Registered Phenomena Code: 538

Object Class: Beta-White

Hazard Types: Transmutation, Contact, Extra-Dimensional?, Emotional, Ideological

Containment Protocols: RPC-538 is currently contained within Site-063 inside a Maximum Security locker, being transferred out of its original location at Site-042 in order to comply with ███-███ security protocols.

Investigation regarding the procedence of RPC-538 is ongoing. AET Unit 538 is to take special interest in anomalies or documents referencing one "Cloverfield Institute."

Issuing Authority: AET Unit 538, Sierra-08 Captain G. Logan
Reasoning: In the event of a containment breach, RPC-538's properties may prove insurmountably difficult to reverse or ameliorate, and result in site-wide loss of personnel and resources. (See Incident 538-001.)

Description: RPC-538 designates a 20cm by 15cm metal box, containing an indeterminate amount of wood splinters measuring an average of 3.5cm in length. These are believed to belong to the Pinus longaeva species, and are designated RPC-538-1. The left side of the box is engraved with the words "PROPERTY OF CLOVERFIELD INSTITUTE — X DIVISION".

RPC-538's properties come into effect when any RPC-538-1 instances are used to attempt to puncture any other object or being, at which point the instance will snap in half and its target will vanish. In place of the target, a pair of objects or persons with similar characteristics to the target will appear.

Individuals generated in this manner vary greatly in behavior and memories, with each one seemingly possessing parts of the original person's memory. While unconfirmed, it is believed that not all memories are conserved during duplication. Most notably, duplicate persons are highly hostile toward each other and will refuse to cooperate or interact.

Addenda Documents:

Document #001-538: Testing Log.

Document #002-538: Incident 001.


RPC-538 was first recovered during renovations of Site-042 after reclamation.2 During this process, a previously-unknown containment chamber was accidentally breached, containing both RPC-538 and a pair of aged documents beside it. During discovery, all splinters inside RPC-538 were intact, save a pair of snapped instances placed over the aforementioned documents.

Such documents have been attached below. Document #001 has been partly classified in compliance with Smokescreen 42-001 Protocol.

Document #001-S042.

Document #001-S042.

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