnel have been permanently stationed in the nearby town of ██████. They are to manage all aspects of RPC-438, including the manufacturing of amnestics at OL-Site-438 together with the continuous ongoing applied Lethium research.

Description: RPC-438 is the designation given to a lake located in ████████, ██████. The lakebed of RPC-438 contains a dimensional anomaly that functions as a one-way entrance for an anomalous substance. This substance is entirely composed of a previously-unknown element, dubbed Lethium (also referred as RPC-438-1) by Research Division personnel. Despite its anomalous source, Lethium easily bonds with carbon atoms, allowing it to safely exist in our reality. Lethium exposure in humans provokes irreversible alterations in the memory centers of the brain, damaging both long and short-term memory. The date and event of origin of RPC-438 are unknown, as its discovery was a consequence of intoxication of nearby inhabitants due to Lethium exposure.

RPC-438 cannot be viewed by the naked human eye, and is only detectable through emissions of Lethium and low-level ionizing radiation.


RPC-438 post-containment.

Lethium is a highly toxic element. As such, handling is only permitted to personnel of OL-Site-438. Due to the dangers of accidental release of Lethium, testing or distillation at other sites is forbidden.

Once distilled, RPC-438-1 is the active component in a variety of amnestic drugs used by the Authority and its affiliate organizations worldwide.

The methods of distillation and manufacturing of amnestics are classified to select Level-4 personnel and the manufacturing team stationed at OL-Site-438. Upon detachment from OL-Site-438, personnel will be administered amnestics targeting long-term memory as means to protect the methods by which Lethium is processed and distilled.

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