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Project Personnel Info


Assigned Facility: Site-031-2

Director of Research: Dr. Jesús Ephraim

Assigned MST(s): Oscar-35 "Green Health"

Director of Containment: Dr. James Green


Registered Phenomena Code: 550

Object Class: Beta-Red

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Animated Hazard, Organic Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Sentient Hazard, Contact Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-550 is contained in a 15m3 humanoid containment chamber in Site-031-2 in Sub-Level IV. Personnel are to only enter RPC-550 containment chamber when RPC-550 is in an inactive state. For RPC-550 to enter an inactive state, its containment chamber must be filled with carbon monoxide and maintained at a 90% saturation for 10 minutes. Personnel are to be equipped with air supplied respirators before entering the airlock leading to RPC-550’s containment chamber. Once all personnel are done working within RPC-550’s containment chamber, the carbon monoxide is to be cycled out of the chamber and replaced with standard air so RPC-550 enters its active state. Personnel are to never make physical contact with RPC-550.

In the case of an RPC-550 containment breach, security personnel are to maintain distance at all times while engaging RPC-550 via the usage of ballistic weapons. Testing with RPC-550 requires 550/04 clearance.

Description: RPC-550 is the sapient, animate cadaver of Caucasian female, formerly known as Fabiana █████, 10-year-old daughter of Adam █████; and now confirmed to have had an association with the group of interest known as “The Union” before the events that would lead to its current condition. RPC-550 measures 165 cm in height and weighs 28.2 kg. RPC-550 appears completely emaciated with wounds all over the entity’s body. Different species of small flora can be seen extruding from the entity’s body. RPC-550‘s eyes are filled with a black acidic substance. Chemical and biological analysis of the black substance shows it to be a mixture of human blood (Type A), human spermatozoa, decaying plant matter, and arsenic. RPC-550 also appears to be suffering from an extreme case of periorbital hematoma1. The epidermis of RPC-550 appears to be composed entirely out of a type of matter similar to plant cells. RPC-550’s cells are able to perform photosynthesis. RPC-550’s cells are able to provide the entity with energy without the need for sunlight. How RPC-550 is capable of doing this is still not understood.

When a subject makes physical contact with RPC-550, a random species of flora, designated RPC-550-A, will begin to grow out of the inside of the subject until the subject is terminated. Recorded instances of RPC-550-A grown out of a subject that has made contact with RPC-550 have been known to correspond with several known and unknown species of flora. This anomaly is only known to affect organisms of the kingdom Animalia.


A Rattus norvegicus parasitized by RPC-550-A-███ during Test-550-A-███.

RPC-550 is also able to regenerate damaged parts of its body. When damage is dealt to RPC-550, various flora will appear to cover up the damaged area until said damaged part has regenerated. If a limb is removed from RPC-550 various root-like tendrils will appear from the removed limb and attempt to reattach itself with RPC-550.

Discovery: RPC-550 was captured during a raid conducted against the group of interest known as “Eden’s Forest”. On 01/09/1994, Authority agents intercepted a letter between two members of “The Union” about an Eden’s Forest stronghold in ██████, Ohio. On 01/11/1994, MST Papa-5 “Ohio Riders” arrived at the stronghold. The stronghold was found empty. Below is the footage recorded by the MST.

The entity was given the designation RPC-550 on 01/15/1994. An investigation was launched on the stronghold to find information on RPC-550.

Addendum: Test Log
The following is a log of RPC-550-A created by RPC-550:
Subject RPC-550-A Instance Produced by RPC-550 Description Additional
CSD-0027 Helianthus annuus3 Instances of Helianthus annus began to sprout from the subject’s pelvic and torso area. Subject is believed to have expired from internal bleeding. None
Canis lupus familiaris Euphorbia milii4 Subject began to bleed profusely from its ears, eyes, nose, and mouth. Autopsy reveals several instances of Euphorbia milii sprouting from the subject’s brain. None
Bos taurus5 Dionaea muscipula6 Several instances of Dionaea muscipula began to grow from subject’s anus, heart, and stomach. Autopsy on the subject reveals that the subject died from internal bleeding. None
Felis catus Unknown Various objects that resemble human hands began to sprout from the subject’s skin. The hands all grab the subject’s head and began to tear off the subject’s head. Once the subject expired the hands began to drag the body along the testing chamber floor using their fingers. Autopsy on the subject reveals the hands to be attached to a system of roots connected to the subject’s heart. Subject is currently contained in Site-███ Anomalous Biology Sector. The flora that sprouted from the subject seem to bear an extreme resemblance to RPC-███.” - Dr. Ham
CSD-1230 Unknown CSD-1230 begins to spasm uncontrollably. From the CSD-1230’s torso an organism similar to the species Dionaea muscipula began to sprout from the subject’s chest and begin to grow rapidly. As the organism grew, it was observed that the organism was absorbing CSD-1230 body into its mass. The organism grew to a height of 10m before halting its growth. RPC-550, who was at the time in the same room as the organism, was attacked by the organism. Both RPC-550 and the organism were subdued by filling the room with [DATA EXPUNGED]. The organism has been designated RPC-███. None
Bos taurus [DATA EXPUNGED] [DATA EXPUNGED] Oh god, oh fuck!

Addendum: Recovered Material
After the completion of Operation Moonlight various objects relating to the group of interest known as “Eden’s Forest” were collected. The following are handwritten documents detailing what is believed to be the process of the creation process of RPC-550:

Additional: On 02/01/1994, a genetic test was conducted on RPC-550 to see if the subject has any genetic relation to any known human. Tests concluded that RPC-550 is related to Adam █████. Agents were sent to interrogate Adam █████ and his relationship to RPC-550. Adam █████ was found in his home in ████████, Ohio. Adam █████ did not resist detainment and was escorted out of the building without incident, and was temporarily designated PoI-550.

Addendum: Interview Log 550-███

Addendum: Incident-550-004
On ██/██/████, twenty five members from the Eden’s Forest attacked Site-███. The hostile forces managed to terminate three of the site’s security staff, but were suppressed by two ASF teams. Twenty of the twenty-five members of the Eden’s Forest were terminated and the other five members were captured. When questioned why they conducted a raid against Site-███ one member stated, “To secure RPC-550 and use it to usher in the next stage in unlocking Eden.” An investigation on how the Eden’s Forest received information on RPC-550 is ongoing. Two members of MST Sierra-8 “Sundowners” are currently assigned to the investigation.

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