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Welcome, Doctor Reikowski


DATE: 2.1.19
TIME (UTC): 07:02

QUESTION: Where are you?
QUESTION: There is no one with me.
QUESTION: What is my home?
QUESTION: Who is with you?
INPUT RESPONSE: There is no one with me.
QUESTION: What is safe?
QUESTION: Where are you?
QUESTION: What is safe?
QUESTION: What are you?

Questionnaire Completed. Thank you, Doctor Reikowski. Proceed.

Registered Phenomena Code: 611


Object Class:


Hazard Types:

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-sapient.png Sapient h-contact.png Contact h-mind-control.png Mind-Control h-sensory.png Sensory h-incorporeal.png Incorporeal

Photograph of RPC-611's Medical Wing



Assigned Site: Rapid Deployment and Monitoring Station 611.

Current Site Director/Project Lead: Dr. Daniel Reikowski

Assigned Response Forces: MST Echo-25, 5 members on standby.

ASF Assignment: IB-430, 160 on-site guards for patrol and defense.

Containment Engineers: 5 on-site, 15 on standby.


Containment Protocols: Due to the nature of RPC-611, all non-MST/ASF personnel are prohibited from approaching, interacting with, communicating, or otherwise being within 100 meters of RPC-611 or uncontained RPC-611-1. ASF teams are required to consistently patrol the perimeter of RPC-611 (10~ km from center) in its entirety from the air1 in squads.

Squads must report attempted containment breaches and respond immediately, but in the event of multiple RPC-611-1 instances, teams must wait for assistance before engaging. Personnel cannot engage multiple RPC-611-1 instances without sufficient support. While other patrol squads may respond, no less than 3 airborne patrol teams are to be maintaining containment at all times, regardless of the condition of other squads.

Only ASF IB-430 and MST Echo-25 are equipped and trained for engagement with RPC-611. Containment of and exploration into RPC-611 must be performed only by Echo-25. Echo-25 and ASF IB-430 members must have their man-portable CPS2 online at all times when on patrol or exploration duties. Do not deactivate the CPS under any circumstance while within 100 meters of RPC-611.

All personnel must have at least moderate resistance (Theophan3 of 5) to cognitohazards.

Theophan 7 Mental Stability Checks (MSCs) to ensure the absence of RPC-611-1 influence must be performed by all personnel stationed at or otherwise assigned to RPC-611 every day at 19:00 MAGT. Failure to complete the MSC test within 20 minutes or detection of any unapproved answers will result in immediate investigation by containment personnel. While paper copies of MSCs exist, digital versions are mandatory in order to provide the audio recitation component unless otherwise directed by the current Site Director. Note that MSCs completed for the purposes of RPC-611 containment do not fulfill the requirement for monthly MSCs required by employment within the Authority.

Proximity CPS systems installed along the perimeter of RPC-611 must undergo tests at 09:00 MAGT to ensure operation. Failure to do so will warrant disciplinary action. In the event any CPS system is malfunctioning/unable to activate, maintenance teams must be dispatched immediately. Patrol squads must monitor the uncontained area as maintenance teams repair the system.

Description: RPC-611 is the Yuaskyag Corrective Labor Camp (Russian: горный-трудовой медицинский лагерь) and the approx. 1,800km2 area surrounding its epicenter. RPC-611 is located within the Magadan Oblast (Russian: Магаданская область) of the Russian Far East. The area of RPC-611 has been experiencing a slow decline in coherency and expanding for the past 59 years as of 2/1/19. It is estimated that RPC-611 will reach a coherency of 0.01 and encompass the entirety of the Magadan Oblast by 6/4/21.

RPC-611-1 are (assumed) former humans who have been produced by the processes of RPC-611-2. While the specifics of their nature and anatomy (if they possess one) are pending study, it is understood that RPC-611-1 instances are incorporeal and intangible. Observations of their behavior suggest instances suffer from bipolar schizoaffective disorder.

RPC-611-1 instances are unpredictable in their behavior, although they are to be assumed hostile at all times. A distance of no less than 25 meters must be kept at all times to ensure the safety of personnel. Under no circumstances are personnel to approach an instance of RPC-611-1 unless ordered by senior personnel.

RPC-611-1 instances are capable of limited telekinesis, contact-based (and possibly ranged) telepathic suggestion, possession of inanimate objects or living beings, as well as movement through any material. RPC-611-1 instances are possibly capable of limited manipulation of coherency levels in a specific area, raising it higher or lower. Pardon limited telepathic communication that cannot communicate in ways more complex than emotions or single words, RPC-611-1 instances cannot speak.

RPC-611-1 instances are humanoid in appearance but lack any and all discernable features, such as facial features, hair, eyes, and any visible body parts beyond the forearms or the lower leg. While transparent, RPC-611-1 instances give off a blue "glow" when observed.

RPC-611-2 is a large mechanical device designed by Hermann Vogt and constructed in 1959. The make and manufacture of RPC-611-2 are currently unknown. RPC-611-2 is currently located in the main medical building of the Yuaskyag Corrective Labor Camp, which itself lies near the epicenter of RPC-611.

RPC-611-2 is capable of creating instances of RPC-611-1 when provided with a human subject. While the process is currently unrecorded, it is understood that a human subject, once interred, can be used to produce an instance of RPC-611-1 over the course of an hour. How the machine is operated, how the instance is created, and the device's composition is unknown. RPC-611-2 cannot create more than one RPC-611-1 instance from a single human subject, and the original subject is rendered permanently comatose by the device.

No methods known to the Authority are able to reverse this operation.


Addendum 3: Recovered Soviet Documentation

Addendum 4: Authority Acquisition Logs

Addendum 5: Authority Monitoring Logs



Normally, such a proposal would be brought to lower-ranking personnel.

Given the extraordinary circumstances, and a general unwillingness from the regional directors to prevent the destruction of the Magadan Oblast, I have decided to handle this myself.

I have sent Black Witch Alpha-1 to bring you the explosive device within the next 2 days. They will ensure its safe arrival and detonation. Safeties are in place to prevent malicious intent from RPC-611-1, but I feel as though that is unlikely.

I expect a succinct update on the article's page once the anomaly is neutralized.

Good day.

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