Registered Phenomena Code: 477

Containment Rating: Gamma

Lethality Rating: White
h-ideological.png Ideological h-memory-alteration.png Memory Alteration h-incorporeal.png Incorporeal


MRI scan of 477-positive subject

Containment Protocols: Authority internet vigilance services will filter mentions of "John Chase Patterson", "49 years old", and "dementia" among other related keywords in order to evaluate and submit them for review, provided they are found in relationship with each other. Resulting datasets will help locate and apprehend 477-positive subjects for interrogation, amnesticization and release.

Due to resource constraints and insufficient room, 477-positive subjects may not be contained. They will be added to a specialized watch-list and remotely monitored in search of any potential abnormalities and deviations from expected behavior. Relocation of 477-positive subjects is authorized when two are known to be too proximate to each other in order to prevent public awareness.

RPC-477-α is contained on Site-013, under the impression that it is an unspecified mental health institution. Information regarding the Authority and his condition is being withheld. 477-positive subjects may not be made aware of their mutual existence or RPC-477-α's, or vice versa.

Containment Addendum: RPC-477-α may not be questioned regarding his lost memories and/or psychological irregularities. His "phantom pain" has been interpreted as a potentially negative sign and lines of conversation known to provoke it are to be avoided.

Research regarding memetic pathogens of great complexity, infectiousness and psychological influence is being conducted.

Description: RPC-477 designates a rare neurophysiological phenomenon that can occur during non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep, characterized by an unexplained pattern of neural oscillation that triggers a chain of abnormal behavior in affected individuals.

Changes in behavior are consistent across all cases, with all affected persons (denominated 477-positive) becoming more similar as time progresses: virtually all 477-positive individuals perceive themselves as a human male aged 49, and adopt the name "John Chase Patterson".

The first sign of occurrence of RPC-477 is a repeated failure to initiate rapid eye movement (REM) sleep: where normal sleeping patterns alternate between REM and NREM sleep in regular intervals of 90 minutes, 477-positive individuals alternate between Stages 2 and 3 of NREM sleep in irregular intervals.

Starting from the initial point of REM failure (on average after 1hr, 30m since sleep onset) Stage 3 is predominant, rapidly interrupted by brief intervals of Stage 2 sleep. Periods of Stage 2 sleep are synchronous with abnormal bursts of activity across the frontal and occipital lobes of the brain, which extend into the longer Stage 3 periods. These bursts of activity are most likely associated with dreaming.

As time progresses, Stage 2 interruptions become more frequent. After 3hr 45m since the initial point of REM failure on average, the alternations cease and are followed by a period of Stage 1 sleep (30m average), in which theta activity is continuous. Upon the conclusion of this period, the victim awakens.

After this point, 477-positive subjects gradually become more dissatisfied with their identity and personal achievements, choosing to adopt certain common patterns of behavior, ideological elements, and aspects of identity to cope with these feelings. This results in the construction of a universal personality profile that all 477-positive subjects partially adhere to, adopting more common elements as time progresses.



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