Registered Phenomena Code: 612

Object Class: Gamma-Purple

Hazard Types: Memory Alteration, Temporal, Teleportation, Transmutation

Containment Protocols: All non-Authority reports of RPC-612 instances, and their subsequent effects, must be taken down and redacted from public records—with assistance from MST X-Ray-6—following standard operating procedures. Documentation regarding RPC-612 in any capacity must be classified under Level-3 authorization.

RPC-612 instances must be immediately neutralized and deconstructed upon detection via web crawlers, embedded agents, and civilian reports. MST Romeo-7 or Victor-1 is assigned to facilitate and ensure the deconstruction of RPC-612 instances and the removal of all related media. All personnel involved in the instances' destruction, or that have otherwise witnessed the construct, must be amnesticized once neutralization is complete.

Addendum 1 cannot be made available to more than three individuals at a time. Under no circumstances is Addendum 1 to be distributed to unauthorized personnel or by any individual other than the current Head Researcher of RPC-612.

Books detailing a summarized version of human history are to be stored in several interplanetary AEDF bases, to be compared to ones on Earth every 10 years to serve as a "control variable" to ensure no major historical ramifications have been caused by RPC-612, dubbed the "Mnemosyne Protocol."

Description: RPC-612 is the classification of various monuments, statues, memorials, cenotaphs, and other commemorative constructs that can manifest in any location on Earth, depicting a historical event that is entirely fictional.

Once RPC-612 manifests, it produces a slowly expanding area of effect, dubbed RPC-612-A, that manipulates history in order to insert whichever nonexistent disaster, tragedy, battle, death, or event it memorializes into the local timeline. The area varies wildly in size and shape, but on initial manifestation, the field can encompass anything from a 12m3 cube, to a sphere 90 meters in diameter. The effect is not instantaneous, and the memory of individuals in its field of effect only changes in relation to their environment. Given the slow pace of change, Authority personnel can enter and exit the field with practically no modification.

The field creates a timeline unique and isolated to that field. Notably, once inside the field, the border of the RPC-612-A effect is no longer visible and appears to have a worldwide effect from the interior, but RPC-612-A is still only as large as its radius and can be exited at the same border one enters.

Generally, an individual can safely enter and exit the border of RPC-612-A with no ill effects, but remaining within the field for longer than 2-4 hours can result in moderate to severe modification of the individual's memory and possible "integration" into the localized timeline created by RPC-612.

These events, dubbed RPC-612-B, can be vastly different in nature, time occurred and impact. Generally, RPC-612-B events tend to result in severe changes in history either locally, or with potentially global ramifications, which are rarely benign. If RPC-612 is not neutralized before the area of effect encompasses Earth, these events become legitimate in baseline reality and their effects cannot be undone. According to projections, this global modification to the timeline can take between 9 months and 24 years.

While the Mnemosyne Protocol has proven effective in detecting major changes to global history, it is unknown how many RPC-612-B events have successfully integrated into the timeline.

While the field has a consistent rate of expansion relative to its size, its impact can be exacerbated by any act that would commemorate the event depicted in the RPC-612 instance. This includes observing the construct, reading information related to the event, commemorative offerings such as flowers, the celebration of holidays related to RPC-612-B, and similar actions. Likewise, the growth can be slowed, stopped, or even reversed by the opposite. Destruction of any media related to RPC-612-B, actively preventing the spread of information related to the event, and the demolition of the original RPC-612 instance can result in the minimization and neutralization of RPC-612's effects.

Once the effects have been neutralized, any temporal effects caused by RPC-612 are effectively undone and the affected area returns to normality as if RPC-612 had never existed. RPC-612 and any phenomena related to it will cease to exist. However, any external media not produced by RPC-612, such as any Authority documentation or memory related to the anomaly will persist, and possibly risk propagation of RPC-612's effects. For this reason, the section of this article that transcribes the various RPC-612-B events is restricted to 3 individuals globally, and all individuals involved in the termination of an RPC-612 instance are amnesticized afterward.

This is also due to the fact that RPC-612-B can manifest multiple times in various RPC-612 instances. While the neutralization of that specific RPC-612-A will remove its effect in that area, certain events can reoccur, while the constructs do not. Often, these reoccurring manifestations, dubbed RPC-612-C, are incredibly damaging to the local area and cause extreme ramifications to the timeline. RPC-612-C instances are not reappearances of the same RPC-612 construct but rather monuments memorializing the same event or tangentially related to the same RPC-612-B instance.

Addendum 1: Recorded RPC-612 Instances

Addendum 2: Exploration Logs/Incident Transcripts

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