Registered Phenomena Code: 480

Object Class: Beta-White

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard, Temporal Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-480 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell in Sector C of Site-002 in the Terran-Beta containment wing. RPC-480 is to be fed exclusively with vegetarian meals 3 times a day; violation of the assigned dietary protocol will result in no less than 2 weeks of solitary containment without networking/telecommunication privileges.

RPC-480 is to be given items upon request that do not violate the basic RPC containment protocol with the exception of mystery novels and/or other related media. RPC-480 is to be granted free roam of Sector C with 4 supervising personnel equipped with at least 1 inhaler of RPC-925.

In the case of RPC-480 experiencing Scenario-2 to Scenario-4 mental breakdowns, the containment cell in which RPC-480 is located must be saturated with aerosol sedatives with 12.7% added dose of RPC-925. If such scenario happened outside of its containment cell, supervising personnel must administer 1 dose of RPC-925 and RPC-480 is to be taken into its containment cell in no longer than 30 minutes after initial breakdown.

In the case of RPC-480 being called for investigation duties, RPC-480 must be accompanied at all times (save for its investigation session) with no less than 6 personnel with security clearance of Level 2 or higher supervised by Investigator Nathan Keller. RPC-480 must return to its containment cell no later than 23:00 local time under any circumstances.

RPC-480 may be granted a yearly 1-week supervised vacation to the nearby city of Las Vegas as a reward for continuous good behavior; RPC-480's dietary protocol must be enforced for the duration of the event.

Description: RPC-480 is a 25-year-old caucasian female of Irish descent measuring 165cm and 67kg. RPC-480 was formerly known as Norma MacIntyre; accompanying personnel may address RPC-480 with its former name although this action is not recommended.

RPC-480 possesses an ability that it alludes to as "Temporal Archaelogy", in which RPC-480—on its own command—would access the past events of a localized area1 in order to view the events RPC-480 accessed and seize objects in the time frame. In doing so, the object acquired will be a duplicate of the original object. RPC-480 is able to access events as far back as 50 years prior to its birth; the object acquired from the accessed time frame will have the object's quality duplicate from the said time frame.

While RPC-480 can determine the time period to be accessed by its ability, it does not affect any action or event that transpires in the time period being accessed. RPC-480 also cannot bring back living sentient creatures alive; the acquired creature will always be dead upon arrival and exhibit decomposing tissue relative to the lapse of time RPC-480 recalled to.

Theoretically, RPC-480 can access any and all historical events in the world that took place 50 years prior to its birth. However, RPC-480 must be physically present at the location in which the desired event took place.

RPC-480 may experience random emotional instabilities as a result of witnessing flashes of past events at any given time. Oddly, the visions experienced by RPC-480 may take place in faraway locations and further back than 50 years prior to its birth.2 These phenomena have been classified in differing scenarios:

  • Scenario-1: Normal everyday event; harmless but might inconvenience RPC-480 slightly.
  • Scenario-2: Slaughtering of farm animals; happens frequently when RPC-480 ate meat prior to the event, hence the strict dietary protocol.
  • Scenario-3: Murder; most common scenario. RPC-480 has built inconsequential fortitude after years of exposure.
  • Scenario-4: Genocide, mass murder; transpires rarely. RPC-480 may require emotional support and experience considerable trauma for a few days.

Addendum: Acquisition Log: RPC-480 was recovered in the ██████ mental asylum located in ██, USA in 2012 after RPC-480 reported of witnessing the murder of its nurse's husband in great detail. RPC-480 was taken into Authority custody shortly after a news station reported of a psychic mental patient.

MST X-Ray-6 was tasked to expunge any and all news report on RPC-480 and administer amnestics to all known acquaintances of RPC-480. RPC-480 has undergone several emotional and mental support from Authority's psychologists and has seen significant developments compared to its initial capture.

Addendum: MST Sierra-8 "Sundowners" Asset Proposal In ██/██/2016, Dr. Lambert—RPC-480's personal psychologist—concluded that RPC-480 was back to acceptable mental condition to return to everyday life. Global Director 03 immediately writes a proposal to assign RPC-480 to investigative duties for MST Sierra-8.

Dr. Lambert initially rejected the proposal due to fear of such duties may deteriorate RPC-480's mental health further. However, RPC-480 has personally requested Dr. Lambert to allow it to sign up for the proposed duty in turn for better life accommodations and a yearly vacation.

As of ██/██/2017, RPC-480 has been a part of MST Sierra-8's Investigation Division with Investigator Nathan Keller assigned as its supervisor.

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