Registered Phenomena Code: 466

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Sapient, Organic

Containment Protocols: Whilst not on recess, RPC-466 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber at Site-002. Due to the minimal hazard RPC-466's anomalous property poses to Authority personnel, and its relative compliance with Authority protocol, no further containment procedures have been deemed necessary.

Description: RPC-4661 is a human male, aged 27, weighing 60kg and standing at 1.75 meters. RPC-466's primary anomalous property can be observed in its right arm, which possesses qualities similar to that of a coil-spring. By compressing and releasing this limb2, RPC-466 is able to produce energy in the form of pressurized air, which is released through a 1cm hole on RPC-466's palm. This effect is roughly comparable in force to that of a house fan.

RPC-466 claims to have acquired its anomalous properties through a procedure preformed by an unknown individual3 it met at a bar, for a price of $12,000 USD. For further details, please see the addendum.

Addendum.466.1: Discovery

Addendum.466.2: Interview Log

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