Registered Phenomena Code: 502

Object Class: Alpha-Purple

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-aggression.png Aggression h-contact.png Contact h-extreme-temperature.png Extreme Temperature h-ideological.png Ideological h-sensory.png Sensory h-regenerative.png Regenerative

Containment Protocols: As of 23/06/████, RPC-502 is to be permanently contained in a military-grade hard case with a digital keypad. To prevent a site-wide containment breach, personnel are to seek authorization from Dr. Adrian Miller and Site Management. During experiments, Dr. Miller and an Ethics representative is to be present at all times. Personnel are prohibited from conducting tests with RPC-502, and such requests are to be only approved under the basis of scientific analysis. (See Addendum 502.03)

If authorized, personnel are to equip a Level C hazardous material suit. Under in no circumstances should personnel come into contact with RPC-502 without equipping any form of protection.

The containment hard case is to be stored and located within the Psuedohistorical & Analysis Wing (PH&A), and is to be monitored at all times from the site's control room. In addition, any personnel affected or come in contact with RPC-502 are to be neutralized on sight.

Security personnel are to equip assault rifles with 5.56 AP rounds to reliably guarantee extensive damage against on RPC-502-2 instances, and must target the cardiac muscle to to guarantee a rapid termination.

Protocol Update 25/06/████: In addition to the protocol revision on June 23; RPC-502 has been transferred from Site-014 to Site-042.

Protocol Update ██/██/████: Due to the increase of 502-2 instances in the mid-west of the United States, Mobile Specialized Teams Foxtrot-4 and Victor-2 have been tasked to deal with the infestation threat.

Protocol Update 2/03/20██: Following a UNAAC resolution that established a multi-national taskforce to combat the threat of RPC-502-2 instances, Foxtrot-4 and Victor-2 are to liaise with United Nations International Security Anomalous Assistance Force (UNISAAF).



Description: RPC-502 is a durable blackwood cane that is decorated with an ornate silvery fixture, depicting a goblin holding a red orb. This fixture has been revealed to be crafted from aluminum, and closer observation shows the orb to be made out of tourmaline.1

Subjects designated as RPC-502-2, when initially coming into contact with RPC-502, physically undergo a metamorphosis stage. Side effects of this metamorphism include:

  • Experiencing numbness around the body;
  • Body temperature decreasing to -5°C degrees;
  • Development of sharper forefront canines;
  • Severe decrease of erythropoietin2 stimulation.

Within the span of 48 seconds, RPC-502-2 instances appear hostile and erratic towards any living organism present within its view. Due to the lack of secretion of the erythropoietin from the kidney, affected instances develop an impulse to extract blood from other organisms. In most cases, RPC-502-2 instances extract blood by piercing their developed canines on the skin of an organism, often biting in areas where blood vessels are located.

Observations have shown that RPC-502-2 instances instantly repair its injuries and boost its immune system from known strain diseases, excluding fungal diseases, when extracting blood from an organism. RPC-502-2 instances are asymptomatic carriers of RPC-502's manifestation through mRNA and DNA strain mutation, which can be transmitted to non-affected subjects via biting transmission. However, the metamorphic process through biting appears to take much longer, approximately within 3-8 minutes.

Smaller arms do not inflict damage on affected subjects, but assault rifles with armor-piercing rounds appear to inflict the most damage when shot at the base of the heart.

In the wake of its discovery and initial containment, reports of RPC-502-2 instances appear to be active within the Mid-West of the United States. Mobile Specialized Team Foxtrot-4 ("Prey") and Victor-2 ("Devil Dogs") have been tasked to deal with the infestation threat. By ████, approximately [DATA EXPUNGED] have been calculated to be active worldwide, according to the Authority Central Intelligence. As a result of these numbers, the UNAAC established a multi-national taskforce, under the codename "Mountain-Hill", to combat the international threat. (See Addendum 502.06)

Addendum 502.01: Discovery

In May 29, ████, The Authority dispatched Mobile Specialized Team Romeo-7 ("Suited Gentlemen") under the guise as federal agents, assisting Wichita Police Department on suspected-linked homicide cases in Wichita, Kansas. Romeo-7 agents, in coordination with Sierra-8 ("Sundowners"), located and pursued a prime suspect of the investigation after a distress call was made by an on-duty officer, who reported a white-male with an unknown staff object in their hand.

Romeo-7 agents reportedly discharged their weapon after the suspect, identified as an RPC-502-2 instance, attempted to assault a Romeo-7 agent in the process. The suspect was wounded and managed to flee from the scene, presumably with RPC-502. DNA forensics confirmed the identity of the suspect, and Romeo-7 investigated the residence. While investigating, Romeo-7 agents discovered an old case, and a journal that dates back to the 1600s. (See Addendum 502.04)

On June 17, ████, The Authority launched a preliminary investigation onto Vauxhall, Maryland, after reports of the suspect from the Wichita killings was reported by contacts from Sierra-8. However, the investigative team failed to report in within a seven day period. As a result, The Authority dispatched MST Romeo-7 and Foxtrot-4 to investigate the town, and recover RPC-502.

Both units on the ground experienced hostile resistance, and RPC-502-2 instances were ordered to be neutralized by Operations Command. In the aftermath of the town's demise, The Authority and the United States Government closed the area under the cover of a biological attack. (See Addendum 502.05)

Addendum 502.2: Incident 8/04/████

Following a forty-minute experiment that involved RPC-502, Dr. ██████ ordered a security team to terminate the five affected test subjects. However, the security team reportedly faced resistance and failed to terminate the test subjects, causing a containment breach and site-wide anomalous manifestation by RPC-502-2 instances.

Site-███ initiated a Foothold Protocol3, and a Crisis Response Team4 was deployed to assist Authority Security Forces. Incident resulted in seventeen casualties, and contained in two hours.

Addendum 502.3: Post-Incident Interview

Addendum 502.04: Psuedohistorical Studies Analysis

The following is an excerpt from the journal discovered by Mobile Specialized Team Romeo-7, and analyzed by the Directorate for Historical and Pseudohistorical Studies. The journal has been interpreted by various Archivists within the DHPS.

Addendum 502.05: After-Action Report 17/06/████

On June 17, ████, a distress signal was intercepted within Vauxhall, Maryland, by a communications facility prior to the signal disconnecting. Two days prior, intelligence acquired by Mobile Specialized Team Sierra-8 ("Sundowners") confirmed of a possible anomalous manifestation by RPC-502-2 instances within the town.

By June 19, all communications observed within the town had been cut off. The Authority deployed units from Mobile Specialized Team Foxtrot-4 and Romeo-7 to investigate and neutralize all RPC-502-2 instances, within the infested town.

The following is a video transmission from members of Foxtrot-4 and Romeo-7.

Addendum 502.6: World Security Council Resolution 502//████

On February 28, ████, the World Security Council hosted an emergency meeting to an incident in St. Petersburg, Russia, that resulted in numerous casualties caused by separatist forces. According to both the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) and the Russian Federal Security Services (FSB), the attacks were carried out while the separatists were manifested by RPC-502's effects.

The following is a verbatim transcript of the World Security Council meeting on ████.

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